I Just Walk Away

by madhat886

Chapter 16

The Clone Wars that tore apart the galaxy is now a memory as one era ended and another began. The galaxy saw the rise of The First Order and Starkiller Base, with the rise of a new Jedi. But relics of the Clone Wars could still be found for those who look hard enough. In an asteroid field an old droid base sat forgotten, it use to be a supply base to fuel and resupply Separatist ships in that sector. Then the war ended and the universal control signal shut down all Separatist war machines. Most of the warhouses filled with stockpiles of droids were sold off by a few entrepreneurs over the years, but some like the supply base are still there for the taking.

"Alright looks like we're now the owners of our own base in a Star Wars verse," Trixie said as she looks at the storage room filled with battle Droids. They ranged from the common B1 Battle Droids, B2 Super Battle Droids, to the Destroyer Droid and Dwarf Spider Droid, which she recognized. But to her surprise there are 6 B3 Ultra Battle Droids who stands at 4.0 meters high and from the shipping logs were being ship to a battle when the off signal came to turn all of them off. There is also a dozen MagnaGuards which General Grievous had before his death had spread them out to supply bases so that if the ones with him are destroyed he could quickly replace them.

"This is great!" Sunset said as she looks over all the equipments that have been kept intact thanks to the base being vacuum sealed when it shut down.

"Just wait till Yes Man can reprogram the droids first," Twilight said as the Fallout robots are working over the base getting it back up and running. Yes Man is currently reprogramming all the droids so that they follow orders from Twilight and the others. Which is thanks to Mr. House adding that feature to him for an extra price, Yes Man is able to reprogram just about any kind of robot known in the multiverse.

"So we have our own robot army now?" Naruto ask.

"And they can fold themselves up so they can be pack in tight. How many are there Twilight?" Trixie ask.

"In all there are over 20,000 battle droids that are ready to go and more who just need to be put together or repaired. There are around 800 other droids who maintained the base. Made up of mostly Astromech, Protocol, Pit, Power and Treadwell Droids. They all shut down and the base went off line when the war ended. This base is staff only by droids with a small living quarters for visitors," Twilight said reading through all the dated that Yes Man is translating for her.

"Do we really need an army? We already spent most of our funds in just buying Fallout Robots and other things," Kasumi said.

"Which is why we been treasure hunting and we were lucky to find a planet that we could loot all we want," Twilight said.

"It was fun," Naruto said as he had fun in finding treasure.

They went to that dead Earth thanks to a virus and looted places like Fort Knots if he remembers the name right and other places on that world. Of course they all had to keep their suits on and Twilight only let the robots do the work that could led to an infection. Then they went to that big white house where they discovered the sole living humans left on that world. They learn that he's the president of the United States who had released a virus around the world to reduce the world population while only giving the vaccine to Americans. Which ended up being hastily mass-produced and certain production regulations were neglected which the president's administration cut out for being a nuisance to business, that resulted in the vaccine being inefficient. And only him being the one with a vaccine that work survived. He wanted to come with them, but Sunset just punch his face knocking him out and they left him there in a world he made. (1)

"And we got so much loot," Trixie said as they spend several days there.

"Which we do need. All the stuff we get are expensive and be reusing and repurposing what we find we can save lots and only spend when we need to," Twilight said.

"These droids can come in handy one day. Which reminds me we should be on the lookout for a Death Star like machine," Sunset said.

"Yeah," Naruto shouted.

"Why?" Kasumi ask.

"There is no way I'm passing up the chance to have a Death Star," Sunset said.

"But the sheer cost of running it. We're not galaxy spanning empire with massive tax revenue from numberous star systems and planets. Not to mention why would we need to when the RV can just change into one," Kasumi ask.

"Oh yeah," Sunset said.

"And we need a full crew just to maintain it. There's a reason why we keep the rooms that were not using in the RV power down till we need to use them," Twilight said.

"I have finish reprogramming the droids," Yes Man said.

"Great," Twilight said.

"Now what?" Kasumi ask.

"Make sure this base is defended from attacks and the droids are all repaired so that when we need them they're ready to go. We also need to leave some Fallout Robots here to supervise everything and to give the droids some upgrades," Twilight said.

"And then?" Naruto ask.

"We wing it from there," Twilight said.


Ranma 1/2 verse -

What was suppose to be a short stop in Japan for some food where Kasumi wouldn't have to worry about her ninja clan attacking her. Ended up with Ranma slamming into the ship by hammer swing from Akane. Which to make a long story short ended up with them dealing with with Ranma's girlfriends who upon learning that they're from a world where they're just a manga are demanding on them telling who marries Ranma. Which wasn't something that they could hide as Naruto and Kasumi are just fiction in this world.

