Road to fame: My new life... As a gryphon.

by lord indisar

But I don't wanna go camping....

After a few more drills on taking off, we finally went inside, and I leapt onto the couch, tired. White Thunder joined me, though not for long, as Lovely Lights quite promptly came walking through the door. She got up, and began talking to her, but I simply closed my eyes, and tried to nap, even though they kept on saying my name( it didn't sound like they were calling me). Soon enough, Lovely Lights left, and I continued my little sleep session.

Don't know how long I'd slept, but when I woke, Lovely Lights was back, and White Thunder once again had me outside. This time, she adjusted her shoulders and hooves in mid flight, which affected her direction. I followed close behind her, though I was always late to turn with her by a large gap. But I was able to turn in flight, which was... Well... Nice? With practice, maybe I wouldn't be flying into walls when doing hard turns. But other than that, it was pretty easy to deal with turning, long as I didn't overextend it.

I was also able to learn that using my shoulders would let me move in some sort of strafing maneuver, and I could also use them to twist around if I did it fast enough. I was nowhere near as good as White Thunder, though, but she obviously had more practice. She slowed down a bit as we neared the ground, before breaking and descending.... Something I didn't exactly know how to do yet. Luckily, she stopped me before I could find myself stuck in a bush. White Thunder set me down, instructing me to watch her again, to which she began flapping her wings to ascend and descend multiple times. I tried to follow in suit, but I simply had trouble getting up into the sky without a jumping start. I was able to do it (after more than a few times), but, of course, me being me, I decided I had a better idea.

Have I ever mentioned I played World of Warcraft? That was kinda my first introduction with flying gryphons in detail really. And I've always thought, 'this thing is part cat, right? It's gotta have some weird unique landing, especially if it's a winged, quadruped hunting animal.' Landing while hovering has too many steps involved for a predator. Landing on hind legs just doesn't work out for gryphons in the long run. But the forelegs... Now we were getting places.... I love the roleplay aspect of the game, y'know?

I simply took off on my own, and, staying close to the ground, I tested my theory. I slowed down, and landed front first, but I still followed up with my hind legs, and well, in an instant, I was just running. Got it on the first try. Or it just could've been dumb luck. I slowed to a stop, and returned to my previous position, using the same technique. White Thunder looked impressed with what I'd done, so I guess that was good.

"(Eh... too...)" I heard her mumble, before motioning me to follow again, which I did, of course. It was kind of fun trying to keep up with her... Emphasis on trying. She got faster everytime I got close. Then again, I was a child, competing against an adult Pegasus.

Though I had one hell of an idea to try and beat her at her own game. But it was stupid. Dangerous as hell. I mentioned video games? Alright. I looked down, and we were pretty high. But I needed to be even higher. I slowed down, and went straight upwards. And then I fell backwards( entirely on purpose, of course), closing my wings. I contemplated closing my eyes, but I wasn't asking for a death wish. I waited a few moments, before spreading my wings again, and pulling up, slowing down.

Granted, I didn't do the dive completely correct. But I'm not landing at terminal velocity, cartoon world or not. I'm not that stupid.(so I said, after attempting a dive without knowing how to do it at all...) Okay, I'm pretty stupid. Just blame it on the boogie.

Of course, I did the most jackass thing I could do, and waved upwards at White Thunder, who seemed shocked, and with good reason, really. I would've been stunned too, if I saw a young gryphon fall out of the sky like that. Or if I even saw a gryphon.

White Thunder landed very quickly, however, smiling at me slightly. "Yes, yes, (Good work, kid.) " She said, nodding her head.

At some point later, we finally went inside again, and White Thunder looked towards the counter, and began to laugh.

"(You.. Actually got the chocolate bar? I betcha you hate having displeased company, then.)" she asked, walking towards (what I assume) was a fruit bar. Or chocolate. I wasn't keen on taste testing anything else for the rest of the week.

"(Well, Mr. Frosty sends me out on errands, at times, not all of which are buisness related. So I'd say that it's second nature for me to accept simple tasks...)" Lovely Lights told her, and the two kept going on in a conversation that I could only make out a few words to.

Which was, of course, pretty boring, so I explored the house. It was apparently a two floor house, though the top floor was a bit crowded, and only actually featured a bedroom and an office of sorts, which was full of designs, as well as what appeared to be maps.

I took a closer look at the maps, and I discovered even more details. I saw maps of Equestria... But none of them looked like anything I saw in the show. I couldn't even read some of the text. Equestrian writing seemed a bit... Runic.

Hell, even the maps looked different, and there were a lot more cities on the map than on the official one produced by Hasbro. (Which is to be expected, right? Equestria couldn't have only the ten or so cities on that map.)

I looked towards the middle of the map, spotting the golden sun hovering over what I assumed to be Canterlot. There seemed to actually be multiple cites around it, as well, so any one of them could be Ponyville. If there even was a Ponyville; the only familiar thing I've seen is Magical Legend Ponies, and that's not much.

Of course, with the luck I generally have, Lovely Lights eventually came upstairs to find me staring at the map on the wall.

"Chirp?" She called, before seeing me. "(What are you doing up here?)" she asked, looking around the room. I pointed at the map in response, and she smiled. "(I will tell you later.)" she said, and beckoned me to come back downstairs.

And when I followed her back to the main floor, I noticed something new in the room: backpacks, bedrolls, and what, at this point, I assumed were tents. Two of each, and the second of the pair was noticeably smaller. Oh hell no.

I've mentioned at least once I'm afraid of insects. Bees, ants, ticks, and all the other things that bite. I'm willing to smack a spider, though. I'm not allergic to them or anything, just some childhood fear. I've slightly gotten over it, but.... Camping? That is a no go, unless it's Yogi Bear park, where I can at least stay in a cabin, shrouded in the toxic fumes of Deet, waiting for the moment my mom comes in and nags me about using too much bug repellent.

Uh... Forget that last one. It's not like I used the whole can or anything. But I generally go to the extreme of using actual, bonafide insect extermination fluid as my personal Raid spray ( you know, the stuff that also kills bugs entering the affected area for the next month?). Just pour some of that into an empty perfume bottle, and mmmmm, I mean buisiness. Fuck bees, and fuck Raid.

Well there's no bug spray in Equestria, far as I know, but even if there was, I'm sure as hell Lovely Lights wouldn't let me anywhere near it.

I saw White Thunder was getting ready to leave, so I did what I'd naturally do in this circumstance as a kid. I hugged her leg and started saying "No", over and over. And over. And over. And over. I'd at least annoy them enough not to take me, if it came down to it. I'm quite the professional at being a nuisance.

"(I don't think he's fond of going, Lovely Lights.)" I heard White Thunder say. Of course, I couldn't apunderstand it, but I was more or less hoping it was in my favor.

"(You think so?)" I heard her reply, and her tone pretty much confirmed I'd won.

"(Think about it, who knows what's out there? You may have found Chirp in the forest, but that doesn't mean it's safe out there for him.)" White Thunder told Lovely Lights. " (Why don't you let him stay with me, and you can take him out on a day you aren't staying overnight?)" She offered, before smiling at me. " (Besides, Sunny Skies might want to know herself who's The reason I can't be home when she gets home from school.)"

"(I guess.... I'll see you tomorrow, then?)" Lovely Lights suggested, and with a simple nod, White Thunder had me out the door, and towards the town.

I'm such a horrible son.