Wolf Child

by Pixel Berry

Chapter 15: The Griffon

Wild Heart sighed as she had a hoof on her cheek and just starred at the black board in boredom. The class was in the middle of a history lesson as the brown filly wasn't too fond of the subject. All they talked about is old mares and stallions that did things that somehow changed how Equestria was made. Of course, she knew that if ponies didn't learn from their mistakes, they'd only repeat them in the long run. Thankfully the bell went off at the right time.

But apparently Miss Cheerilee could tell when some ponies wanted to leave right away. "Now hold on little ponies. Don't think that you'll be leaving this school without some homework." She spoke, the h-word making the majority of the students groan. "I know that homework is rather boring, but this work is going to be quite easy. I want you fillies and colts to write a small report about a place in Equestria and about somepony who lives there. They don't have to do anything big and important, but I do hope that you at least put some effort into it."

After the small explanation, some ponies seemed a bit more relaxed as they seemed like they knew what to write about, Wild Heart included. Some ponies seemed to notice that Cheerilee was finished and were already out of the schoolhouse. Wild Heart was putting her notebook and pencil in her saddle bag when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were walking pass her.

"Where are you going to write about DT?" Silver Spoon asked, sounding more like she was purposely asking that so that the brown filly would hear.

"Obviously I'm going to write about Ponyville and how my daddy's business practically made it on the map. I'll definitely get an A+ on this assignment." Diamond answered as she flipped her mane a little to her other shoulder. "And I bet Tile Kart is going to write some silly paper about her mom who houses dirty animals. For free."

"Ugh! Does she ever take a bath? I bet she smells like that dirty farm pony that blank flank is siblings with." Silver said as the small filly hearing this had her ears down as she didn't like what they were saying about her mother and her friend's sister. But she knew that it wasn't right to give the attention they wanted.

Wild Heart was quick to rush past the two rich fillies and gallop home so that no conflict would really start. Once she reached home, she went through the doors and placed her bag on the couch. She sat down on the floor as she couldn't help but look around to see if her home really was filthy with all these animals living with her. She could notice how some areas of the home had yet to be cleaned. She went to the closet to see if maybe she could help clean the home in some way, but when she opened the door, the first thing she noticed was an old fan that was tangled in a whole web of animal hair, it making her grimace on how long that took for it to become that way... or maybe how short of a time it lasted.

She kept on looking through the closet until she heard something clack under her hoof. She looked down to see what seemed like an old family photo of Fluttershy's family. She saw that both the adult ponies were pegasus. The older mare was yellow with red curly mane. She had a pair of green square glasses, flower earrings and a yellow beaded necklace around her neck. The stallion was instead a light green color with light pink hair that reminded her of either cake icing or ice cream. He also had a small moustache that was the same color as his mane. He wore a simple blue sweater with a white shirt underneath it as she could see peeking out from his v-shaped collar. She could tell who Fluttershy was, but she noticed there was a colt next to her that was a pegasus as well. His coat was a shade lighter then the stallions as his mane was long and yellow like the older mare's fur. She also noticed that Fluttershy has the same eye color as the stallion while the cold had the same color eyes as the mare. In the picture, the mare had a hoof over the colt while the two young ponies had their wings spread out.

Now she was wondering what these ponies names were and why she was never told that she had an uncle and grandparents. "I wonder if their just like momma." She said out loud. "Maybe I should write a report on them. I bet they do all kinds of neat things just like momma!" She smiled as she got up and picked up the picture, ignoring the dust that was now sticking to her tongue, the filly gaging a little while keeping the picture frame in her mouth. She placed the picture on the table, adjusting it so that it would stand upright.

That was when she noticed a note on the table. 'Huh?' Wild Heart was confusd as she took the paper and read it.

Dear Yemei,
I'm so terribly sorry sweetie, but I'll be busy today as well. I know you can make some haybacon sandwiches by yourself, and you can go outside if you want to. Just be careful and don't go anyplace you don't know, or follow anypony you don't know. I'll be back soon, I promise!


