Lemony Sweet

by MyLittleGeneration

The Party

I sat on my couch, kicking my feet as I looked at the clock. Slowly, it ticked. Every sixty seconds, which felt way more longer, the minute hand barely moved, inching closer and closer. It would only be about time the party would take place, and I couldn't handle it. Cause this party, something was going to happen... I was finally... finally going to confess my love to my school crush.

The girl I'm talking about is a girl I've always felt special around for a long time. Her name was Lemon Zest. She was... quite the doll. She was one of the most popular girls of the school, and unlike most of them, Lemon actually was nice and friendly. She's also known as the 'party girl' of Crystal Prep, having some of the most craziest parties. She's always determined to give everyone such a crazy and awesome time, nearly going over the edge with whatever she plans. And whenever her parties start, they immediately become what is to be an unforgettable night.

But enough about her popularity and her awesome parties, her personality and looks are also a reason why I loved her so. She was a huge fan of music, especially rock and electronic, she is a huge science nut, and is always in a cheery mood. Surely she was a little wreckless sometimes, with her blasting headphones on her about twenty-four-seven, taking her away from reality and into the music, but she was still a bright, smart, cool girl. And her looks... She had long hair that had two shades of green and always had some strands out of place. Her smooth, pale amaranth skin, along with her arctic blue eyeliner that went alluringly with her amber eyes. She also has a nice waist, medium-sized curves, and a cute butt. Not to be weird or anything. But like I said, she was quite the doll...

I met her last school year, I was just a new student and apparently some incident happened that put some toll on the school. Something to do with dark magic... But anyways, I just got there, almost lost in the crystal halls. Hell, they don't call the school Crystal Prep for no reason. When suddenly, I accidentally bump into this girl who was bobbing her head like a metal thrasher gone berserk. I was very flustered at first, afraid that she was going to yell at me, but instead, she helped me up. Actually, she helped me out through about everything. Because we conveniently shared nearly the same classes, she did a show-and-tell of all the rooms and what goes on in the school. Out of someone like her, I was in awe.

Soon, we became friends the instant the day was over. We joked around, helped each other out with homework, talked about music and whatever subjects we found interesting, and I got a couple of more warm welcomes from her other friends, too. Safe to say, she was very friendly. However, when it came to parties, she knew how to rock it. I decided to kick in on one of them, and I found myself wide awake through the night. From there I went to every party she hosted. And when she rocks the DJ booth with music...

She would always bounce around, smile wide, do some dances, she'd look like she was having fun, like the rest of us. Lemon looked sexy on display, catching my attention every time I see her at the corner of my eye. It was til that moment I knew that for certain, I had a crush on Lemon Zest. And look at me now, a whole year, and I haven't confessed. Tonight's going to change all of that. I finally had the guts to plan a confession, and that would be at her party tonight, which wasn't just a regular kind of party that she hosts. Tonight would be Lemon Zest's fifth year anniversary of partying, so she's making sure to make it extra special. As would I do the same for her...

I checked the clock one last time, knowing it was time to drive. I got out of the house, hopped in my car, and drove to her house where possibly hundreds of kids would be waiting.

I parked on the side of the street, got out of my car, and headed into the giant, lit-up estate. Her parents were lottery winners, and also have huge jobs, which had night shifts. So that left Lemon Zest home alone to book parties. I walked on in to see already a crowd moving around the place. And this was just the starting bunch. I could hear music blasting in the living room, and saw Lemon Zest smiling away as usual.

She looked at us. "Come on in!" she greeted, doing a hand gesture. The crowd cheered and shifted into the living room, clearing some space. I head over to Lemon Zest, my heart pounding as loud as the bass. She was rocking at the booth, planning the tunes out for the dance floor. She noticed me and did a little wave.

I did the same thing back. "Sup, Zest?" I started off with.

She lightly giggled, making me lightly blush. "Wassup, Citrus?" I did a tiny shrug. "Heh, nothing much, huh?"

"Not until I got here." I commented. "Seriously, you make the hottest parties." For a split second she had a hint of red on her cheek. Did I just make her blush?

"Thanks, man." she said. "I always love to keep a crowd happy and pumped! So, you staying til the end?"

"I mean, what else could I do at home?"

"Good thinking!" she said. "Well, go on, kick back, have some fun, dude!"

I smiled. Wow, this was going really smoothly. Maybe I could confess-

"Yo, Lemon!" shouted Indigo Zap, a friend of ours.

Lemon took off her headphones. "What?"

"Is the pool all set?" she asked. Lemon gave a thumbs-up, in which Indigo gave her a thumbs-up back. "Hot damn! Woo!" She went to the patio, where a very large pool laid.

