Road to fame: My new life... As a gryphon.

by lord indisar

He already knows how to fly?!

I made my way to the the shop and, sure enough, I was able to get there without much of a problem. Florescent Bulb, though he was a little surprised to see me, waved over to me, though he seemed to be occupied with a customer, so I simply waved back. There were quite a few ponies in the store, so it seemed like a pretty normal day. I headed through the door behind the counter, and into the factory. This was where the lights were made. The glass was shaped and formed entirely with magic, the reason for the extremely diverse designs that were featured in the store. After that the lights were left to harden overnight, and in the end, they'd be ready for use. I didn't exactly know too much about it, I more or less, was just the one to provide the designs, and helped around the store during the day.

I turned right after entering the factory, and found myself at the door of Mr.Frosty's office. I knocked on the door, and I heard him give the go ahead to enter. I opened the door, and, of course, he was also surprised to see me.

"Lovely Lights? Back so soon? Whatever happened to... Uh, Chirp?" He asked, though he remained in his seat. I nodded, letting him know It was the correct name.

"It turns out, one of my neighbors, White Thunder, said she could watch him, and she said she could start today. Though I don't know how long it'll last. I just want him to learn enough vocabulary for me to start enrolling him in a school, really. " I said, a little unsure.

Mr. Frosty smiled, nodding. "Well I'll be glad to have you back, Lovely. But for today, take the day off or something. You got a family to care of now, y'know? Go home and check on the kid, and tell him I said 'Hey'. That'll be your job for the day." He told me, before attending to the papers on his desk, no doubt shipment orders to other towns. Or review letters, perhaps.

"Oh, And Mr. Frosty? I might have offered her a discount at all the stores... She wasn't asking for any money or anything, so I felt like it was some ripoff scandal I was pulling..." I told him, and he chuckled.

"Hmm, what's one pony going to do to affect our sales? I'll think about it, at least. Just get home, I have to sort these orders. " he told me, and I left the room, closing the door quietly.

I waved goodbye to Florescent Bulb, and headed out the door on my way home. Actually... Maybe I could go get that tent I was meaning to buy. Or at least look at them. My little camping trip was going to happen again, that was a given. It was just delayed. Besides I had to make up for... Was it really only last night that I'd found Chirp? Seemed like it was weeks ago, with the progress I was making, and how fast I was coming to terms living with him.

So I made way to the outdoor recreation store, and I bee lines straight for the tents. I wanted one that was easily carry-able and... One that could fit two.... I almost forgot that Chirp would likely be coming with me as well( I couldn't leave him in the house alone all night and morning) , so he needed camping gear as well. There obviously weren't any boots that would work with his paws and talons, and I'd need extra water to bring. I selected a tent I'd found suitable, however, and if Chirps paws were starting to feel pain, he could ride on my back until we got to the campsite.

I made a note of what to get, and began my long walk home. I wondered how they were doing already?

Well I got home, and Chirp and White Thunder were sitting on the couch, relaxing, apparently. White Thunder got up after seeing me, wide grin on her face.... Was I missing something?

"Chirp here really does learn fast, Lovely. I've already gotten him flying. We've just now gotten inside, all that's left is for him to learn how to go down, and how to turn. We've got straight flying ready to go, though, and that's what counts. First steps first, after all!" She told me, and my jaw dropped (metaphorically, of course).

"Wait, already? But how? It takes weeks to learn how to fly, doesn't it? I've only been gone for little more than an hour!" I asked. It was rather hard to believe that Chirp would be learning to fly in near record time.

"Can't exactly tell you, Lovely Lights. Trade secrets. Can't exactly uphold the name of being a Wonderbolt if you're resorting to tutors to teach your foal to fly. Would be rather embarrassing, don't you think?" She said, shaking her head. I simply shrugged. I hadn't been near many Pegasi, but parents would often complain about things like this. It's why Flight School was such a popular thing. The parents weren't the ones to deal with teaching their foals to fly.

"Well, I'm not a Pegasus. Couldn't you at least show me?" I asked, though she shook her head again.

"Nuh-uh. Not supposed to even show it to anypony other than another Wonderbolt or anypony, specifically any foal, that I'm personally teaching, in a one-on-one environment. Beyond that, I'll just say it's one of our practice routines. On the other hoof, if Chirp shows it to you, I can't argue. Though I'll be sure to tell him at some point when he's older to not just show it to everypony he sees." She stated, and I suppose I understood. I couldn't just pressure her into telling me.

"Well I only came home really to get some notes, so I can buy some things. Did you want anything? " I asked, before grabbing a few bank notes. The tent was going to be too expensive to purchase with just bits, so I was going to have to pull money from my banking account. Which wasn't a problem really. Like I said, I had a lot of extra money. I could move across Equestraia and back with what I had.... Which would probably be the one thing that would completly bankrupt me, however (that and trying to get a mansion. My wealth came from the fact that I didn't use my money, not that I gained a lot of it. Mansions require too much maintenance).

"A chocolate bar? Some oats?" White Thunder replied, chuckling, though she shook her head afterwards. I still noted the chocolate bar down on my list of things to purchase, and grabbed a few bits. Don't know why, though, she was clearly joking.

I made my way back to the store, and since I'd already singled out what I was getting, I was quickly able to buy the tent and a bedroll, as well as a small hiking pack. I wasn't going to be able to carry everything at once, so I got a second pack for Chirp to carry, where'd I'd put the smallest of things.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way back, and bought some fruit ( as well as a chocolate bar, as per White Thunder's request). If Chirp could eat fruit, I may as well balance his diet with it. Which reminded me I hadn't eaten since last night... I suppose I still had that sandwich in the refrigerator, and those apples.

Then I walked home. Approaching my little building, I noticed White Thunder trying teach Chirp to land. He really did learn how to fly already, huh?

I went inside and set the fruit into the bowl I kept it in, and put the chocolate bar in the fridge, and began eating the (cold) sandwich. I went outside, and watched the two flyers go at work. It seemed that Chirp had a hard time trying to slowly land, but it looked like he developed his own technique of landing, talons first, at an angle to the ground. He also seemed to be able to turn quite easily, with a few moments of practice. He looked like he knew what he was supposed to do, which was strange, but it all worked to the benefit.

And then he did something that, by White Thunder's reaction, was completely unexpected. He turned upside down while he was flying, closed his wings, and dove downwards, almost like a falcon . Thankfully, he pulled up at the last second, and, with a flap of his wings, was able to come to a (near) complete stop, before landing. What even was that? I'd never seen something like that before, from any Pegasi, not even White Thunder! It was... Well... Odd... I can't think of any other words to describe it.

A dark little thought crossed my mind, before I shook it off. If he was one of those, he probably would've at least understood Equestrian. And his attitude didn't seem to match up with what how I'd expect them to act.... Could they even transform into gryphons?

He was a very strange child, indeed... I just didn't know why, or how...