'Well, so much for waiting for momma to come back to ask about her family.' Wild Heart thought as she put in her one sided saddle bag that was only one bag on the side, it being the bag she uses when she goes out and not to school. She had her book that Twilight got her in the bag, some bits in case she wanted to buy something and a notebook with pencils and crayons in case she wanted to draw something. Ever since she read the book, she wanted to draw just like the artist who made the manga. Of course, it was harder then it looked while using your muzzle.

She then said goodbye to the animals who were in the house before she went through the doors again and was now going to enjoy a day outside. Of course, she could find one of Fluttershy's friends and spend time with them, but she felt a time by herself is what she wanted more.


Wild Heart sighed as she found a perfect place to sit down and relax. At this moment, she was busy practicing her drawings, though she could never get the wings right while one eye looked when the other looked to big or too small. Of course, before she could get angry at that, she decided that some time away from the notebook would calm her down and make the drawing just as she wanted. She opened the manga she was reading as she was enjoying the simple story of a little filly and her pet ferret that thought her hooves were scary monsters.

"I wonder if any of the ferrets at home think our hooves are big monsters." She placed a hoof on her chin. But before she could think any further, she heard a loud roar that made her look from her spot and see that someone she never seen before was roaring at her momma. It looked like it was half bird and half lion. A bion maybe? Or was it lird? She brushed the small debate in her mind away as she saw her mom run away with tears in her eyes before she flew away.

'I can't take this anymore! Why is everypony picking on momma!? She never did anything to anypony!' She thought as she gritted her teeth and galloped right for the bion/lird. As she neared her, she could har the thing speak.

"Ugh, please, all these lame ponies are driving me buggy. I gotta--" She didn't have time to finished as Wild Heart skidded to a halt in front of her. "Oh? Another lame pony? This better be--"

She didn't even have a time to finish as Wild Heart breathed in before she let out a wolf-like roar that was much louder then what the bion/lird made, it making the creature back away with widened eyes. She wasn't sure if it was from shock or fear. Before the bion/lird could speak, Wild Heart beat her to it. "Don't you ever be mean to my mother, EVER!" She said angrily as she even made the creature go down to her knees a little. "Now get out of my sight before I do more then roar." She threatened the bion/lird.

The griffon only ticked as she flew off without another word. Wild Heart was soon brought into a squishy embrace as she was encased in a field of pink. But she soon figured out who was hugging her when the thing spoke.

"Oh Wildie! I'm so proud of you. You stood up to that big meanie griffon when she roared at your momma." Pinkie said as she was quick to bring the filly to where the pink earth pony was sitting before with her milkshake. "How did you even make that roar? Last I check, ponies can't roar."

"I... I honestly don't know." Wild said as she fumbled with her hooves a little. "I didn't mean to roar at her. I just didn't like how ponies were picking on momma even though she didn't do anything wrong."

"Don't worry Wildie. I have a plan to make Gilda see how much these ponies aren't lame-o's." Pinkie smiled. "Pinkie Pie style." Her smile changed into a smirk as she has an evil plot on her mind.

Wild Heart couldn't help but feel a bit nervous, having a bad feeling on whatever Pinkie has planned for this griffon. 'This won't go well.' She thought.


Pinkie smiled as she was greeting the ponies with a small welcome as her plan was to throw a party to cheer Gilda the griffon up and maybe warm her up to how kind these ponies can be, kindness not being lame at all. It took Wild Heart some time for Fluttershy to come cause of her first and most recent encounter will the griffon not being at all positive. Though, even with her mother with her, she felt alone as Apple Bloom couldn't come as she was still doing her report that she had to make for history class.

While Wild Heart was eating one of the treats that Pinkie made for the event, she couldn't help but overhear what Fluttershy's friends were talking about the griffon.

"Who's this Gilda I've heard nothing about?" Applejack asked as she was currently talking to Rarity.

"I hear she's an old friend of Rainbow Dash. A griffon, so rare." The white unicorn answered as the last part seemed more like she was interested on how different the griffon's body structure was compared to a ponies, most likely thinking that for a new unique customer she might have.

