The Book of Life: A Shining Armor AU

by AlleyCat124

Roof-top Seranade

“It’s not that bad! I mean, who wants to go to that stupid party anyway?” Rainbow Dash bellowed, flying next to Shining Armor and Flash Sentry down the darkened street.

Shining Armor had his head down as he continued to sulk. Sighing for what seemed like the hundredth time, he wondered once again where his life went wrong. He was already feeling bad about disappointing his family, now he learns that he wasn’t invited to Cadence’s welcome home party. Not only did he disappoint his family, he disappointed the entire town; and he wouldn’t be able to see Cadence to welcome her home.

“Everypony in town apparently?” Flash Sentry deadpanned.

“Well than everypony is stupid!” Rainbow Dash huffed, giving Flash Sentry a raspberry.

Sigh. “Not only did I lose the whole town, I might as well have lost Cadence. Blueblood will have the whole night to woo her and sweep her off her hooves…” Shining Armor sulked.

“Come on now, you’re not giving Cadence enough credit.” Flash Sentry consoled, putting his arm around Shining Armor. “From what you’ve told me, Cadence doesn’t sound like the type of mare to easily be swept off her hooves. Do you?”

Shining Armor thought about Cadence, I mean really thought about her. She wasn’t like the other mares around here. Before he became a disgrace to Ponyville, mares would always be willing to easily throw themselves at him; same with Blueblood. But Cadence was different. She was strong, independent, and kindhearted. She never relied on anypony to take care of herself or others. And she would never fall for cheap tricks or words to woo her.

“Don’t worry about Prince Blueblood, Shining.” Rainbow Dash cut in, pulling him out of his thoughts. “All you need is some sweet moves and a whole bunch of awesomeness!” And with that, Rainbow Dash starts performing acrobatic tricks in the air; zipping back and forth, doing back flips and front flips leaving a rainbow streak behind her.

“I can’t fly, Rainbow.” Shining Armor pointed out, making Rainbow Dash halt mid-flight. A blush slowly formed on her face as she slowly descended down to the ground.

“I knew that!” she shuddered out. “I merely meant you should do the flightless version of awesome stunts. That’s all!”

Cadence laid down on her bed, flipping through one of her many books. But it was useless, she was barely paying attention to the words on the page. That comment that Blueblood made just completely made her mad! I mean, what kind of comment was that!? No stallion was going to make her just some housewife that stood in the background.

Her anger faded little by little as she thought more about Blueblood. He may be prideful, but he wasn’t a jerk. He even tried to explain himself, but she was too angry to hear any of it. Maybe she over reacted.

“You didn’t overact.” A voice interrupted. The edge of her bed shifted as her dragon, Spike, climbed on. Of course a bit older now than when he was first given to her, Spike now stood up to Cadence’s chest and helped her out with anything she needed.

“I know that look. You’re thinking that you were too hard on Prince Blueblood for that comment, but you didn’t. That comment was rude and he totally deserved it!” Spike declared, crossing his arms.

Cadence couldn’t help but chuckle. Spike was always there to help her. Whether it was to help her with her studies or her personal problems, he was always there to lend a helping claw. Pulling him into a tight hug, Cadence nuzzled his face. “Thanks Spike. You’re right, maybe I didn’t overreact.”

Spike hugged her back, glad to lift her out of her sour mood. The mood was interrupted though by a buzzing noise coming from outside. Spike broke away from the hug and hurried over to the window to see what the commotion was all about. As he looked down, he saw a cyan pegasus with rainbow hair and main buzzing back and forth and landing in front of two dark blue mane stallions, one with a white coat and another orange.

Spike instantly recognized the white stallion. He might have been small, but he does have brief memory flashes of him. Plus Cadence told me that he was given to her by him.

“I think your other stallion is here.” Spike commented over his shoulder. Cadence instantly perked up. Shining was here? She heard that her mother didn’t invite him to her welcome party after the bull fight fiasco; a decision she argued with her mother about, by the away. But she couldn’t help but feel her heart lift with the thought of Shining being right outside.

