AppleBloom's Vendetta

by WinterTwister

AppleBloom's Conscious,

AppleBloom woke up with her sister AppleJack on her bed, hugging her. AppleJack felt her movement and woke up as well.

“Applejack?” AppleBloom looked up at her sister.

“Mornin’ little sis.” AppleJack started stroking her mane.

“Why are ya’ in my bed?”

“You were havin’ one of yer nightmares again and you were cryin’ in yer sleep. Ah heard ya’ from my room so ah came to sleep with ya’ to maybe make you feel better.”

AppleBloom looked at her pillow; it was soaked with her tears. ‘Ah don’t remember even having a dream last night, how could ah have been crying?’

“Okay, ah’m not lettin’ you work for the rest of the week, yer too troubled right now, so just take a break.”

“But ah’m fine AppleJack!”

“No, yer not. Please AppleBloom just take a rest, ah really hate to see you like this.” AppleJack started crying herself.

“Alrigh’ ah won’t work… ah guess ah could use a break..”

AppleJack continued to stroke her little sisters mane for a few moments, then she got off and left AppleBloom with a light kiss on her forehead.

AppleBloom got up from her bed and walked over to her mirror to check her eyes, they were really puffy and bloodshot. 'I guess I should hurry and write to Caramel..I bet a change of scenery would do me good.'

"Yeah, probably would." The image returned.

AppleBloom's eye twitched. "How are you talking to me?"

"Ah already told you that ah don't know what your talkin' about."

"Honestly, just tell me, am ah crazy?"

The image had a stern look. "No, you could call me your conscious. Ah'm only here to help and give advice."

"Well you haven't been very helpful, you made fun of the way ah looked yesterday."

"I was just teasing you, besides you could use my help, Spike really left you in a mess."

AppleBloom cringed at Spike's name. "Yeah.. ah never knew he would be so evil.. and ah loved him."

"And you still do, what do you plan to do when you catch Spike?"

"Turn him into the agency..Ah really don't see how ah can talk to you like this, its really weird."

"Trust me, you'll get used to it."

"Your going to keep talkin' to me?"

"Well I am inside your mind.. not like im going anywhere."

"Could you at least keep yer talking to a minimum?"

"Sure thing, I am only here to help, now go write to Caramel." The image shimmered back to just a reflection of AppleBloom. 'Ah don't feel any different.. maybe she is just here to help.' AppleBloom left her room to go down stairs to breakfast.

The breakfast had gone quietly and ended when AppleJack and Big Macintosh went outside to work. AppleBloom moved to the living room and sat on the couch closest to the door and noticed Granny Smith already asleep, she grabbed a piece of paper and pencil and started writing on the coffee table in front of the couch.

Dear Caramel, I am writing you a letter asking if I could maybe come and stay with you for a spell. I have been troubled lately and I think living in the big city might help me out.
Your cousin, AppleBloom

AppleBloom sealed the letter inside of an envelope and walked out the door to go mail it. AppleBloom trotted towards the mailbox but noticed the mail courier already arriving.

The mail courier was flying in an odd fashion but landed rather clumsily next to AppleBloom's mailbox.

"Hi Ditzy, ah got a letter for you to send." AppleBloom handed Ditzy the letter and she put it in her bag.

"Muffins?" Ditzy smiled hopefully.

AppleBloom was confused. "No, we have apples though Ditzy."

Ditzy frowned for a moment, but the smile returned with a new hope. "Apple muffins?"

"No sorry, Ditzy."

"Okay. Tell your sister I said hi!" Ditzy flew off to make her other deliveries.

AppleBloom walked back to her house to start devising an excuse to leave to Manehattan.

AN: Sorry I thought this chapter would be a bit more entertaining, but couldn't think of much for it. Don't worry the story should pick up in the next few chapters!