The two started walking to a different area as Wild Heart couldn't hear what else they were saying. She took the last cookie from her plate before she walked to her mother's side and was now listening to the conversation that she was having with Twilight.

"You've met Gilda, right? What's she like?" Twilight asked as she was curious, most likely hearing about the encounter they have without knowing what really happened.

"Oh, um, well, I'll tell you later, Twilight." Wild Heart's mother said shyly as it seemed she was still too scared to talk about the bully.

"She's a big fat meanie." Wild Heart said angrily as she got the two mare's attention.

"Strange, that's what Pinkie said. I thought that she was just jealous cause Rainbow was hanging out with Gilda more then her." Twilight said before she looked at the front door. "Perhaps she's just having trouble getting used to Ponyville."

'Yeah right.' Wild Heart thought as she didn't think that was the reason. She noticed as her mother walk off.

Twilight looked around to see that no pony was nearby before she smiled a little. "So Yemei. How do you like those manga books?" She asked eagerly.

"Oh, they are really nice. Though, I wish I had something else to read when I don't want to read 'Peach Fuzz'." Wild Heart said as her ears went down a little.

"Well, perhaps I may be able to help. I mean, I do live in a library of course. Perhaps you can stop by and get a library card. Once you get that, you can take out as many books as you like and read tons of manga." She then leaned in a little closer. "But I think you should show me what your taking out first. Some books aren't as friendly as 'Peach Fuzz'."

"Really? That would be super great. Thanks a bunch. I'll be sure to visit soon." Wild heart smiled as she could only imagine what other stories she could read in an entire library of books of all kind.

"No problem. See it as a small apology gift for when we first met. I never really said sorry for nearly scaring the mane off your head." Twilight said. "I hope you can forgive me like I did to you."

"It's okay Twilight. That's all in the past and I forgive you." She smiled as she hugged one of her front hooves, the purple unicorn blushing a little as she placed a hoof on the filly's back to return the hug. But in all honesty, the bookworm couldn't help but feel as if she didn't deserve the hug she was receiving.

But before Twilight could speak her mind or for Wild Heart to release the hug, they heard a familiar voice call out a familiar name.

"Gilda!" Pinkie said happily as both unicorn and earth filly turned to see the pink party pony greeting the griffon that everypony has been talking about. "I'm so honored to throw you one of my signature Pinkie Pie parties, and I really, truly, sincerely, hope you feel welcome here amongst all us pony folk." Pinkie smiled bigger as she showed a hoof for a proper greeting of a hoofshake.

Both Wild Heart and Twilight's eyes widened as they saw a hidden buzzer on her hoof that was somehow blended inside the pink pony's fur. Gilda didn't see it and took the bait, her wings and feathers puffing out as the electric shock surprised her, while also making her dizzy for some reason, making her fall to the floor. Pinkie laughed as she showed the buzzer, Rainbow Dash starting to laugh as she approached the two while also not seeing the death glare that Gilda was showing. "Oh Pinkie Pie, the old hoof-shake buzzer. You are a scream."

"Yeah," Gilda started to chuckle a little. "uh, good one, Pinkie Pie."

"Come on G, I'll introduce you to some of my other friends." Rainbow said before she started walking away from the two.

"Right behind you Dash." Gilda said happily. At this time, Wild Heart decided that maybe this party might be a good idea after all.

'Maybe she's just acting tough to show how nervous she is to meet new ponies in a new town. Much more on how everyone's a pony.' Wild thought to herself as she decided to give the griffon another chance then jump to conclusions.

But before Wild could enjoy the party herself, Pinkie decided to introduce the griffon to everypony else. "Everyone, I'd like you all to meet Gilda, a long-time, dear friend of Rainbow Dash. Let's honor her and welcome her to Ponyville." Pinkie finished by giving Gilda a warm hug, to which the griffon showed her displeasure once she released the hug. But when all the other ponies cheered to show their warm welcome to Gilds, she could only show what looked like an uncomfortable smile.

