Finding the perfect pony

by nekoknight7

Finding the perfect pony

Twilight and Buttley were at the park under a tree. The reason for this was, Twilight would teach Buttley about Equestrian culture, while Buttley would teach her all about human culture. They decided to have a picnic since they were there. In the middle of discussing fan fictions, rarity happened to be there.

"Rarity!" Twilight yelled. The fashonista turned to Twilight's direction, and trotted over.

"Whatever are you two doing here?" she asked them.

"I'm teaching her about fan fictions." Buttley said while eating an apple with butter on it, "Care to join us?"

"Sure. But I have a message for you Buttley."

"What is it?"

"Pinkie wants to know since you've been here for weeks already, do you have a marefriend?" Twilight and Buttley's jaw dropped when she said it.

"No actually." he said, "Why did she ask?"

"If you say yes then I should leave you alone. If no then here's a list of mares you can try."

"Why does she want me to have a girlfriend?" he asked while he took the note.

"I don't know. Goodbye now!" She left leaving Twilight and Buttley alone. The two looked at the note and what it said. There were 2 names, and a message saying, Give it to Pinkie if none of them work out for you. The first name was simple because he knew who she was, but he did not know the second one.

"The first is Applejack." Twilight said.

"Who's Vinyl Scratch?" Buttley asked her.

"She's a DJ."

"Maybe I'll scratch that."

"So your going to try Applejack?"


"Somepony call mah name?" a new voice asked. Twilight and Buttley jumped up when they saw Applejack. "What's that ya'll got there?" Buttley whispered something into Twilights ear and she nodded.

"Pinkie made me a list of ponies that I could date so that I can find a girlfriend." Buttley told her.

"Why would she do that?" Applejack asked.

"I don't know."

"Ahm ah on that list?"

"Yup." Twilight said.

"Lemme guess." Applejack said blushing, "Ya'll gonna take mah on a date?"


"Then I accept. See ya at eight?" Buttley nodded, and Applejack left.

"Well that was quick!" Twilight said, "Let's get you ready!" The two packed the picnic up, and went to Rarity's boutique.

"What are you doing here darling?" Rarity said.

"Buttley has a date with Applejack." Twilight said quickly, "Can you make him look good?"

"Of course darling!" After a few hours, it was 30 minutes to 8 o' clock. Twilight went home while Buttley went to the park for his date. He looked around and saw Applejack.

"Hi Applejack!" he greeted.

"Howdy sugarcube!"

"Should we take a walk near the lake?"

"You bet!" The two started to walk by the river.

"The river is beautiful isn't it?" Buttley asked.

"Sure is." The two were walking peacefully, when Applejack slipped on a piece of paper causing her to fall towards the river. "Help!" she yelled. Buttley grabbed her hand, but his butter-covered hand wasn't able to help her much. She started slipping more and more until she fell in.

The next day

Buttley took a seat while Twilight put a plate of bacon in front of him.

"Sorry your date didn't go to well." she said.

"You didn't do anything Twilight." he said, "It was me and my butterfingers."

"Well there's one more pony available!"

"I scratched Vinyl out remember?"

"Did you give the list back to Pinkie?"


"Then do it. But you might want some breakfast first." Buttley grabbed a fork, and chowed on the bacon. When he finished he said goodbye to Twilight and went to Sugarcube corner. An orange pony told him that Pinkie was in her room. When he went up, he saw Pinkie just staring at the door on her bed.

"Hi Buttley!" she greeted, "So how did the dates go?" In reply, he gave the list to Pinkie. "You wanna know the last one?"

"Yes please." he said. Pinkie told him, and he ran home. When he got back he saw Spike reading one of his comic books. "Spike," he said, "where's Twilight?"

"I think she's at the park. She decided it was a good place to read."

"Thanks." Buttley went outside, and put butter on his feet. Then he used them like rollerblades and rushed to the park. He saw Twilight reading a book under the tree they had a picnic at. He approached her slowly, and sat down next to her. She was oblivious of the fact that someone sat next to her.

"Twilight?" Buttley said. Twilight threw the book in the air, and gave a little "eep!" She looked at Buttley and exhaled with relief.

"Buttley!" she said panting, "You scared me!"


"So who's the pony Pinkie suggested?"

"You might like or not like it."

"Just tell me." Then, Buttley pressed his lips against hers. Twilight started to be alarmed for a while, but then she closed her eyes and kissed back. Buttley then broke the kiss.

"She said it was you." Buttley said to a blushing Twilight, "The first pony I met. Will you be my girlfriend?" Twilight looked at him and replied, "Of course!" But what they did not know was that in the bushes, Fluttershy hid there. And she wasn't the only one. Rainbow Dash hid in a cloud, Pinkie was in a tree, Applejack behind the tree, and Rarity at the river. All having a walkie talkie.

"I told you they were a perfect match!" Pinkie said to the walkie talkie.

"Looks like ya were right Pinkie!" Applejack said.

"So this means we owe her a root beer right?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I think so." Fluttershy said.

"Is it weird how we're spying on them while they kiss?" Rarity asked.

"Nah! It's okay!" Pinkie assured her.