Butter Man meets the 6

by nekoknight7


Heat Signature, a villain who uses fried dishes to destroy the city of Toast city, was ordering his evil chef bots to destroy city hall with knives, pots, and pans. The villain laughed as he approached the mayor with an evil grin.

"So," he said, "enjoy your day mayor?"

"Please stop!" the mayor said, "I'll do anything!"

"Make me mayor!"

"Not happening!" a new voice said. The mayor and Heat Signature turned around to see a person wearing all yellow, with yellow shades, and something on his wrist.

"Butter Man!" Heat Signature said. He closed his eyes, and a flame engulfed him. In a matter of seconds he was gone.

"Where did he go?" the mayor asked.

"I'll find out!" he said. He grabbed a block of butter from his belt, and threw it down. The butter splat on the ground, and turned into a portal. One that has squiggly sides. He jumped inside, and appeared in a place he knew nothing about. He stood up, and heard a scream behind him. He turned around to see a lavender pony, with a black mane with a few lines of purple. On her flank was some kind of mark. A bunch of...stars perhaps? On her head was a horn glowing purple. Beside her, a bunch of books were floating, and there was the same purple glow around them.

"Who are you?!" she yelled.

"You can talk?" he asked.

"Of course I can talk! But who are you, and what are you doing here?" Butter Man explained everything that happened to her.

"Maybe I should explore this place for a while." he said.

"What about Toast city?" the pony asked.

"Maybe Super Smasher can handle it." he said, "I'm Butter Man, but you can call me Buttley."

"Well Buttley, I'm Twilight! Let me introduce you to my friends."