Road to fame: My new life... As a gryphon.

by lord indisar

Prelude: The Day On Which Our World Ended

I leave my story to any and all who would indulge it. Be you human or pony, Terran or Equestrian, if you are reading this now, then it is to you I write.

My story here, in Equestria, began on this same very mountain I was resting on now. Albeit at a different point of the mountain, and I could see my home town of Buckston from this vantage point, a little roost I was slightly surprised to have found to still be there, and unoccupied. Flying certainly had it's advantages when it came to traveling, as Buckston was a bit isolated from the rest of Equestria, as there were no trains leading to the town, and it wasn't a particular place of interest, other than being the most northwestern settlement in Equestria.

No, I wasn't born on a mountain, if that's what you were wondering. I sort of....... wound up here... after a bike accident on my home world. Don't ask, I have no idea how I am here, in a world I thought was fictional. Just 'Blam!'. Dropped off in the middle of nowhere in a seamless transition from then to there. I was placed in the body of a child, and found by a nice unicorn named Lovely Lights who totally took me in like a pet and gave me a name befitting of one kindly adopted me, fed me, sent me to school, and supervised my upbringing in this world. I made friends and rivals, who I can remember to this day.

Speaking of those friends and rivals, I think I might have been the only one to ever leave Buckston, among my childhood acquaintances. Well, there was Sunny Skies, of course, who had a few months in the Wonderbolt Academy near Cloudsdale, but just when she was about to graduate, and be placed on the reserves, she admitted she only wanted to impress her mother, White Thunder, who retired from the Wonderbolts three years prior to her daughter applying to the academy. Sunny Skies had decided she'd rather stay at home and work on the weather team. Leaving me as still the only one from my generation to leave Buckston, and to not come back to live there again.

Well, about that... maybe I was getting a little home sick, which is why I was here now. Back after seven years, though only for a brief visit. I'd decided it was here I'd renew my hunting license for the year, and it was a perfect opportunity to update on my old acquaintances.

Oh, yeah, hunting license. I should mention before the confusion overload hits, that I'm not a Pegasus. Guess what? I'm a gryphon. You know, the other sentient flying species in Equestria? No, not dragons. Actually, to be fair, I'm not sure there's anything preventing a Pegasi from getting a hunting license, so yes, forgive me for that, but it's just that I haven't seen any Pegasi hunters in all my days. Not that I've lived for many days, since I was only 21, legally.

Yes, you heard me right, twenty one. Yes, Coming back after seven years. Yes, that means I left at the age of fourteen. Turns out Equestria is far different from Earth in terms of legal ages and stuff like that, you see ( On Earth, I'd be just old enough now to be allowed to leave...) If you can prove you can handle yourself in the world, it really doesn't matter how old you are. There's no high school system, either. You go to school, finish school, usually have an idea of what you want to do based on your cutie mark talent, and pursue it the moment your parents give you their consent to do so, or when you turn 18, at which point they no longer have the legal right to hold you back from leaving. To put it plainly, I was hardly the youngest... person, that is, to leave and 'join the workforce', so to speak.

I was a gryphon, however, and didn't have any special talents to consider. I'd decided to take up hunting and skinning pelts as my profession, along with a few temporary jobs. Believe it or not, some ponies use animal leather as coverings for couches, bags, and clothing. Ponies might be herbivores (for the most part, someone please explain cakes and cookies to me, and those eggs you have to add to the mix to make them.), but in Equestria, it's all a matter of being sentient, really. Some of them actually eat meat on certain occasions. But don't tell them I said that. They might get offended, oh no.[/] Christ. Can't even speak two words about omnivorous ponies without somepony calling them savages or something similar. Meanwhile, the gryphon currently eating some rabbit in front of them is perfectly fine ( well, I mean... if you define 'not illegal' as perfectly fine, but that's where the line stops).

Speaking of gryphons, we were a pretty diverse species as a whole. It's not as simple as being half eagle and half lion, like how it is in mythology. In Equestria, 'gryphon' extended to a vast wealth of hybrids between cats and birds. Not all of us looked quite the same, aside from body shape. I've seen Owl-leopards, hawk-tigers (do not ask me what the visual difference is between a hawk gryphon or an eagle gryphon is, the guy had the body and markings of a tiger, and the word 'hawk' in his name, so take that as you will) , and heard all sorts of other combinations. You know, as if the world wasn't insane enough?

Anyways, I've gone on long enough of a tangent already. I sat and stared for a good long while at the town, observing it from a distance, far from the sight of any pony there. "Well, it's now or never." I said, though to no one in particular. I stretched out my black wings, preparing my descent into the town.

Soaring past the forest that stood between the mountain range and the town, I came upon the home the housed me long ago. The home of the pony who cared for me as a child. Lovely Lights. She was a.... well, a designer. Of lights. Lovely lights. Simple enough, right? I still don't understand the reason behind naming yourself after your special "cutie mark talent".

But, you know what? I don't have to understand it. Not a pony, after all.

I made the decision not to visit just yet, though I did land in the town, to give my wings a rest from the flight, and stretch my legs, which had been subjected to minimal use over the last two days.

Looking around the town as I walked, I noticed that, in addition to not much having changed in the landscape of Buckston, that not many ponies seemed to recognize me at all.

Likely due in part that I was much very clearly not the only gryphon in the town anymore... I wouldn't say there were a lot of us, but compared to most towns I've been to ever..... They were... everywhere.

And I couldn't help but feel a sense of dread in me, for some reason...

"Greetings to you, child of the North. " Something sounded behind me, causing me to flinch.

Turning around, I was staring down at a vermilion-grey unicorn, in a black robe that hid most of his body and cutie mark.

"Do I happen to know you?" I responded, not knowing who this was, or why he would say something like that to me.

"Perhaps. Blinking Dagger is the name. I assume you are here with the rest of these gryphons." He told me, as if stating I was.

"No," I told him, causing him to raise an eyebrow. " I am here to visit family. Ravenfury. Anninicus Ravenfury. " I replied, though I was wary of his name. I mean, Who was this guy? There weren't particularly a lot of profession there to warrant a name such as his. He certainly didn't dress like a guard, and the other alternatives were hardly good.

Speaking of guards... I didn't see any. Not that Buckston had many guards, but understandably, I was certainly on the eye out for one right about now.

"I understand. I do, however, wish you luck, Ravenfury." Blinking Dagger noted, before turning and leaving, without another word.

"That... wasn't something you see everyday..." I muttered, before shaking my head. "All right, Ravenfury, you're wasting time here." I scolded myself, before heading on my way towards the town hall, all the while keeping a lookout for somepony to report that unicorn to.


I never did find anypony, though....

And it wasn't very long that I discovered I was right to be worried.