It takes Two to Tango

by Mevpone

Between The Lines Part Two: During The Day

~ Morning ~

Spike shook Twilight’s foreleg, awakening her from her rest. Twilight fidgeted around like an uncomfortable filly. “Hey Twilight,” Spike began, a little louder than Twilight would have liked. “You know it’s like, noon, right?” Twilight was well awake after hearing this. She pushed her blankets down the bed and quickly climbed out, galloping to the window and checking outside.

“Sweet Celestia, Spike! I missed breakfast!” Twilight opened the nearby drawer and took out her todo list for the day. She shoved it up in front of Spike. “I won’t be able to check it off!” The rolled out scroll listed off a hooveful of simple tasks such of this, a majority of which Spike felt needed no reason keeping track of. If he had a mane, he would imagine brushing it would simply be part of his morning routine, not his todo list.

Spike sighed exaggeratedly at Twilight's outburst. “Not you, too. Come on, I’ll make you breakfast.” The purple dragon lead the two down the stairs.

Twilight followed closely behind. ‘Eating breakfast at noon still counts... right? I’ve never missed a simple check mark like this before. Surely Spike knows what he’s doing. He seems confident, anyways. Wait, what did Spike mean by ‘not you, too?’’ “Spike. What did you mea-”

“Rarity,” Spike interrupted, already anticipating her question. They had lived together Spike’s whole life, it was becoming easier every day for them to predict each other. “Watching over the CMCs sleepover with her sounded like a great idea at first, but man is she perturbed when she’s tired.” Spike put together a bowl of hay and placed it in front of Twilight on the table. “Even I couldn’t stand her.”

Twilight surveyed the bowl, its contents only amounting for about a fourth of what he usually prepared for her. “Spike... there’s barely any hay in here.”

“You have lunch with everypony today in an hour, remember? Geez, Twilight, you must have stayed up too late at Pinkie’s party.” Twilight’s cheeks blushed as the thoughts of last night rushed through her head. She would have been embarrassed if Spike knew the real reason she stayed up late. “Anyways, I’m going to bed. It’s been a long night. I’ll clean everything up in the morning.” Spike headed up the stairs and closed the bedroom door behind him. There was a reason he was her number one assistant.

Twilight ate the rest of her hay and headed over to her study. “Check,” she gleefully announced, placing a checkmark in the appropriate box. She prepared the rest of her belongings and began her journey towards Sugarcube Corner to meet everypony else. ‘Remember, close proximity,’ she reminded herself. A light raspberry aura covered the door as it opened and closed for her. ‘I can’t wait to tell everypony about last night!’ She paused for a second, as if having second thoughts. ‘Well, maybe not everything about last night.’ She blushed at the thought and continued down her route. It wasn't long before she had arrived at the bakery, welcomed by all of her friends.


~ At Sugarcube Corner ~

Everypony’s attention was now fixated on the six mares dancing around without concern. Pinkie’s brows shot up and she floating in the air for a few seconds before disappearing in the blink of an eye and reappearing at the front counter. “Mr. and Mrs. Cake!?” They both stopped what they were doing and looked towards her. “Is it okey-dokey if I switch the music on the jukebox!?”

“Of course, Pinkie Pie!” Mr. Cake assured her.

“That’s what it’s there for, dear.” Mrs. Cake added in. Mr. and Mrs. Cake both grinned at Pinkie and went back to what they were doing.

“Sweet Apples!” Pinkie said before disappearing again and arriving at the jukebox. Pinkie knew they would be fine with it, she was simply asking just in case they weren’t for some reason. She always wanted to make sure everypony was happy. She quickly hooved two predetermined buttons without glancing up at the choices. Love Is In Bloom soon filled the bakery with its rhythm. Pinkie went around from pony to pony, pulling on their hooves and dragging them into the action.

Ponies walking by seemed to have noticed, because one by one they peeked in the window before proceeding to enter. They would watch for a few moments before motivating themselves to join in as well. Pinkie was all over the place. Between picking the next song, dancing with ponies, and also helping Mr. and Mrs. Cake with the increased amount of customers now entering the store, it was a wonder she still had any energy left in her.

“Ya’ know,” Applejack interrupted Twilight’s thoughts. “Ya’ sure blushed an awful lot as ya chattered about yesternight. Ya’ sure it was just nothing, sugarcubes?” Applejack nudged Twilight teasingly, making sure not to hit the egghead too hard. Twilight couldn’t help but notice herself starting to grin. Luna may have just been her friend, but she sure knew how to make a night something unexpected. “Ah’ just know that feeling,” Applejack grinned, glancing over at Rarity as she danced along with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. “And ah’ couldn’t help but notice ya’ feelin’ the same way.”

Twilight’s thoughts froze at that. ‘Feelings? Do I really have feelings for... Princess Luna?’

“Eh, not that it's-a any mah’ business,” Applejack continued, noting that Twilight had stopped dancing and was blankly staring forward.

“Oh! No, you’re fine. I just... didn’t notice...” Twilight thought back to Nightmare Night and last night. She had noticed that she admired Luna, but she hadn’t even began to think about if she took any serious interest in her. “Please don’t tell anypony? Please?”

“Who ya’ think you’re gabbing with, Twi’? I’m more loyal than the Element of Loyalty herself!”

“I heard that!” Rainbow Dash yelled as she continued to dance along as if it didn’t affect her.

Twilight yawned as she stretched her legs slightly forward. “I haven't felt this tired since after studying for my final exam. If I don’t get back early I’ll never be able to get back on my schedule," Twilight exclaimed towards nopony in particular.

Pinkie Pie popped up in front of her with a Goodie Bag as if she had been listening to her the whole time. “No problem, Twi’! You go sleeping while I keep this par-tay rocking!”

“Thanks Pinkie, I’ll see you all next time,” Twilight responded as she levitated the bag in front of her and headed out the door. She wished she had taken the time to say goodbye to each of her friends, but she also didn’t feel as if she had enough energy in her to do so. ‘I’ll see each of them soon enough,’ she reasoned with herself as she walked up to the Library.

She opened the front door and walked in. The smell of lemons and oranges filled the room. The books were all dusted off and the bookshelves polished. She carried her bag into the kitchen, finding Spike napping on the floor in front of the sink now occupied with freshly cleaned dishes. ‘He must have been exhausted from last night.’ Twilight yawned again, rolling her eyes at the irony of what she was just thinking. ‘Guess I am, too.’ She used her magic to place Spike onto her back and she carried him up the stairs to the bedroom. She put him softly down into his bed and pressed on towards getting into hers. The blankets instantly surrounded her with warmth and comfort. She closed her eyes as she thought back to what Applejack had said. ‘When did this happen? I haven't always felt like this towards her... have I?’ Twilight began to dose off as she reminisced about her short, but meaningful, memories with Luna.

Twilight awoke that night to a knock at the door.