The Wedding Aftermath

by Queen Sanguine Dreams

**Bonus Chapter: I'm not a changeling!**

***Reader Beware. This chapter is seperate from the main story.***
***This chapter was written mainly as an amusing distraction.***
***Let me know in the comments if you would like more.***


<My Queen, we have a problem.>

This should be good.

<What's wrong, Gaius?>

<We have a changeling here that is claiming to not be a changeling. He says that he is 'human'?>

<I thought they went extinct? Didn't they all run off to fight dragons?>

I remembered some mentions of humans from the ageless knowledge of the hivemind. Queens had to be informed of everything if they were to succeed, after all.

<He says his name is Johnathan, and he 'wants the voices to stop.'>

Oh grief.

<Bring him to the throne room, Gaius.>

<Yes, my Queen.>


"I'm telling you that I'm not a changeling! I'm human! I'm supposed to be going on a date right now!" The not-a-changeling yelled at Gaius as they entered my throne room.

<Here he is, my Queen.>

<Thank you for your patience, Gaius.>

"Why do your eyes keep going dark?!"

"Johnathan, is it?" I asked.

He looked to me with suprise, before his face contorted into shock and disgust.

"What the heck are you?!" he shouted, backing up.

"There's no need for drama, Not-A-Changeling."

He scowled at me, squinting at me as if I'd light on fire if he tried hard enough.

"My name is Johnathan!"

"Of course. Would you mind explaining how you are clearly a changeling and yet not a changeling, Johnathan?"

This should be even better than I thought. He was just sitting there looking confused and worried.

"W-well I was driving on a stormy night, and-"


"Uh, yeah. In my car?"

I blinked. "You've lost me."

He growled in annoyance. "It's not important!"

"So what is important, then?"

"I'm not a changeling!"

"You've said this. Many times. The fact remains that you're a changeling despite how much you claim the opposite."

"You've got to fix this!"

"Fix what?"

"This!" He yelled, motioning awkwardly to himself with a forehoof as he tried to maintain balance.

Oh sure. Let me just wave my magic horn and make all the troubles in the world just vanish.

"I cannot do that." I stated simply.


Oh great, he's crazy and stupid.

"You did this to me!" He screamed.

"Calm yourself, Johnathan. Throwing a temper tantrum isn't going to fix your problems."

He huffed in anger, but he was silent at least.

For about five seconds.

"If you won't help me, then I'll find someone who will!"

He then awkwardly attempted to turn around, and tripped over himself.


That was perfectly eye-roll worthy.


Dear Princess Celestia,

You're going to get a laugh out of this.

Let me paint the scene for you:

Sitting on my throne, doing Queen things, when Gaius (One of my go-to changelings) tells me that theres someling screaming that he isn't a changeling.

Naturally, I ask Gaius to lead the not-a-changeling to my throne room so that I may speak with him.

Lo and behold, The epitome of angst stumbles in, yelling about 'Driving' and 'being on a date'. I ask him what this 'driving' is, and he babbles about something called a 'car'.

Anyway, he somehow expects me to magic away his insanity. On top of all this, he claims to be human!

Named Johnathan!

I hope you don't have to deal with this one, Celestia. He's a hoof-full.

Best Wishes,
Queen Aze
White Tail Woods Hive

"Princess Celestia?"

Oh no.

"There is a changeling here to see you. He doesn't seem 'all there', if you catch my meaning."

It's going to be one of those days, isn't it?