I Just Walk Away

by madhat886

Chapter 10

Tsuande let out a sigh as Naruto left her office after she and him had a long talk. She was force to reveal so much which she had planned on telling him when he was older and deeply connected to the village. She was planning on telling him after she place the clan restoration act on him and he has kids on the way which would keep him in the village. Now thanks to those girls pointing out that he's Minato's son she has to change and step up the time frame of her plan. Not only that but because of those girls the whole village will know who Naruto's parents are by tomorrow, then the other villages will learn that too. She ordered ninjas to be posted to keep an eye on Naruto, she couldn't risk him doing something stupid, not with the mind seal weakening.

"Kakashi what happen?" Tsuande ask looking at the ninja who remained hidden during her talk with Naruto.

"The moment Jiraiya appeared to talk with the girls in their transport, the girl Trixie pop out and shouted 'It's that pervert! Hit the gas Twilight." The girl Trixie began throwing firework like jutsus at Jiraya while their transport tried to run him over," Kakashi explain. (1)

"I see," Tsuande said. "How is he?"

"He's still being work on by the doctors. It be months before he's back on his feet. Those women broke most of his bones and his privets... well it doesn't look good for him ever using them again," Kakashi said.

"They have super strength too. Just great. I'll see what I can do for him," Tsuande said.

"I still can't believe they figure out that Naruto is Minato's son," Kakashi said.

"He does look like him," Tsuande said. "I'm just surprise how they connected it when no one else has done. Speaking of which where are they?"

"They step up shop just outside the village close to the training grounds. They're a traveling band of performers and traders," Kakashi said.

"I read Jiraiya's report on them. It's hard not to know about them, not with that machine of theirs. But the report didn't say anything about one of them being a giant," Tsuande said.

"She might be using a jutsu to make her large," Kakashi said. "But then again there was something strange about them and Trixie throwing all of those jutsus around like nothing. It didn't feel like chakra."

"Bring one of them here. The Kasumi girl, I have much to ask her," Tsuande said.

A ninja entered the room.

"You have something to report?" Tsuande ask.

"Two of the female travelers have disappeared," he reported.

"What?" Tsuande ask.

"The travelers Kasumi and Twilight walked into the village and just disappeared. The other two are still at their RV as they call their machine setting up a stand," the ninja reported.

"How did that happen?" Tsuande ask.


Elsewhere -

Twilight and Kasumi walk down the streets of the Leaf Village looking for where Naruto lives. No one was taking any notice of them after they ducked behind cover to hide from the ninjas following them and came out in a disguise. Which is nothing more then a straw hats and glasses. Which to the surprise of Kasumi fooled the ninjas who were following them.

"Is this normal?" Kasumi ask her eyes darting around but saw and sense no ninjas watching them.

"Pretty much. It gets some getting use to but places like this one. You'll be surprise how easy it is to fool people," Twilight said having casted a spell that would keep anyone from overhearing them.

"But this is... this is just... this would have never work back home," Kasumi said as there is no way it's this easy.

"You are from a game base world with it's own rules. This world on the other hand is base on either the manga or the anime. Which follows the rules that are use in them," Twilight said.

"So this work?" Kasumi ask.

"Till you point it out to someone or reveal yourself," Twilight said. "As long as it works, it works. Just go with it. Besides common sense isn't something everyone has in these worlds." (2)

"But aren't there people who can see through this?" Kasumi ask.

"I guess but it only works when the plot demands it. Or if people know the person well, which none of these ninjas know us well enough to see through this getup," Twilight said.

"This doesn't happen in my world does it?" Kasumi ask.

"I don't think so. But once we return to your world, let us test it out," Twilight said.

"This is like putting on a trench-coat and hat," Kasumi said.

"We're going to test that out in a superhero world and see if it works," Twilight said.

"Really which one?" Kasumi ask.

"Don't really know. It depends," Twilight said as she looks around. "Well were are we going?"

"The anime and manga never showed where he lives," Kasumi said.

"Good thing, I can locate him with magic," Twilight said as she cast a spell to locate Naruto.

