by Adusk

Chapter 3: Into the depths of hell. Part 2 (Edited.)

Adusk's POV

I walked towards the door, my heart pounding as it went.

My memories were a blur.

I was grasping a bronze door knob. Studying it details. Carved with rural's of Moon's and Sun's. Two little black and orange specks opposite each other. Fighting for balance.

It fascinated me. I was struggling when I first came to this world. Everybody hated me. I was betrayed. Broken. And plunged into the world of depression.

Everything was too much for me. All I felt was Pain when Discord broke my body. And now, he betrayed me. And betrayal is a funny word. The funny thing is, It never comes from your enemies. It comes from your friends.

"-usk" A voice called. Go away, I'm thinking.

"-sk" I said go away.

"Adusk!" Alright. Shut up.

I looked at the source of the voice. It was Celestia. Cakefuck herself.

"Yes?" I spoke bitterly, she had been a bitch to me since I had been here.

"Don't listen to Luna. You do know she is lying right Adusk?"

"How can you tell Celestia?"

"Luna was jelous.

She was forgotten. Never had love given to her. Always hid in the shadows, only showing in numbers and with friends. Minus the friends. And...showing.

"I and Luna are going back to the Castle in the Everfree after this ok?" She spoke playing with locks of her hair.

I sighed and shook my head. Less to talk to. God knows what's keeping me sane from all the shit that has happened in the last two years.

And Discord's daughter Eris fucking around with me in my sleep and shit? People demanding I be sold to them? Or be tested on? That shit doesn't particularly help and all.

"Sure, just speak to me after this, alright?" I spoke gritting my teeth. I couldn't stand talking to her.

She looked at me puzzled, then nodded slowly and left out the door.

I swear. Shit is happening today. And I hated it. Couldn't I just have a normal day in peace? I guess not.

I realized I was still holding the doorknob, so I pushed the door slowly open, only to be greeted by...Solaris. And he had a shit ton of guards with him.

"Can I help you?" I spoke with a raised eyebrow.

He looked at me with a stern glare and squinted his eyes. Then, his mouth moved.

"Adusk Masaki. You are accused of assaulting a royal. You will answer my questions. Do you have anything to say in your defence?" He spoke with amusement in his voice. He also had a bandage covering his hand. I don't know why he did not heal it. He could have. Could.

"Listen, Solaris." I sighed, "I'm sorry for snapping at you like that. I was just pissed. I have had a shit day so far. But if you're gonna punish me, can we do this after this event please, Also, I have some good shit on you Solar." I sighed rubbing my finger across the visor on my mask.

He looked at me, deep in thought. The veins on his head were bulging and he was gritting his teeth whilst his eye was twitching

"Very well Adusk. And if you are wondering, we will be with you the stage. Go through that door and wait behind the red curtain. Also, you have a letter." He reached a hand into his red coat and drew out a piece of paper with a red wax seal on it. It said my name it scrawled letters on the back. In purple. Huh.

That reminded me.

"Why am I doing this if people already know who I am?" I asked taking them letter out of his hand.

He looked at me, closed his eyes and spoke: "Because, Adusk. You need to be revealed to everyone." He waved his hand to his guards and walked out the door behind me. His guards in tow.

I grasped the letter in my hand and ripped off the wax seal. What awaited me sent chills down my spine.

It was a hand print made with blood. And it had red scrawled writing below it saying


I dropped the letter. My heart was beating rapidly. What the fuck was going on? I had to calm myself. I bent down and picked it up. There was writing on the back of it. I started murmuring under my breath.

'To whom reads this, you are our prey. Turn back and accept your fate. You cannot reset the past, Masaki. No in can hide from the Dark ponyhood.'

That name sent chills down my spine. Where did I remember that name from...

2 years ago, 5 months after Adusk was revealed.

I was walking down the hall wearing a white shirt and some blue chained jeans whilst rubbing my eyes in a tired way. I was ordered to go visit Faust's study room for a lesson on the dangers I have to avoid in Equestria. I was reaching her room now. Room no. 206. I walked up to the door and knocked casually.

The door opened seconds later and Faust came out wearing her Normal black dress I see her in every day.

"Ah, Adusk. I have been expecting you!" She chirped. I instantly imagined her on a spinning chair with a white cat. I snickered at that.

"Yeah, Im here. Now what did you want to talk to me about Faust?" I said scratching my cheek.

"Well, due to some...incidents we have to incline you that we need to teach you self defence. And before you ask, It is about a group that have been killing civilians recently. If you get a note with a red hand print on it then you are there next target."

"What's their name?" I asked combing my hair to The right with my hand.

"The Darkponyhood." She spoke with a shiver down her spine.