'Damn.' I thought to myself. 'Forgot about swimwear.' Well, guess no swim time this night. I turned to face Zest, but she apparently disappeared. And with the giant crowd that now just formed, it was hard to just to mark out a person's face. 'Aaaand she's gone.' I thought in disappointment.

As I made way through the crowd, I noticed Sunny Flare, another one of our friends, drinking some punch near the stairway. Perhaps she may have seen Lemon? I walked up to her, nearly tripping on someone's foot. She noticed and cocked a brow. "Little clumsy there, Citrus?"

I nervously chuckled. "Perhaps." I rubbed the back of my neck, slightly embarrassed. "How's the punch?" I asked, grabbing a red plastic cup.

Sunny took a long sip of her drink. "Good." she admitted. "Better than the usual punch."

"Well, this is a special occasion to her." On the table laid the punch bowl, and I used the ladle to scoop up a cup.

"You're right." Sunny finished off her cup, then refilled. "Five years ain't easy to keep up."

"You said it." I guzzled down the punch, the smooth liquid running down my throat. "OH! Almost forgot! Have you seen Lemon anywhere? She just disappeared when Indigo asked about the pool."

"Of course Indigo would want the pool..." Sour muttered, added with an eye roll. "Um, Lemon? I-I haven't seen her yet. Let's face it, nearly impossibly to see through this crowd of grinding teens." She took a sip of punch. "She might've went upstairs or something."

"Maybe." I said, looking around. "So, you going to hit the pool?"

She gave me a look, as if I was stupid. And stupid I kinda was. Sunny wore an actual red dress, going down to her feet as if she were a celebrity. "Do I look swim-ready to you?"

Shaking my head, I responded, "Nope."

"Are you?" I shook my head again.

"Forgot my swimwear, sadly." A thought suddenly popped in my head in an instant. I looked up the stairs, coming to a conclusion of Lemon's whereabouts. "Say... you don't think Lemon could be getting in her..." I took a gulp, a bit nervous to speak. "Bikini, do you?"

The diva shrugged. "Possibly. Pool apparently wasn't in good condition for a couple of months. I'd probably strip and take a dive if I was her." I lightly blushed just getting a mere mental image of Lemon stripping her clothes into a bikini. Spacing out... "Citrus?"


"You alright? You were spaced out for a moment the-" She stopped, and a small grin grew on her face. Nudging her elbow on me, she chuckled and said, "Didn't know you thought like that."

"About what?" My voice nearly cracked and I was blushing so hard it burned.

"You were thinking about Lemon Zest, weren't you?" she questioned.

"What?! Pfft!" I responded. "That's pretty dumb. She's just a friend."

"Oh, really?" Sunny gave me bedroom eyes. "Surely you can't see your friend stripping, getting fit in her sexy and dazzling biki-"

"Alright, stop! Stop! Stop!" I covered my ears and still got mental flashes of Lemon getting into a bikini. "Okay maybe I... maybe I..."

"Maybe what?" she teased.

"I... I have a crush on Lemon." I admitted. "I have for a long time, around ever since I got here, a-and I came here tonight on this special occasion to confess my feelings towards her." I looked to the ground, then suddenly...


I looked up and gave Sunny an odd look. "Sunny, why did you just 'aw' me?"

"I didn't." She pointed behind me.

"Because it's me." Turning, I saw Sour Sweet.

'Shit.' I thought to myself. 'Guess two people know now.'

"Hey, Sour!" I said with a cheery tone. "Er, didn't hear anything, didja?"

"Well, except that one part of the conversation." The freckled girl giggled. "The part where you admitted your love for Lemon to Sunny."

"Dangit." I said.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of with some people hearing." Sunny brought up. "One: we're her friends. Two: you're going to confess to her tonight, anyways. Right?" I nodded. "So, it ain't bad to say it to us."

"Heh, thanks." Sour put her hand on my back, to my surprise.

"I'm sure you can do it. Just put a little faith in yourself." she said. "Or else might leave you dry."

Sunny made sure that I had a chance. "Just go up to her in somewhere a little private, if possible, and just confess. Whether she loves you back or doesn't, either way ain't different. She'll still be with you, friend or sweetie."

"Wow, uh... Thanks." I smiled at Sunny, then heard a voice come from upstairs.

"Woo! Let's get this party started!"

I was alerted by the voice. "Wait, is that-" And my mouth dropped. Lemon was definitely that voice, and where it came from was definitely right towards her. Right towards her new look.