Now was the time that Wild Heart felt that she can enjoy the party for herself as it seems both Rainbow and Pinkie were there to make Gilda seem welcomed. That is, until it seemed karma was coming for the griffon.

The majority of the party consisted of Gilda being pranked multiple times. From pepper in the vanilla lemon drops with a dribble glass to some re-lighting birthday candles. Everypony was having a blast and even a few laughs at Gilda being pranked, though the griffon wasn't so happy that she was the only one being pranked on. Wild Heart couldn't help but feel a little sorry for her as it seemed unfair. Was somepony deliberately pulling pranks on Gilda for a little payback, or was it just pure dumb luck that she was the only one triggering the pranks.

And once again, Wild Heart was snapped out of her thoughts as Applejack announced that a game was starting, it being Pin the Tail on the Pony. That was one of Wild Heart's favorite games every time she or Apple Bloom had a birthday party. She even remembered how she would take the purple tail and AB the red tail.

Wild Heart was waiting for what order the players were gonna go before Rarity spoke. "Oh, my favorite game. Can I go first? Can I have the purple tail?" She asked before she bent down to try and pick it up, But Gilda was quick to snatch it away before she spoke.

"Well, I am the guest of honor, and I'll have the purple tail." She walked past the white unicorn, ignoring the glare she was giving the griffon. Wild Heart was a bit upset that she couldn't have the purple tail, but she knew it was just a fake tail. Nothing to wine and cry for.

"Yeah, Gilda should definitely go first. Let's get you blindfolded." Pinkie said before Spike pulled out a blue cloth and tied it around Gilda's eyes, the griffon showing her discomfort.

Wild Heart watched as Pinkie spun the griffon while also explaining the game. Once Gilda was dizzy enough, Pinkie guided her to stand in front of the poster while also finishing her explanation. But it seemed that Gilda only saw this as another prank.

"Now just walk straight ahead and pin the tail." Gilda mocked. "Hmph, yeah, right. This is another prank, isn't it? I'm going this way." Gilda turned around as she was walking the opposite direction. Pinkie tried to tell her that she was walking away from the poster, but things only got worse as Gilda slipped over a piece of cake icing and was shouting in fright as she didn't know where she was going. Everypony watched as she slipped into the kitchen, creating more of a mess on the floor. She walked out of the kitchen, covered in cake and icing as it also seemed the blindfold fell off of her face.

"Uh, Gilda? You pinned the tail on the wrong end." Pinkie joked a little as everypony but Wild Heart laughed. It also seemed that the brown filly was the only one who saw that what Pinkie said was the final straw and the griffon snapped.

Everypony went silent as Gilda let out a loud and angry roar, it somehow making the icing and fake tail fly off of her before she flew into the open space of the bakery. "This is your idea of a good time? I've never met a lamer bunch of dweebs in all my life." She then turned her attention to the party host as she said her name. "And Pinkie Pie, you! You are queen lame-o with your weak little party pranks. Did you really think you could make me lose my cool?" Gilda got all into the party mares face as Pinkie didn't seem that much intimidated as she still had a small smile on her muzzle. Gilda then landed next to Rainbow Dash before she draped a talon over the pegasus' neck. "Well, Dash and I have ten times as much cool as the rest of you put together." Gilda moved her talon off of Rainbow before she started to make her way to the door. "Come on Dash, we're bailing on this pathetic scene." Gilda saw that Rainbow wasn't following and she spoke again. "Come on Rainbow Dash. I said, we're leaving."

Wild Heart looked back at Rainbow, the cyan mare staying silent before she finally spoke. "You know Gilda, I was the one who set up all those weak pranks at this party." Rainbow admitted, making the griffon gasp in surprise and shock.


"So I guess I'm queen lame-o." Rainbow said as she glared at the Gilda.

"Come on, Dash, you're joshing me." Gilda said as she now was feeling embarrassed, thinking that maybe Rainbow was pulling her leg.

"They weren't all meant for you specifically, it was just dumb luck that you set them all off." Rainbow explained before Pinkie spoke out.

"I shoulda known, that dribble cup had Rainbow Dash written all over it." She said as she was looking at Spike.

