by Dlaf rferg

How To - Get Triggered

Twilight stomped her way through the town, getting odd looks and a few snickers. Those snickers soon turned to shock as a twang! signaled a major meltdown. Everyone soon avoided her, and even eye contact.

Twilight walked into the castle angrily, slamming the door with her magic. So hard, was the door slammed, that it cracked. Were it not for the friendship magic, (Twilight vowed to research how the heck that worked, but she was too occupied with emotions) the door probably would have shattered. Then she'd be in real trouble. Where does one find a crystal door repairman?

Twilight would have to call in on the Crystal Empire soon, for some clea- "HEY TWILIGHT!" Pinkie screamed.

"GAA- Oof!" Twilight, startled, tripped and fell onto the floor. Pinkie, bouncing as ever, looked oblivious to the princess' petulant place (on the floor).

"Sorry about that! So, how's it going?" Pinkie asked, bouncing with barely contained excitement.

"Just fine." Came a muffled reply, being Twilight was still getting intimate with the floor. Pinkie pulled Twilight up, her face comically sticking to the floor like a pancake, before snapping back into it's rightful place.

"Are you sure, Princess Grumpy-Pants? Because you look like you have a big old case of the crankies!"

"Ya called?" Cranky Doodle poked his head in through the castle window.

"Not Cranky, I meant cranky." Pinkie explained, oblivious to Twilight, seething.

"Oh, fair enough. Well, call me if you need anything!" With that, and a wave, Cranky exited stage right.

"So Twilight," Pinkie asked, getting back on topic, spun around. "Why are you so down, and I hope you don't say because I tripped you!" Pinkie giggled slightly.


Twilight awoke with a grumble, slapping the bedside table, as if pressing a button, although there was nothing there (apart from enchantments, but sssh.) and grumbled as she-

"WooOOAH- Oof!" Twilight exclaimed, falling out of the sweet, warm bed and onto the cold, hard crystal floor. Twilight mumbled to herself, annoyed to be having a staring contest with herself this early. That wasn't scheduled until 5:38pm!

Twilight sighed as she pulled herself off the floor, magically dusting herself off. "At least this day can't get any worse."

"I think I see the problem here." Pinkie said thoughtfully, sitting on a chair and dressed as a psychiatrist. "You said the... CURSED WORDS!!"


Twilight traversed the maze of doors that looked exactly the same.

"What is your deal, castle?" She said loudly, as if speaking to the building itself. "Why not, oh, I dunno... make some signs around here!?" She exclaimed angrily. throwing open another door to find...

The elevator, manned by Discord.

"Hello, m'lady, would you like a ride to your destination?" Discord grinned, wearing a chariot valet uniform, modeled for a draconequus.

"No! Last time I stepped in one of your elevators I ended up in Princess Celestia's fireplace, but somehow the flames didn't hurt and were chocolate (but still on fire) so no, thanks."

"Whatever you say, m'lady." With that, the doors somehow slid closed (They were swinging doors) and a ding could be heard, echoing through the corridors.

Twilight proceeded to get lost for another hour.

Twilight walked into the kitchen, glad to actually be somewhere she needs to be.

She walked to the toaster, and immediately stopped. "What the heck is that."

Toasted bread popped out of the top of the contraption. Twilight screamed and ran away.

Straight into the coffee table.

"It looks like Twilight's leg..." Pinkie put on a pair of sunglasses. " toast."




Twilight limped along, wondering how the heck had she not learned a pain-stopping spell by now. She fought monsters enough on a weekly basis.

She sighed, knowing that however terrible the may may have been, it can all get better with a few delicious hay burgers. She walked through the town, and turned the corner...

The Hay Burger, closed, with the curtains drawn.

Twilight walked to the door, to find a note had been stuck there;

The Hay Burger is closed for maintenance!

Please come back at another time, and sorry for the inconvenience.

-Deep Fried.

Twilight was silent. She turned around, and walked away. While she walked away, the piece of paper mytseriously caught magenta fire. No one found the culprit. They say they're still at large.

"...And that's how I'm so- I actually feel quite a lot better now that I've talked about it. Huh."

"And that's the Pinkie magic!" Pinkie exclaimed smugly, still bouncing. (Was she bouncing the entire time?) Pinkie shrugged and said "Probably."

"Wai- hu- what?"




"I'm gonna go lay down. See ya Pinkie." Twilight said over her shoulder as she walked down the endless corridor.

"Twilight, wait! You're gonna get lost again!"

But she was already around the corner of the corridor.

"Well, I tried." And Pinkie hopped away, somehow finding her destination.

"-ight? Twilight?" Twilight groggily opened her eyes, her bones aching due to the uncomfortable surface she had slept on - crystal - and looked up to see Pinkie.


"Silly billy! You got lost again!" Pinkie exclaimed loudly, such to the displeasure of Twilight, who's senses acted as though she had a hangover, not being helped by the echoes of the friendship castle.

"Pinkie, how did you find me?" But Twilight knew the answer.

"Because I'm Pinkie, duh!"

Twilight sighed.