She would never admit this to anyone, heck she barely admitted it to herself, but she’s always had a small crush on him. Sure, she loved both boys with all her heart, but with Shining there was always something different; something more. But she was still figuring it out. She never let herself fall any further ever since she realized that Shining Armor would sacrifice his own self for his family’s honor. She always felt disappointment. But after the bull fight today, she saw that he wasn’t willing after all. With that came a new warm feeling in her heart.
Gingerly getting off her bed, Cadence walked up behind Spike and looked outside her window at the ponies below, curious of the antics they were up to.

“I’m not doing it.” Shining Armor declared, stomping his hoof in emphasis.

“Yes you are. You need to march in there and show her the kind of stallion you’ve become.” Flash Sentry pushed.

“Don’t you remember? I wasn’t invited. Besides, I’m not ready to face the town just yet. I can’t even think to try to talk to Cadence while I’ve got the whole town staring me down…”

“Who cares what the others think!?” Rainbow Dash boomed. “You need to go in there and show’em whose boss!”

“Rainbow, this isn’t a tussle. This requires delicacy and tact.” Flash Sentry tried to explain, but of course Rainbow Dash wasn’t listening.

“Delicacy, smellicacy. She needs to go in there and show Blueblood and the rest of Ponyville that he is a force to be reckoned with!”

Shining Armor watched them go back and forth trying to decide how to go in there…even though he doesn’t have any intention of going to the party at all. As he stared off into space, he realized that they ended up in front of the mayors house, with the party still going on inside. He couldn’t help but let out another sigh. He wondered what Cadence was doing inside. Was she enjoying herself? How much has Blueblood turned the tables in his favor? Did she even care if he was there…?

Something in the up window caught his eye. On a closer look, he realized that Cadence was peeking out, along with the green dragon that he gave her as children.

Realizing that she had been caught, Cadence came into better view of him. Giving her a small smile, Shining Armor turned to his friends. “Hey guys, do mind if you give me a minute?”

Both Rainbow Dash and Flash Sentry stopped their arguing to stare at their friend. When Shining Armor indicated to Cadence’s window, both pegusi slowly grinned in understanding and non-discreetly hid behind a nearby building to watch. Rolling his eyes at his friends antics, Shining Armor approached her window.

“You know, it’s impolite not to be at your own party.” He chuckled up at her.

“Well, let’s just say that the company was starting to get a little stale.” She replied back in good humor.

A small silence was put between them. After all these years and under this predicament, they didn’t exactly know what to say.

Wondering what else to say, he noticed purple and green scales poking out the corner of the window.

“Is that Spike?”

Cadence looked down at Spike and motioned him to show himself. Hesitating for a moment, Spike finally let his presence be known.

“Hey kiddo. Remember me at all?” Shining Armor shouted up.

“A little…I don’t remember much.” Spike answered shyly.

“Cadence didn’t torture you too much, did she?”

“Well I never!” Cadence shouted, but her humor betrayed her words.

Spike laughed along with them before he answered. “I was treated fine. I have a really awesome life with Cadence.” Smiling warmly at Cadence, he decided that he overstayed his welcome.

“Well, I better make sure that your schedule for tomorrow is in order. I’ll leave you two alone.” And with that, he quickly made is escape.

Finally having some alone time, Cadence turned back to Shining Armor. “Are you okay?”

Shining Armor raised his eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“What you did today…it was the bravest thing I’ve ever seen. But…I also know what that cost you. So…are you okay?"

Shining Armor was about to tell her that he was just fine, when he realized that his feelings isn’t something he wants to lie about. Not with her…never with her.

“No…I’m not alright. I’ve disappointed everyone. They all believed in me and now…” he couldn’t continue without a big pressure build up in his chest.

Cadence felt herself tearing up. She hated seeing him at war with himself.

“Hang on, Shining, I’m coming right down. Stay right there!” and with that, she trotted out of her room, Spike smiling as he watched her.