by Mademoiselle Noir

I'm in love?

This feeling in my stone chest makes my heart flutter. What? What is this Feeling? Compassion? Anger? Pain? No. It couldn't be- Love?
Why would I, of all mares, be in love? And with who but Celestia's son? This feeling is confusing me. He is the only pony my age. But what would Clarity say? I know what Cadence would say.

"Oh sweetie, that's so nice!" Ugh. Mother was always so naive. So caring. Caring and love is for the weak. Suddenly I remember- It's my last day! Oh, how I'll be free! Clarity and I will need to catch up on the times. I can tell Sundust how I feel! What will I say? What will I do? I'll just wait until morning.

When I wake up, I'm a normal pony. Myself again. Now to find Sundust and tell him. I'm not afraid anymore. First, I find Celestia. Sitting on her gold throne, Luna by her side, just like when I left. The feeling is getting stronger. Ugh. I don't have time to be in love, I have to find my real parents. I find Sundust's room and knock. He opens the door, and I step inside.

"Look, I'm going to make this quick. I really like you, as more than a friend. You helped me when no one else did, and you waited for me. If you don't like me back, then we can just be friends." I finish, taking a breath.

"I like you too. And I think we could be together." He says taking my hoof. My cheeks turn as red as his hair.
"I'd like to meet your mother. You know, Celestia." I say. We run to the throne room, but no one is there. We look in the garden, Celestia's favorite place, she's not there, but Clarity is there! I run to my best friend, tears in my eyes. We embrace for the first time in one thousand years.