Discord Writes Fanfiction 2

by Sparkletop Rainbows

The Three Little Pi... eaches!

Fluttershy trotted into the living room in her cottage. "It was really nice of you to do this, Discord. I'm proud of you for thinking of it."

"Oh, it was nothing. Since the last little group meeting was fun, I thought, why not make one every week? This is will bring us closer than ever! Especially since I and Twilight don't see each other often," Discord shot a smirk in Twilight's way, and she returned it with a glare.

"Don't try anything, Discord. I'm watching you," Twilight warned.

"Oh, I didn't try anything before, did I? Why would I do anything like that?" Discord said. Since Twilight had nothing to say in her defense, she slouched with a glare, muttering words that nopony heard.

"So you're sure that this activity you host every week will bring us closer together?" Starlight asked. "Because last week Twilight was in a really grumpy mood because of the activity."

"Oh, she'll open up, don't you worry," Discord replied. "She just needs to accept the fact that I can have the right to spend time with her friends as much as she does. She's just jealous of me again."

"What?! I am not-" Twilight was immediately interrupted by Discord.

"Could you please hold that thought, Twilight? It's rude to interrupt a story," Discord began before Twilight could even reply.

Once upon a time, there lived three little pi-"

"Hey! You're copying the story of the Three Little Pigs, that's plagiarism!" Twilight pointed out, smirking.

"What, of course it's not! I wasn't plagiarizing , you didn't let me even get into the story yet!" Discord sounded like he was offended.

"Then what were you going to say?" Twilight asked.

"Well.." Discord hesitated, trying to think of an excuse. "I was going to say the three little pi... eaches! Peaches, that's what I was going to say."

"Peaches?" Twilight questioned. "Discord, I think-"

Once upon a time, there lived three little peaches. They were out on their own, trying to build their own homes. The first little peach, Twilight, found a bundle of straws. "I'm going to build my house out of straws!" She chirped. Twilight gathered the straws and went on her way.

The second little peach, Celestia, saw sticks scattered across the ground . "I'm going to build my house out of sticks!" She said. She took all the sticks and went on her way.

The last, and most very smart peach, Discord, knew exactly what he was going to build his house of. He wanted it to be a big surprise for the others, so she went off his merry way to build his house.

But one thing neither of the peaches knew was there was a big, bad, peach-eater lurking in the forest. The peach-eater, Twilight-"

"What? But I was already a character in your story!" Twilight said.

"Yes, but I know but of those characters fit your personality so well, I decided to make them both you," Discord replied.

"Well, I-"

Twilight the Peach-Eater snuck up on Twilight's house of straws. Twilight the Peach-Eater opened her mouth as if she were to say something, but instead barged through the straws and ate the little peach. The straws all tumbled away when Twilight the Peach-Eater blew on them to trip Twilight.

"Hey, you were supposed to say something first!" Twilight said before she was completely stuffed into Twilight the Peach-Eater's mouth. Of course, Twilight was always a whiny little filly who complained a lot. She would always-

Twilight cleared her throat obviously offended. Discord continued on with the story leaving his very detailed traits of Twilight behind.

Next, Twilight the Peach-Eater went off to Celestia's little house of sticks. Luckily, Celestia caught the glimpse of Twilight the Peach-Eater coming her way. She ran off to find her other peach comrade before the peach-eater blew her house into pieces. Twilight the Peach-Eater was confused when she found no little peach inside. She thought the peach was hiding somewhere, so she blew the entire house away but found nothing. Twilight the Peach-Eater shrugged it off, knowing that there was one last peach left.

Celestia ran to the other peach. The house was just made of wood, which surprised Celestia since Discord had said it was a big surprise.

"Who is it?" Discord asked.

"It's me, Celestia. Please open up quick, Twilight the Peach-Eater is coming!" Celestia replied urgently.

"Very well, then," Discord opened the door, and let Celestia in. At last, the annoying peach-eater came. But before she could even blow a single breath on the house, it suddenly transformed into a giant, huge spaceship. Big cannons, huge laser guns, and all that sci-fi thingies pointed out at the peach-eater. Her body slumped and she let out a whimper. Before she could even react, she was blasted by the blinding light. All that was left of her were the ashes on the ground.

The spaceship buzzed into life and zoomed away into space, where Discord became the greatest of all rulers in the universe. Celestia stood by him and adored everything about the peach. She was the number one fan of Discord and thought he was the most amazing, most talented, most greatest in all the universe.

"Moral of the story," Discord began. "Never listen to Twilight."

"Wow, that was really something," said Starlight. "Although it seemed kinda rushed, Discord. You even had a few mistakes in there. You should try to improve your writing skills by-"

"Nonsense, it's all perfectly fine! Don't be a Twilight, we all know how she loves pointing things out!"

"Yeah, yeah. Great job making all the ponies you hate the characters of your little story," Twilight said.

"So, we're gonna have this thing each week?" Applejack asked.

"Wait, what?" Twilight asked.

"You didn't tell her?" Starlight asked.

"Oh, I just wanted it to be a little surprise for her," Discord replied, smirking. "And yes, Twilight, we will have it every week, every month, every year."