The Titan's Orb

by Old Man Dusters

Author's Note

Hello everyone!
Callum here!

So, while my sequel is now a separate story, I thought I'd add my author's note here, as it applies to THIS story, and not the sequel...

Recently the book has developed a reputation on, and the book has been added to
If you don't know what that is, it's BASICALLY a Trip Adviser / Yelp Review - But for BOOKS.
And my story has been added.
I can't believe my book has come this far, and I thank you all SO much for reading it, the story really is my absolute pride and joy...
I started planning it at the age of 14, and here I am, 18 and a half, and I have 22,308 total views.
While it's no Fallout Equestria, or My Little Dashie, that is a big milestone in my eyes...
I'm trying to make The Titan's Orb as popular as it can, so if you have the time, PLEASE leave a rating and review on the site and share it around with your friends...
(If you have facebook, you don't need to sign up as you can just log in with facebook.)

Here's the link.

Again, thank you all SO much for reading and enjoying this book.
It means the world to me. :twilightsheepish:
Love you all!