The Storyteller

by Wonder

Everyone has their fear, at least most do.

Personal log- Entry 63
To this day I still do not remember what made me interested in the military. My father was a scientist and my mother... well she was opposed to war, to say the least. When the war broke out she was at the front of the protests. I guess you could say she was a modern day hippy. Despite all this I somehow became fascinated with war. I often found myself reading up on the history of wars and the evolution of weaponry.

To think that something a simple as a bladed weapon could be so effective. It wouldn't do anything against modern armour but it was still impressive. I always did have a thing for blades. This is perhaps one reason why I enjoy this new world. Almost every guard carries a sword! I'm not even sure how these equines could even hold them, excluding their unicorn brethren. Sadly when I tried to ask to use it, they didn't take it so well. Ended up in a cell until Eve bailed me out. Surprising how much influence she has. She just appeared and they let me out. I have a few theories but they're all most likely wrong.

On the bright side I've learned a lot about my caretakers over the last month. Just two weeks ago in fact, I found out the Rainbow is afraid of the protection units. She ended up spotting an inactive one in The Helix. She thought it was a dead human and freaked out. She still won't go back in the building. Poor thing.

They all seem to have their own little fears. Most of them at least. The pink one is practically immune to fear. I've tried everything from jump scares to faking a murder scene and she doesn't even flinch. I think she might be evil in some way or another. Pink's friend, Eve, seems afraid of casadias for no apparent reason, don't ask me how I found out. You don't want to know.

The other pony is afraid of anything dirty. She seems to like things to be clean and orderly. I think she may suffer from mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. For example, she went out of her way to clean my shirt when she spotted a single stain on it. It's nice that she cleaned my clothes but she could have asked before ripping the clothes from my body. Thank the gods my pants weren't dirty.

Beast Lord is afraid of pretty much... everything. She screamed when I sneezed once. Apparently they can scream. She seems fine with animals though. A bit too much.

I am unsure of what Apple's fear could be. She owns a farm so she isn't afraid of getting dirty and she has fought of strange wood foxes, so I'm not sure she is scared of much. She seems like the type to punch fear in the face... Do horses punch? Maybe hoof them in the face but that sounds a little odd. Nevertheless I will have to test a few things out. She must have something she is afraid of. Hopefully she doesn't punch me before I find out.