Lemon was at the top of the staircase, half-naked, wearing nothing but a very fine green bikini. Her top clutching to her chest, her bottom strapped around the waist. She looked... so damn sexy. Like, much more sexier than I imagined. At that point, I expected blood running down my nose like a light waterfall, but thankfully it didn't happen. Some of the people where whispering in awe, most of them just cheered and went wild. Hell, who wouldn't? She was hot!

"Lemon Zest, comin' through!" She went down the stairs and headed towards the pool area. I just used my eyes to follow her, jaw still dropped until Sunny grabbed it and pushed it back up.

With an elbow nudge, she whispered, "Go get her." I nodded, and proceeded. With a little push from some friends, I built more confidence, which led to more hope.

I made it outside to the pool area, where people gathered in and at the side of the pool. Lemon was on the diving board. "CANNONBALL!" She ran up, leaped, and splashed into the water. Drips of water hit my clothing. She popped her head out from underwater. "Woohoo!"

"Awesome splash, Lemon!" said Indigo, just getting on the diving board. "But, I think I can prove better."

"Then do it, dude!"

"Alright!" Indigo took a couple of steps back, then bolted forward, leapt off the very edge, and in mid-air, tilted back. She performed a forward back flip, then splashed into the pool. A crowd of cheers broke out. Indigo got her head out from below, spitting out a bit of water. "Damn right!"

I laughed, standing at the side of the pool. "Nice flip there, Indigo!" I said. Zap gave me a thumbs-up, and I did so back. Slowly, she put her thumbs down. I tilted my head in confusion. "Wha-"

"Get in!" said a voice from behind, and I felt two hands push me off the edge. I dove underwater with no warning, and I swung my arms around trying to get back up. My hearing cleared and so did my vision, and I could see all the people clap and cheer wildly. I couldn't help but laugh louder.

"Alright, ya got me, Indigo." I told her. Indigo kicked back and laughed.

"Best in the world." she said out loud. A giggle came from behind, and I turned to face Lemon.

"Oh!" I said. "H-Hey, Lemon!"

Lemon kept giggling. "They got you good, dude."

"That they did. I'm soaked everywhere." I swam to the edge of the pool, then hoisted myself up to sit. "Yeah, so I've been looking for you."

Lemon seemed a little surprised and confused as she got up to sit right beside me. "You did?"

I rubbed my neck nervously. "When you left me there on the booth, I was a little lost. So I came looking for you."

Lemon bumped her fist on my arm. "Aw, that's kinda nice of you to say." I paid close attention, seeing the red blush appear on her face in seconds. This made me a little more confident.

"No prob. It's really nothing, I was just wondering where you went off to so quickly, that's all." I responded. "But I guess I found you now, hehe."

Lemon playfully kicked her feet in the water. "Yeah..." A bit of silence between us passed. Music played, people chatted, cheered, went wild, splashed in the pool, but with all of that playing at the same time, it felt too quiet. Too silent. There needed to be a break of silence.

"Hey, um, Lemon?"


"Could I... talk to you for a second, somewhere private?"

Lemon slightly smiled. "Of course, dude!" She got up, and stood very tall. Her figure looked so beautiful as she stood in the moonlight of the night, her hair and body all wet, dripping with water. "We could chat in my room."

I suddenly lose myself. "Er, your room?" I said. "Surely there's another pla-"

"Aw, c'mon, it's alright. It's just a room." she said.

"Yeah, but- your room- it's personal- I- nevermind." I gave up. So, it looks like my confession's going to take place in her room. I couldn't tell if this was now good, or if it got a little worse. I still kept my head up high in hopes, but still, it felt a little more tense.

After we dried off a little, having towels wrapped around us, we surfed through the crowd and went upstairs. The closer we got, the more my heart paced. The thumping sounded like distant bombs, getting louder within every step. Within every person we passed. Within every second. I've never felt like this in my life. Not when doing a class presentation, when singing in front of some people, even when asking a girl out, which has been done in the past and ended up a complete flop. Lemon... was the one. If she says no, whether staying as a friend or not, my world...

I won't know what it'll be like.

"Come on in!" said Lemon, holding the door open. I head inside, examining her room. It had hot pink walls, covered with posters of favorite bands and singers, there was a dresser with a large mirror on the wall in front of me, and her bed was on the left, blanket covered with a black-and-white diamond pattern. I took in a deep breath, a big gulp, and continued on.

Lemon closed the door behind me. She ran and leaped onto her bed. A happy laugh emerged from her. Meanwhile, she flung her towel off, exposing her body again, turning my face red-hot. "So, what's up?" she asked.

