Paradise Melody's Adventure to Pony Bound

by Atral Dream

commotion, destination manehattan

In the next morning Paradise woke up groggy. She looked around her surroundings. she was in her house. When did get she get home? Then a memory flashed. It was a memory of the vision she saw last night.

“I need to stop whatever is going to happen! I will do anything to stop it.” Paradise jumped out of the bed and ran into her bathroom and got ready. She was wearing red jean shorts and a pink t-shirt with words that say “PSI”. When she walked to the mirror she examined herself, and she liked it.

“Paradise! Breakfast is ready! Come down and eat now!” Paradise's mom said. Maple was her name. She liked it, had a ring to it.

“Okay mom! I’m coming now!” Paradise ran down stairs and into the kitchen. Set down in front of her was 3 pancakes stacked on each other. She was hungry all of a sudden but she didn't care, she dig into the plain pancakes without hesitation.

“Wow sweetie! You must be hungry. Why is that I wonder?” Paradise wondered why she was this hungry too, but she shrugged it off without a second thought about it.

“Thanks for the food mom! I'm going now, please don’t wait up.” She ran out the front door.

“What am I gonna do about that girl hmm?” Maple thought. She loved her daughter but sometimes she worries about some of the things Paradise does.

“Okay now to stop that future. Hmm, where to go? Or where to start for that matter. Huh? What was that? It was faint.” Paradise's ears twitched. The sound it was somepony screaming.

“Why is somepony screaming this early?” Then she saw what was chasing the pony. It was...well, it looked like vomit but it was chasing the pony. But why? She didn't have time to ask questions, she had to help the pony! She looked around for any weapon until she laid eyes on an unused bat! She picked it up with both of her pink hooves. She ran at the vomit. It stopped chasing the pony and looked at Paradise. It didn't have time to react when it got hit by the bat. Smash! The bat hit the alive vomit head on! The vomit seemed to fizzle and laid still.

“What the hell was that thing?” Paradise asked while panting. She looked at the teen pony. His coat was a blueish white and he was an earth pony. He looked to be 15 years old.

“Thank you! Oh thank you very much little filly! I didn’t know what it was. It just started chasing me! How could I repay you?” After he said that, other ponies were starting to walk outside to see what the commotion was about. When some ponies looked at the still vomit they were disgusted and looked at the teen.

“What's going on out here?! What's the commotion about??” That voice was princess Twilight Sparkle, the new princess of friendship.
“Princess! I'm sorry to interrupt on a fine day like this but we found this little filly swinging a bat against, well, a living pile of vomit.” The guard said to the princess.

“What do you mean by that?” Twilight Sparkle asked with a confuse look. This was stupid! There's no way vomit can't be alive, everypony knows that.

“Well, I mean a pile of vomit was moving and chasing a pony, that's what I meant by that.” The guard said to Twilight Sparkle. The princess of friendship looked at him with an annoyed look. She didn't like the guards that stood around her; she especially didn't like it when they gave her attitude.

“Okay, what if a pile of vomit was moving and chasing a pony? Who stopped it is what I wanna know.” Twilight asked the guards that was watching it happen, and the guards pointed to a pink filly wearing red jean shorts with a pink t-shirt with the letters PSI on it. She had a baseball bat in her left hoof. One of the guards got Twilight's attention by putting his hoof on her shoulder.

“Princess, we got information on what happened.” The day guard said with a serious voice and look. With a nod Twilight told the guard to continue.

“Well, there was a witness that saw the whole thing.” The guard proceeded and told Twilight what the witness told him. Twilight was listening to every word the guard said to her, and she was surprised to hear that a filly hit that thing with a baseball bat, hard, and it just died.

“You're saying that the filly over there hit the pile of vomit with a baseball bat and it just...died?” Twilight was skeptical about the whole thing. It was impossible!

“It really did happened, Princess.” The guard insisted to Twilight. She was still skeptical about it and looked to the filly in question. Paradise was feeling weird now. Actually she felt sick, and felt like she was gonna pass out.

“What is going on with me? I feel like I'm...gonna pass... out...” Paradise muttered and passed out she did. She fell hard on her stomach, out like a light. Twilight saw her fall right there in front of her and she ran towards the filly.

“Guards! I need help! This filly passed out!” Twilight called out to the guards, who all gathered around her and the filly to help.

“What happened, Princess?” The guard asked. Twilight didn't know what happened this filly who just fainted with out warning. Twilight checked the filly’s forehead with her hoof. She had a high fever, terribly high to be considered standard. Twilight put her hoof down.

“Take her home and tell her parents what's happened here.” Twilight said, using her magic to delicately levitate her to one of the guards. The guard took Paradise in his arms and starting to take off to the little filly's home.

An hour later...

Paradise suddenly woke up. She had a minor headache but she ignored it and tried to remember what happened before she fell unconscious. Than it hit her, all the memories that happened earlier came flooding back to her.

“What the heck was that thing” Paradise wondered what it was for another minute until she was thrown out of her thought by her bedroom door opening to reveal her mother.

“Sweetie are you okay now? I was worried when the royal guard knocked at my door, holding you a second time!” Maple sat at the edge of her daughters bed. Maple melody loved her daughter very much, seeing that she wore her regular blue jeans and sports shirt with yellow and green stripes. She was now in her 20's.

“Oh. All I remember is... helping a teen from a pile of live vomit.” Paradise cringed as she remembered the disgusting creature, then she remembered her mission to save the world.

“A pile of live vomit?” Maple asked as she cocked her head slightly side ways in a confusing look. Paradise didn't have time to explain though. Paradise got up out of the bed and walked to her bedroom door until her mother stopped her.

"Paradise! Sweetie, please wait!"

“What mom? I gotta go take care of some business.” Paradise said, unsure of what to really say to her mother. Next thing either mare knew, Maple had gotten up and hugged her daughter Paradise.

“Please Paradise... sweetie, be safe! Please be safe and come back to me!” Maple cried to her. Paradise smirked knowingly. She was gonna come back and she was going to be victorious!

“I will mom, I will.” Paradise said to her mom, then she ran out of her room and downstairs, out of her front door. She was heading to the train station, then she realized she had forgotten to bring money, but then she remembered she could ride free by sneaking on the train, and so she did.

“Too easy! They should really get better security here.” Paradise said to herself when she was in a train cabin. She sat on the bed then she thought of which place she should go to first to find any clues about her mission. Well, maybe she could try Manehattan. With her destination set, all she could do was wait, and thus her adventure had begun.