"No way. It was Pinkie Pie. She set up this party to trip me up, to make a fool of me." Gilda said as she looked back at the party pony.

"Me? I threw this party to improve your attitude. I thought a good party might turn that frown upside down." She said. Wild Heart had a feeling that Pinkie would want to help Gilda by giving a good party to cheer her up.

"And you sure didn't need any help making a fool of yourself. You know, this is not how I thought my old friends would treat my new friends. If being cool is all you care about, maybe you should go find some new cool friends someplace else." Rainbow finished as it seemed that what she said didn't sit well with Gilda.

She let and angry growl before she spoke up again. "Yeah? Well you, you, you are such a, a flip-flop: cool one minute and lame the next." Gilda turned away from the pegasus as she started to walk away. "When you decide not to be lame anymore, gimme a call." She fifnished with a door slam as everypony was watching the door before Rainbow spoke.

"Not cool."


"Dumb ponies. Dumb Pinkie. Dumb Rainbow. Ugh! Who needs those lame ponies when I can make some cool griffon friends." Gilda spoke to herself as she was walking by herself, most of Ponyville being either at the party or working at their own job. The lone griffon was busy being angry about her old friend to notice a small filly following her. That is, until she felt something tap her flank.

"Ugh, what do you--" Gilda turned to see a rather familiar looking filly in front of her. "Hang on. Aren't you that pony that actually roared at me? What do you want? To give me more then a roar just cause I ruined that lame party?"

Wild Heart wasn't sure if she should speak up or not. But instead of speaking, she pulled out a small cupcake that was on a small plate, it being on her back. She placed it on the floor in front of the griffon as she only raised a brow.

"Is this some sort of goodbye prank? Well, I'm not fallin' for it." Gilda said as she turned away from Wild Heart.

"N-no. It's not. I mean, I promise it isn't." Wild spoke out. "I know that you just yelled at everypony cause you were a bit upset that you were constantly laughed at. I... I know how that feels." She then nudged the cupcake closer to the griffon. "I also saw that you never got a piece of that cake that they made for you. You must be a little hungry since you never ate anything. Well, anything but that vanilla lemon drop."

"Don't remind me." Gilda shook her head before she looked back at the filly. "Why are you being nice to me anyways? From what I got earlier, I roared at your 'momma' for no reason."

"I know. And I am a bit upset about that, but nothing will change what happened. I just want to show that not everypony is lame. Or, doesn't pull pranks on griffons." She smiled a little.

Gilda sighed before she looked down at the cupcake. "If I eat this cupcake, will you stop being so goodie-goodie towards me? It's making me feel less cool."

"Well, I can't stop being kind. It's who I am." Wild Heart smiled. "But will you make up with Rainbow and Pinkie now?"

"Those two lame-o's? No thanks. If they want to be lame together, then I'm not stopping them." Gilda said as she took the cupcake and ate it in one bite. "Hmm, this isn't half bad."

"Please, I know that big mean griffon isn't the real you. I bet your super awesome like Rainbow." Wild Heart said as she smiled. "I mean, eagle talons and lion paws? And you have wings! I've never met a griffon before."

"Heh, I guess griffons are cool on their own." Gilda smiled a little as she had a pink blush on her cheeks as she was also a bit flattered. 'Maybe not all ponies are super lame...' She thought. She sighed as her smile left and she looked back at the bakery. "Guess I made a major mistake on losing my cool back there." She spoke out loud.

"So will you come back and apologize?" Wild asked.

"Sorry kiddo, but I think now isn't the best of times. Maybe sometime in the future we might meet again, and maybe then we can make amends, but not now." Gilda looked away. "And besides, I don't think me coming back a few minutes later apologizing after all that might make them think that I'm pranking them back to get a little revenge."

"Well, can you come back soon? I wanna know more about griffons. They seem super cool." Wild Heart smiled again.