Ranma's rivals tried to attack him, only for Trixie to blast them leaving them smoking on the ground, and as for the small panty thief old man he made the mistake of stealing the girls underwear. Which is why he's somewhere floating around in space, trap in an escape pod somewhere around Pluto. After that the rest of the cast members of Ranma are just watching from the sidelines. With the exception of Nabiki who is trying to talk Trixie into selling some things to her or giving her one of the robots they have.

"I just wanted to get some food," Kasumi said watching the shouting match between the four younger girls. Who didn't like her one bit as she didn't believe it till she saw it, that their faces turned green upon seeing her. Which is only one of the things that she only saw in anime happen in this world.

"I should have did a better scan," Twilight said remembering how things usually go for them in worlds like this one.

"Alight that's it!" Sunset said as she cast a bubble spell on Ranma and his girlfriends shouting the shouting match. She then shoves them into the RV. "Come on gang we're going to show them one of the better ways this can end for them all."

"What?" Naruto ask.

"This isn't the first time we run into Ranma and his girls," Twilight said. "We met older ones who settled their differences in one of the ways a harem plot ends."

"In what why?" Kasumi ask.

"What many think is a golden ending," Trixie said waving for Naruto and Kasumi to get into the RV.

"Hey what about my robot?" Nabiki shouted out as the RV disappeared.


In another world -

Kodachi was the first to step out and she's standing in front of her family manor in the backyard. Looking around she saw many things are different from what she remembers, as there's a big metal fence around Green Turtle's pond and other things. The sliders did said that this world is a future world of one of the outcomes of the world she came form.

"Mama?" a small girl ask looking up at her who can't be more then a year old who just learn to talk.

"Mama?" Kodachi ask looking down at the little girl who looks like her when she was around her age but with one big difference, her eyes are blue like Ranma's and has red hair.

"WHAT!" Akane, Uyko, and Shampoo shouted seeing a smaller version of Kodachi but has the eyes and red hair of Ranma's girl form.

"Oh boy," Ranma said who got off the RV to see what has the girls attention.

"Oh Ranma this world is prefect!" Kodachi said as she picks up the little girl and hugs her. "We has such a cute child together!"

"Reki where are you?" a woman voice called and stepping out of the house is an older Kodachi who has blossom into womanhood. And is heavy with child.

"Mama?" Reki shouted from the younger Kodachi's arms.

"What?" the older Kodachi said staring at her younger self holding her oldest, her husband and the other girls all as they were in the past.

"Kodachi what's the matter?" an older more mature Ranma wearing a police uniform ask and stopping seeing what she's seeing.

"Hi Kodachi!" Twilight said waving to her.

"We run into your younger counterparts and decided to bring them here to show them one of the outcomes that can happen," Sunset said.

"Oh this is great!" the younger Kodachi shouted as she grabs the younger Ranma's hand and drags him to their older counterparts holding Reki. The other girls are holding themselves back as they produce dark auras around them as Kodachi is holding a child.

"I should be more surprise but, I'm not," the older Ranma deadpanned.

"With what we been through, this is tame," Kodachi said taking Reki from her younger self.

"See darling we're happily married! You can forget those other hussies and we can focus on our soon to be married life!" Kodachi said hugging Ranma.

"RANMA!" Uyko, Akane, and Shampoo growled appearing behind them. Only to be stop as three toy building blocks hit their heads.

"I can't believe how we use to be," an older Uyko said stepping out from behind the older Ranma and Kodachi, followed by two other older women.

"Well not as bad as Akane," adult Shampoo said.

"The doctor's anger management classes fix my issues," the older Akane said.

"What are they doing here?" Kodachi ask before looking down seeing 3 more little girls the same age as Reki all clutching to their mother's legs. It wasn't hard to see who their father is, as they all have blue eyes and different shades of red hair.

"Classic harem ending," Sunset said causing the four girls after Ranma to glare at him. While the older Ranma just sighs remembering all too well what's that like and still is for him.


Inside the manor -

"All of them?" Ranma ask his older self as they sat at the large dinning table that fit all of them. Twilight and the others are watching the children.

"It wasn't by my choice. They all went and did got the idea to make a love potion. Which to make a long story short, ended up all of them mixing their potions together and cause them to go wild on me. And ended up with me marrying all of them and ," the older Ranma stated which all four of his wives responded leaning over to him and pinching him. "Hey!"

"But it's worth it," Uyko said.

"And we work things out," Shampoo said.

"The kids are more important and they're perfectly fine with how things are," Akane adds.