I gave myself a second to breathe. "Well, I wanted to ask you something."

Lemon paid closer attention, leaning in closer. "Go on." she said in a meaningful tone.

"Heh, well, Lemon..." I stood there silent for a brief second. "Remember the time when we first met?" She nodded. "I was new, you helped show me around the place, and I really had to thank you for that, I would've been lost. So, time passes, and you did more. You talked about yourself, showed me your friends so they can become mine to help start off my new life, and we just started hanging out. You loved music, you're an awesome party animal, you're nice and friendly, I learned some more from you." I let out a breath.

"Thing is: I took some time to think, and the conclusion came fast. I found myself... liking you." Lemon silently gasped, her cheeks flushing redder than ever. So did mine. "I enjoyed being with you, we had similar things, I had a crush on you. I... I..." I looked at her straight in the eyes, the music from downstairs got louder, bass matching with the heartbeat, getting louder, faster, ever so quickly.

"I love you, Lemon."

I stood silently, waiting for an answer from her, what she thought about this sudden confession, if she really didn't see this coming. My muscles were becoming tense from the wait, Lemon was still in shock, not letting a single noise come out from her. It was a very terrifying moment for me, but as every second passed with silence from the both of us, I started drawing to conclusion. Maybe... Maybe she just really-

"You, too."

I put my head right back up. "What?"

She played with her hair, letting out a small giggle with a blush. "I said, I like you, too, dummy." Well that put me in shock.

"You do?" Lemon nodded. "I- W-Well... huh..."

I heard her softly giggle, which was absolutely adorable. "Surprised as I am?" I rubbed the back of my neck, feeling sweat ponder and pour. "Citrus, I have to admit, I have the same feelings for you, too." She suddenly hopped off the bed, catching me by another surprise. And... she approached. "You're pretty cool, pretty hot, and we share a lot of things in common." I found myself pinned against the wall as I was backing away, nervous from how she approached. Was she... swaying?

"Citrus, I..." She pinned both her hands on the wall, my head in between them, and her lips were close to mine. All I heard was only her voice, and her voice only. "I love you, too."

And my eyes flashed wide open from her next move. Just a mere centimeter away, her lips finally moved. They firmly placed up against mine, and my world turned up. Her lips tasted sweet, like honey, and her eyes were gently closed. I was frozen in place as she lowered her hands onto my cheeks. I couldn't just stand there...

I started putting a little force into the kiss, myself, and wrapped my arms around her soft, bare back. Ten seconds later, and we finally released our kiss. It was long, deep, meaningful, and we had to catch our breaths. I looked at Lemon's soft eyes, her pupils wide and full of wonder.

Shortly after, she let out a giggle. "Heh, heh..."

"What?" I asked.

"That was pretty good, huh?" I nodded in agreement. "Mmhmm..." A moment fell between as the music from below still played. "Want another go?"

I found myself a little wide-eyed. "Another go? S-Sure!" My heart paced intensely and my head felt wild.

Lemon traced her finger on my chest. "Alright," And she placed it under my chin. "Here we go." She pushed back, putting us in a deep kiss, once more. Unlike last time, I put force immediately, and we started proceeding to a make-out. We played with our tongues, and in between the kisses, she would let out a sexual moan of pleasure, getting me pretty upbeat.

Somehow, we haven't noticed that we were moving, Lemon nearly backing up into her bed. She noticed we were right near the edge, and she jumped up. I caught her with my two hands, firmly placed on her butt to help support. Couldn't help but give the cheeks a little pinch. She leaned back, and I fell straight forward. I heard the creaks of the mattress as we landed, but I didn't feel the texture of the mattress. I moved my hands and placed them next to my head, feeling something... squishy?

I lifted myself up and saw Lemon pinned down by me, my one hand clutched onto her left breast, very soft and jiggly. This looked bad, she had a surprised expression. "Oh- L-Lemon, I'm sorry, Ididn'tmeant-"

She sharply put her finger against my lips. "Sshh..." she said. She used her other hand to grab mine, placing it right on her right breast. I felt a shiver run up my spine. I've never gotten to do... this before. I looked towards Lemon, and she had the finest set of bedroom eyes. She was biting her nail, doing a bit of a pose for me. "Just do it."

"But isn't the door unlocked?"

"I closed it, dummy." She giggled. "So, shall we..." I took a deep breath, and went back into our make-out. I slowly and gently played with her breasts, still covered by the bikini top. I played tongues, dueling inside our mouths as we sloppily kissed. Her moans helped lighten up the scene... Finally...



"I love you."

"I love you, too..."