Twilight's First Foals -- Episode II - The Foal of The Origin

by One Universe One story

Chapter Two - My Purpose Is

“So, Contact, I’m assuming that your different forms have different names?” Twilight asked as the walked back to her castle through lamp lit night streets of Ponyville.

“Yes, they do,” Contact replied after kicking a small stone forward.

“Can you tell me their names?’

“Certainly, this one is known as Lunair. My day form is known as Solair. The rest are: Blue Mimicyu, Red Elementalist, Green Naturalist, Black Out, White Out, Arcane Bearer, Time Bearer, Creature Caller, Creature Caster, Mecha Machina, Swift Swim, Riptide, and lastly, Melodia.”

“Thirteen more forms? That’s a lot to keep track of. How do you do so?”

“Well, my day and night forms are semi-independent of each other in terms of personality, but each has an equal amount of forms that go with them.”

“Can you explain further?”

“I’ll try my best to do so... when we get home.”

“Don’t tell me you feel weak again! I just gave you some magic right before we left for the Boutique.”

“No, it’s just better to show you while explaining.”


“But I will need some help fusing these two vests together so that when I change form at dusk and dawn the vest will too.”

“And there’s the catch.”

“Twilight, I don’t like being dependant on you for magic either. But I use more magic than I can gather without you. If not for your magic aura I cannot exist. and that very well may happen in the future, eons from now.”

“What do you mean?” Twilight said as they neared the castle.

“Have you heard of the tale of the Six Djinns?” Contact asked as she stopped walking.

“Djinns? You mean the mythical creatures that grant you a wish if you see them display their power?” Twilight asked as she turned around and faced her.

“Yes, only they didn’t always do that.” Contact said as she closed her eyes and lowered her head.


“Yes, and I fight them in every era of time since magic was introduced,” she replied before raising her head again. “That, and the Six Djinns are actually six of the exact same person, anthro, and pony.”

“Person? As in human?”

“Yes, and in the era of time between now and the era you introduced magic into the world, all the humans became what are known as anthros due to a change in physical appearance brought by the Djinns’ influence of magic around the world.

“Anthros are sort of a cross between ponies and humans. Keeping bipedal status and taking only certain features of ponykind at the time. Features such as: hooves, wings and the ability to wield magic.

“Do you remember what you call you’re ‘ponied-up’ form from when you were at Canterlot High?” Contact asked as she looked up at Twilight.

“Yeah, I had wings but no horn,” Twilight replied.

“Well, that’s what they looked like. Some had wings, the rest didn’t. Some could wield magic, the rest couldn’t. And some had higher strength attributes than the rest.

“And in each family, when humans became anthros, their genetics began to recur.”

“Therefore, the reason the Djinns all look alike?” Twilight asked.

“Precisely, though there should only be three Djinns and not six. What happened, I still don’t know,. But something occurred to cause six Djinns to be created. I believe It has something to do with the space time continuum and maybe a parallel universe,” Contact said as she rubbed her hoof against her chin.

“We’ll figure it out someday, but until then, we need to get home,” Twilight said as she pointed to her castle in the only one hundred hoof steps away.

“Certainly, Twilight,” Contact said as she began walking to the castle. “I’ll stay up with Flash tonight so you can get some sleep.”

“Thanks, just don’t be too loud.”

*** *** ***

“Good morning, Twilight,” Flash said as he walked by Twilight’s room seeing she was awake.

“Oh, good morning, Flash,” Twilight replied. “Um, where is Contact?”

“He’s on top of the castle preparing for something. What it is I have no clue, but he grabbed that stone chest out of your lab and took it with him.”

“Oh? What would he… oh, nevermind, I think I know.”

“Am I relieved of post?”

“Flash, you have no need to ask that question like that or at all. I’ve told you that you may take a break whenever you want. Why must you stick to your training?”

“I feel it necessary in order to keep my rank as a captain.”

“Well, if you don’t start acting like a civilian caring for a foal with his girlfriend, then I’ll relieve you of your rank,” Twilight said angrily.

“Yes, Twilight,” he replied with his head lowered.

“Oh, Flash, I didn’t mean it like that,” Twilight responded before walking over to flash and placing her right forehoof on his shoulder.

“I understand. You’ve been taking care of Contact longer than I, and you have the burden of being the only one able to keep him alive with your magic.”

“Flash, how about we schedule a dinner so we can get to know each other better? I can ask Celestia and Luna to watch over contact?”

“I don’t think we should impose on the princesses’ kind natures like that,” Flash said as he looked at Twilight.

“They won’t mind. They’ll probably understand why,” Twilight replied.

Suddenly Twilight’s cutie mark flashed thrice and she took notice. “Contact’s feeling weak again,” she said before she and Flash began to walk their way to the roof.

“Twilight, may I ask you something?” Flash said as they rounded a corner near a stairwell.

“Certainly, what is it?” Twilight asked as they began ascending the stairs.

“If you really need a break from Contact, there’s a lovely restaurant in the Crystal Empire, not to far from the train station. Would you like to got there?”

Twilight froze for a second, blushing at what Flash was asking. “Why not?” she replied before continuing up the stairwell.

“Thank you, Twilight,” Flash said before opening a latched door leading to the roof of the castle. “Would you prefer to fly there or take a train?”

“Let’s fly there,” Twilight replied before walking over to Contact.

Twilight then tapped her horn against Contact’s and a bit of magic flowed out of her and into him.

“Thank you, Twilight,” Contact replied.

“Gah, that still stings when I do that,” Twilight said as she shook her head in pain.

“Twilight, I’m sorry it hurts, but I can’t make the process painless,” Contact said.

“I know,” Twilight replied. “Oh, last night you were telling me about the Six Djinns. Would you like to resume your explanation?”

“Certainly,” Contact replied before taking a deep breath and releasing it. “Three of the Djinns are named Prism. They spell their name: P-R-Y-S-M-E. They are males. And three of the Djinns are named Chia, spelt C-H-I-A. They are females. And every time I fight them, the two that belong in the era I fight them in seem to learn that fighting and destruction are wrong.

“They always give me a year to prepare to fight them. As they say they have eons to prepare, giving me a year makes it a fair fight. As of today I have eleven months, two weeks, and three days to be ready.

“Though, last night after Chrysalis came home I overheard that her daughter attacked her in the hospital two weeks ago. This means I’ll have to help in this matter as well.

“Control, the Changeling Princess, must be dealt with before six months time is over,” Contact said.

“Contact, you’re telling me that your only purpose for being around is fighting,” Twilight said in a stern tone. “There’s more to being alive than protecting Equestria.”

“Twilight, if it pleases you, I will attend the school here in Ponyville.”

“That will do for now,’ Twilight said. “Hopefully you can make friends with fillies and colts your physical age. I know three that’d love to be your friend.”

“Alright, Twilight,” Contact replied rather calmly considered inside he was angered.

“I’ll head down to the school this afternoon and get you enrolled,” Twilight said. “Oh and you were also going to try to explain your other forms last night as well.”

“Yes, I was,” Contact said. “But that can wait until you’re back from the school.”

“Alright then, after I get some lunch I’ll head to the school,” Twilight said as she turned around and began to walk away.