"I'll try to hold up on that invite, but after I deal with Rainbow and Pinkie." Gilda smiled as she ruffled the filly's hair. "Anyways, I gotta fly now. Don't be a stranger if you have a chance to go to Griffonstone and try one of my scones. That's where I hang. Chow!" Gilda then waved before she took off into the sky, the brown filly watching the griffon become a brown and white speck in the sky until she couldn't see her anymore.

"Maybe I might write a report on Gilda and this Griffonstone place she lives at." Wild Heart smiled as she didn't bother going back to the party as she went to the library to work on her report. 'Gilda and the village of Griffonstone! That sound's like a super great title.' She smiled as she was thinking on all kinds of things to write in the report.


"Alright everypony. Today is presentation day on your report." Cheerilee announced as she stomped her hoof to get the little fillies and colts attention. "Now, who would like to go first."

"Oh! Oh! Me! I wanna go first Miss Cheerilee!" Wild Heart waved her sock-covered hoof as she was eager to show her report.

"Well somepony's eager. Come on Wild Heart and read your report." Cheerilee smiled as she watched the filly walk to the front of the class with a sheet of paper and a small wagon equipped to her, it carrying something that was covered in a small drape.

"Thank you Miss Cheerilee." Wild Heart thanked as she set the tiny wagon up beside her. She cleared her throat before she started.

"This weekend, my report is around a pony, who isn't in fact a pony, but is instead a griffon. Her name is Gilda, and she is a super cool griffon. She being the only griffon I've ever met. The first time I saw her, I thought she was a big bully, that didn't like ponies except for her old friend Rainbow Dash. She lives in a place called Griffonstone where other griffons like her live. Griffonstone is located on one of the peaks of the Hyperborean Mountains. According to the history text of "Bygone Griffon of Greatness", the griffons of Griffonstone were once as greedy as dragons, selfishly hoarding their bits and treasures. They were eventually united by King Grover through a treasure called the Idol of Boreas. With the griffons' newfound pride, Griffonstone had grown into a great and majestic kingdom. It has been some time since the kingdom has been seen by pony eyes, but I know that Griffonstone is just as beautiful. This story may seem like griffons are nothing but prideful creatures that might see themselves as better then ponies, but when you get to know them, you will see that griffons are just like the ponies you greet across the street. So this report is dedicated to Gilda, a griffon living in Griffonstone who sells scones to all the other griffons in their luscious kingdom." Wild Heart finished as she put the paper down. "And as a little bonus for my report, with the help of the owner of the Golden Oaks and close friend of my mother. I give you a paper mache version of the Idol of Boreas." She then removed the drape to show a child-version of the idol. Everypony gave their sound of awe and surprise. It looked rather nice as the center piece was actually made of glass that Wild Heart was able to get when Fluttershy gave her an old vase that she kept on her closet and Twilight was able to reshape it to make it sphere-shape instead.

"Wow Wild Heart, what a splendid report you've made. I especially liked the idol you made yourself. It will make a great addition to the school and show everypony how open we are to different kingdoms." Cheerilee praised as she stood by Wild Heart. "This obviously gives you an absolute A+ on your grade. I bet your mother will be so proud of you."

Wild Heart smiled as she was more then happy that she got a perfect grade on her report while also making a new friend that wasn't even a pony. Probably somepony who she could relate to since she isn't exactly a pony at heart either.


After another day of new discoveries, new friends, and even more fun in Ponyville, Yemi was now off to bed as she was now ready to get some much needed sleep. The small human was snuggled tight in her bed as she had her arms wrapped around a small fox plushie that her mother got her on her last birthday.

Yemei had her eyes close as she was nearing the state of entering dream land until she had a strange feeling. She didn't know why, but she felt as if she was being watched. She sat up as she looked around and even out her window. She saw something running into the forest. She didn't have time to figure out what it was before she couldn't spot it anymore. Yemei felt uncomfortable as she locked and covered the window with the curtains before she went back to bed and was now trying to find her sleep now while also wondering what that was that went in the forest, and why that strange feeling of being watched creeped her. Yemei yawned before she snuggled close to the bed and hugged her fox plushie tighter before she slowly fell asleep, her dreams being blank and silent as she actually felt calm in the black void that was her dream.