A Scared, Confused Prisoner

by The card holder

Experiment 7663: Log 2

Date: ██/██/20██

Begin log

At █:██ AM, food was provided to SCP-7663 and the Subject while both were still asleep. (See File 7663-F-1 for details)

After █ more hours, the SCP is the first to awake.

Trixie couldn't fight back a yawn as she rose from her bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. For a moment, she was thrown into a panic when she saw both the strange room she was in and the strange creature sleeping on the floor, but it didn't take long for her mind to remember the events of yesterday.

She felt her stomach growl softly, and at the same time, she noticed something new in the room. A simple metal tray was now on the table, along with a decently sized jug of water with a pair of empty paper cups, and after trotting over and getting in one of the chairs, she saw that it seemed to be split in half: one side was entirely filled with lettuce, while the other was something she couldn't identify at all. It didn't even smell of anything, now that she thought about it, though it still had a plastic fork next to it.

Her hunger won over her curiosity, however, and she began to munch at the lettuce, not bothering with the fork. Thankfully, her levitation still seemed to work within the room, which meant she didn't have to awkwardly lean down to eat her food.

She heard mumbling behind her, and turned to see the creature- no, the human- stirring in his sleep. Not too long after, he awoke, groggily sitting in the other chair without a word.

"Good morning, Flynn," Trixie greeted, still eating her half of the food, occasionally sipping some water.

Flynn grunted. "How do you know it's morning?"

Trixie paused. "Well, it feels right to call it morning, since we both just woke up."

Seeing no fault to her logic, Flynn looked down at the food in front of him, before poking the non-lettuce substance with the fork, causing it to squish down slightly. "What is this stuff?"

"Trixie was hoping you would know."

After a few more moments of thought, Flynn shrugged and ate some of the mystery substance. Thankfully, it didn't taste very bad, mainly because it had no taste at all. Still, food was food, and he ate the rest with no complaint. It seemed to be quite filling, too, almost like-

Flynn almost dropped the fork as something sprang into his mind. "I... I remember something now."

Trixie eyed him curiously.

"This is..." he poked the food with the fork. "This is a rations. I remember that, now."

"Rations? You mean like military food?"

"I... I think so, yeah. Whatever it is, I'm certain I've had it before."

Trixie looked at him hopefully. "Do you remember anything else?"

Flynn closed his eyes as he tried to clutch at the memory, seeing if anything else would make itself known. "I'm sorry, that's all I could remember."

Trixie let out a thoughtful "Hmm," as she finished her lettuce, following it up with a last swig of water. Flynn did the same, and the two were left sitting in silence, an empty food tray between them.

Trixie looked around the room. "Do you think... we're an experiment?"

Flynn raised an eyebrow, asking her to expand on her thought.

"I mean, why else would they, whoever 'they' are, lock us together in a room, but not yell at us when we hit the door, and then evidently sneak food inside while we're sleeping?"

Flynn looked down at the tray. "Maybe they've just drugged us with something, and they want to see what it does."

Trixie could feel her stomach turning as he said that.

Suddenly, they could hear the very faint sound of footsteps outside the door, along with soft inaudible conversation. The two went completely silent as they tried to listen, even holding their breath.

The voices went past the door, then seemed to stop some distance away. There was the sound of what was probably a door opening, shortly followed by the clear sound of a door closing, and the conversation drifted farther away once more.

Flynn and Trixie stayed silent for a little longer, before either of them finally spoke. "Well, at least we know we're not alone here," Flynn said.

Trixie tilted her head. "But if we were alone, who would've given us the food?"

"Part of me was thinking that maybe this whole place was run by a lone computer, or something."

Trixie gave a confused look, but said nothing more on the issue.

"So, what do you think they were doing?" Flynn asked.

Trixie put a hoof to her chin in thought. "I'm not sure. It sounded like they were moving something, and they put me into a room beside ours."

Flynn looked at the wall. "You think I'm dangerous?"

"Trixie does not think so, they were having what sounded like a casual conversation while moving me."

"So either I wasn't dangerous at all, or they're so used to danger they can just talk normally all the time," Flynn theorized.

After that, the two lapsed into silence again, deep in thought about their current situation.

At █:██ AM, I (that is, SCP-426) am moved into an adjacent room for temporary storage, following a containment breach at Site ██. My transfer was noticed by both SCP-7663 and the Subject, and SCP-7663 appeared to be equally affected by my primary anomalous property, despite neither of them having knowledge of my identity. Recommend re-transferring me as soon as possible.

SCP-7663 is now a confirmed herbivore, as shown by her willingness to consume lettuce. However, the Subject appeared to go through a mild memory relapse upon consuming a standard Foundation ration. Recommend changing the Subject's meals to prevent further potential memory relapse.

"Who authorized moving me right beside them, anyway? And whoever was moving me, why did they keep up the chatter in front of the door to 7663? Do they not know what we're doing here?"
-Dr. Sm███

"Experiment 7663 currently requires █ level clearance to have any knowledge of it. Only you researchers, Site Director A████, Agent ███████, and the Council know about its specifics. However, starting now, all personnel at Site ██ are to be instructed to maintain silence whenever near SCP-7663's room. As for me, I will be moved to Site █ by tomorrow, to a more secure location."