"Wait how?" Kasumi ask.

"Oh, I went and cast a locator tag spell on him when we saw him," Twilight said.

"Or we can just follow him," Kasumi said spotting Naruto walking down a side street with a escort of two ninjas. They're keeping people from talking or getting near Naruto.

"Or we can just follow them," Twilight agreed.


Naruto's Apartment -

Naruto sat down on his bed after shutting the blinds of his window too be by himself in the dark, his head spinning with all that he has learned. He learn so much of his past, who his parents are, and that Jiraiya is his godfather and that Tsuande is the only living family member he has left. She told him she was going to reveal it all to him when he was of age as his parents wanted, but thanks to those travelers revealing that he's Minato and Kushina's son she had to reveal it to him sooner. She said she is going to make it official that he is the heir of parents clans, hers, and Jiraiya's. Then she sent him home with an escort and told him she explain more later.

Naruto was just left with his mind numb with all that he has learned. All this time he thought he was alone and now he found out that he's the son of the hero of the village and that he has two family members who could had... raise him when he was younger. There was something that was telling him to just accept it and forgive them. But that voice that was always in the back of his head was fading away. He never notice it before till he started to think why he's always forgiving people and wanted to protect them. He slowly realized that there was a voice telling him to remain loyal and forgive people. He thinks it started when Orochimaru did something to him during the exams. Now that voice is fading away and he's thinking about things he has never thought of before.

"Why did they never came and look after me?" Naruto ask himself as he lay on his bed.

"Because they never cared to do it, till they had to and only to keep you as a weapon for this village," Kasumi said as she and Twilight step out of his bathroom. Twilight had cast a spell that would keep them hidden to anyone outside of the apartment.

"What are you two doing here?" Naruto ask.

"To talk to you. Sorry about revealing the whole secret about your parents like that. But it's the only way to get any answers out of Tsuande. And the whole chasing Jiraiya was just an act as we overheard him talking about you with Kakashi," Twilight said.

"What about?" Naruto ask ready to attack if he needed to.

Twilight didn't say anything as she cast a spell making a glowing orb appear in her hands. The spell played the audio recording she made when she was listening to Kakashi and Jiraiya in case she needed to hear it again in case she missed something. Seeing that movie Zootopia gave her the idea to record things just in case she needed it for something, and to test out the recording app she gotten for her omni-tool. Which came in handy to prove to Trixie and Sunset that she did ask them to do some clean up around the RV which they said they didn't agree too, and she played the recording of them saying yes.

Naruto stared at the orb as voices of Kakashi and Jiraiya came out of it.

"By the way how's Naruto?" Kakashi ask.

"The seal is weakening, the other one not the one containing the fox. Soon it will no longer be effecting him," Jiraiya said.

"He won't be under control much longer then?" Kakashi ask.

"No and we can't have him thinking of any thoughts that isn't about the good for the village. His parents knew what kind of life he would lived and made sure he'll stay loyal," Jiraiya said.

"At least he has his godfather looking after him," Kakashi said.

"I rather be out and gathering research for my books," Jiraiya said. "I have to teach him so much while fixing the seal. You're not a very good teacher. The only thing he learn from you was tree climbing and that's it."

"I could say the same about you being his godfather," Kakashi said.

"Just remember he's no longer apart of your team. He's my student and I'll be training him as the weapon he should have been for this village," Jirayia said.

Twilight made the orb disappear and stared at Naruto. She knows the look too well on his broken face. She sees it when she looks in the mirror or Sunset whenever they talk about the past. All 3 of them are just tools for either their mentor, or even their own parents.

"Why are you doing this? Showing me the truth? That everyone I thought cared about me... just see me as a weapon?" Naruto choke out.

"Because, I'm the same as you," Twilight said. "I was nothing more then a replacement for a tool that my mentor threw away. That both of use have been used and only seen as something to be used when it's needed. Then put away till we're needed again. That's why when, I heard them talking about how you're being used as a weapon and that they're using mind control to make you stay loyal. I had to help you."

"Why?" Naruto ask.

"Because, I care," Twilight said.