"And they're all looking forward in having a little brother," Kodachi said patting her stomach.

"The kids are the bright spot in this marriage," Ranma said causing all four of his wives to glare at him.

"He still puts his foot in his mouth?" the younger Uyko ask.

"Yes but he is a good father," the older Uyko said.

"But sharing husband?" Shampoo ask her older self.

"It's no longer an issue," older Shampoo said.

"And why is that?" Akane ask.

"We all just gotten use to each other and there are all the fun stuff we can do together," Kodachi said as she turns to Uyko who is sitting next to her and kisses her on the lips which the older Uyko enjoys.

"What?" the four younger girls ask watching the display of affection wide eyed and faces turning red.

"I introduced them to the joys of girl on girl fun," the older Kodachi said.

"What?" the 3 younger girls said turning to the younger counterpart.

"All girl school ok. I seen and heard much from other girls," Kodachi said blushing.

"There's nothing like getting Ranma into the mood then seeing us having sex," Akane said causing the younger one to gasp.

"WHAT!" she shouted.

"Well things just happen after having Wendy, me and the others just bonded," the older Akane said.

"She walk in on us after, I gotten Uyko and Shampoo to try it and them liking it. She said we're perverted, which we responded by grabbing her and showing her what she's missing," older Kodachi said with a smirk.

"Turns out she gets turn on when she is helpless," Uyko adds.

"And not to mention the spankings," Shampoo smirks seeing the 4 younger girls faces turn red and brains freezing up.

"Do they do this all the time?" the younger Ranma ask his older self.

"Yes and you just better get use to it," the older Ranma said.


Back in the other Ranma Verse -

The RV reappeared dropping off Ranma and his girlfriends who are all red faced in a daze. They're reeling from what their older selves from that future world told them and how open their sex life is. But the four girls even with how they're feeling right now wonder if that future is really that bad. Sure they have to share Ranma with each other but the kids are fine and they all get along... maybe a little too well. As for Ranma he has no idea how to feel about that future he saw. The kids are great as his older self explain how he wants to be the dad he never had. But there is the fact that he has little to say in that future as there are 4 wives and only one husband. He did like the idea of him using his skills to becoming a cop. (2)

"Ok that was interesting. Now off to another world," Twilight said.

"Can, I pick?" Naruto ask.

"Ok what world would you like to go to?" Twilight ask.

"How about a ghost world and we can be ghost busters?" Naruto ask.

"That sounds fun," Kasumi said being a fan of the movie and cartoon.

"And we do have gear for it," Sunset adds.

"Better then the cash grab bad movie that came out," Trixie said thinking of the new ghost buster movie with an all female cast that was just another cash grab movie that got the fans mad.

"So true," Twilight agreed.

"Twilight to avoid this Ranma thing we went through from happening again. Make sure you do a deeper probe of the next world," Sunset said.

"Without a panty thief running around," Kasumi said glad that he's going to die a slow death in space.

"I'll send in the smaller robots," Twilight said.


Bleach Verse -

Ichigo Kurosaki walk into his classroom after what felt like years being away, he came with his friends Orihime, Yasutora, and Uryu. All of whom had fought tooth and nail to save Rukia in the spirit world, but discover something bigger while there. But right now they just want to relax and try being normal kids while they can. And that's when they saw all their fellow classmates surrounding something.

"What's going on?" Ichigo ask.

"Chizuru came in with a robot from that game Fallout and it talks," Tatsuki said.

"A robot?" Uryu ask as he and the others got in close to see the robot. And as Tatsuki said there is a robot in the classroom.

All four of them having played Fallout Vegas recognized the robot as a securitron with a familiar face of Muggy. And like Muggy in the game the securitron is toy size and is on a desk. But unlike the one they seen in the game this one looks newer.

"Excuse me, I must continue my search," Muggy said.

"This is so cool," Shinji said as he and the others stared at the small robot.

"Chizuru where did you get the robot?" Yasutora ask.

"I found it wandering around," Chizuru answers.

"Wow," Orihime said looking over the robot.

"How did someone make this?" Uryu ask out loud.

"Invisible targets located," Muggy said staring at Orihime it's antenna on top of it's body began glowing. "Weapon systems are online, EMP system reconfigured and ready."

"How cute," Orihime said wondering what will happen next along with her other classmates.

Having built up enough power, Muggy let out a EMP wave that cut off the power to all electronic devices causing a blackout throughout the school and the surrounding buildings. The EMP wave didn't just depower everything that run on electrical power but also other powers as well. To the surprise of the students 6 fairy like figures suddenly appear flying around Orihime, which her 3 other friends also could see for the first time. And chaos took over as everything happen at once.