Secret of Andalantis

by Fizzy Orange


“The sunset looks breathtaking from up here!” Said Sea Shanty, her eyes wide open in wonder.

Rock Beauty threw a hoof over the seapony’s shoulder “Well you know we can come up whenever you want now! We should make it a regular thing!”

“That…would be nice,” replied Sea Shanty, blushing.

Lyra observed the exchange from the dock with a smile on her face. It turned out that the Song of Harmony had indeed restored the seapony and merpony’s magic to its former glory so now they could come up to the surface and breathe the air just like their land dwelling cousins. There was more to their magic of course, but it would take time for them to relearn how to use it. Thetis had claimed the magic was never gone, simply dormant, just like her, and that if they kept working together they would be able to reclaim control of their environment. Lyra was glad she had played a role in this happy ending.

“What are you looking at?” asked Bon Bon, laying across her prone marefriend’s back and barely acknowledging the beautiful sunset on display.

“Nothing…or maybe something? I’ll keep you posted,” answered the unicorn.

The mood was ruined by the sound of snoring. The two mares looked to the side at the sleeping form of Trixie, laying on her back in a most ungraceful pose. The blue unicorn had collapsed from exhaustion on the spot when they had disembarked from the ship and hadn’t moved since.

“You’re carrying her,” deadpanned Bon Bon.

“Let’s just leave her there,” replied Lyra, just as stoically.

The two held on for a few seconds before softly giggling.

After reuniting with Ditzy, Dinky and Amethyst Star at the Autumn Delight they had been greeted by a detachment from the local coast guard. It had taken a while to explain where Lucky Seagull Island had gone to, but Thetis’ projection had helped a lot in speeding up the explanations. By the time they had made it back to port it was already time for sunset. While the other seapony and merpony were settling into their new home, Rock Beauty and Sea Shanty had insisted on following their new friends back to civilization and were now sitting on a rock in the shallows, enjoying their first sunset on the surface.

Not far from them, on a bigger rock, sat Wind Sailor and Amethyst Star. The brave flyer had insisted on being there to see them into port. It had been a bit awkward to explain where his date had gone off to, but Sparkler had been more than willing to help mend the pegasus’ broken heart. Seeing the way the two sat and talked together Lyra judged he was getting over ‘Rarity’ pretty quickly.

On the other side of the dock Dinky was sound asleep on her mother’s back, as the pegasus also enjoyed the sunset. The stars were beginning to perform their daily dance as they settled into position in the darkening sky and Ditzy stifled a yawn, betraying how tired she really was. It wouldn’t be long before she would head back to the beach house for the night.

Thetis and Ditzy had a talk on the way back. Thetis believed the spirit of the departed plesioponies were still guarding over the ocean currents and they had helped Ditzy, for she could sense their intent with her special talent. It’s possible it was they who had guided Ditzy toward the kaosharks’ base and started this whole thing.

All in all it had been quite an exhausting adventure: Swimming for hours, battling monsters and solving ancient riddles. It had taken a toll on everyone. At the end of the day, though, love and friendship had won out.

“Hey,” began Bon Bon.

“What?” asked Lyra.

“I know you wanted to go to the museum tomorrow, but let’s just sleep in,” said the earth pony.

“Until when?” asked Lyra.

“Until forever.”

“Works for me,” Said Lyra, yawning.

The End