Butter Man meets the 6

by nekoknight7


The two walked towards a farm, while Buttley got weirded looks form all but one pony. A mint-colored pony with mint and white striped hair, who smiled when she saw him.

"So Twilight," he started, "are there others like me?"

"No." she said. They reached the farm, and saw a red pony with orange hair, kicking a tree.

"Why is he kicking the tree?" Buttley asked.

"It's called bucking." she said, "Hey Big Mac!" The red pony stopped, and looked at Twilight.

"Eeyup?" he said with a smile.

"Where's Applejack?" she asked. He extended a hoof to the barn, and Buttley and Twilight rushed over. When they got there, they saw an orange pony with blonde hair, and a brown cowboy hat.

"That's Applejack?" Buttley asked. The orange pony looked at where the voice came from, and saw Twilight and Buttley.

"Howdy Twilight!" Applejack greeted, "Who's that fella yah got there?"

"This is Butter Man." she introduced, "Also known as Buttley."

"What brings ya here sugarcube?"

"Oh!" Buttley said, "Well my telebutter brought me here."


"I'm a superhero who uses butter as my weapon."

"Hold it!" She dashed out, and came back with a piece of toast. "Think ya can put some butter without using ya hoofs?"

"Hoofs? I have hands. But sure!" He raised his arm, and aimed at the piece of toast. A block of butter shot out of his Butter Blaster, and hit the toast. Applejack ate the entire thing in a bite.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"Even the butter has taste!" she said, "They taste like apples, freshly bucked from the tree that gives only the greatest apples!"

"How's that possible?" Twilight asked.

"My butter can change its taste depending on the consumer's favorite food."

"Should we go to the next pony?"