Any Dream Can Come True...Even The Crazy Ones

by ppg1998

I'm cancelling this story. Why you ask? Look for your self.

Hey guys. I'm sorry to do this too you but to be honestly don't give a shit about this story anymore. When I first made this story it was just for practice. Just to get my skills out. And honestly I'm actually ashamed that this is my most popular story to date. This was all mean to be nothing more then a bad practice and the only reason it's popular is due to fan pandering. And what's even worse is that my editing use to suck and yet you still love this.


I feel incredibly ashamed that the story I put the least ammout of effort into is my most popular one. I don't want to write this bullshit!!!

I'm sorry if you really like this story, but I just can't put anymore effort into this story then I already have. Please check out some of my latest work if you want my real heart put in my work. I'm not going to say their perfect, but they are definitely better then this garbage in my opinion. I'm sorry if regally hurt your feelings, but I just needed to get that all out of my system.

Please check out, comment, Like and favorite my stories that I am pouring My heart and soul into. "My Little Mob." And My New "Dimension # and Event #" series. Please. I am not proud of this story and I'm sorry but please check out my "REAL" work.

Thank you for your time.

Man I feel so much better to get that off my chest.

:pinkiecrazy: you do realize you just pissed of every fan who likes this right?

Not the time pinkie.