Burning Passion

by Crimson Beat

Old Flames, New Hates

After what felt like endless waves of Tireks' drones bombarding me their numbers finally began to dwindle. The putrid mixture of blood and bile filled the air as the final assailants began to rush me.

"Come on you maggots! You were supposed to be my subordinates?!" I yelled as I cut down my last enemy.

"Now Grimstone that is no way to talk to your masters' followers they're just trying to prove their strength to you their commanding general." Tirek pleaded with me with a grin on his face as he held my special somepony in his hand.

"Spitfire are you okay? Please talk to me!" I screamed at her through the sound of tears and anger.

"Crimson please help me I don't want to die; I can feel his grip getting stronger." She yelled back at me.

"Aw is somepony getting scared? I know how to make you feel better how about I tell you how this event came to be." Tirek said in a maniacal reassuring voice.

"You shut your damn mouth or I will rip your tongue out and shove it in your eye socket." I screamed before he could tell her the truth. He just looked at me and smiled.

"Funny you should say that since you were the one that made all this a reality" The gargantuan demon said in a happy tone.

"What? Please tell me this isn't the truth Crimson." Spitfire pleaded me.

"I-I don't believe what he's saying! He's lying." I stammered out trying to get her to believe me.

"Oh now who is the real one that is lying. You're the one that tricked everypony into believing that somepony else was resurrecting me when it was actually you. Your trick presented to the mane six was so dastardly delicious I couldn't have done it better myself. Oh and do you have a thing for saddles?" He finally blurted out in a loud voice as if he were a young child desperately seeking attention. Spitfire just remained in his grasp without struggling to be free.

"Please Spitfire don't believe him!" I yelled in a desperate attempt to make her regain hope.

"You blasphemer you were the one to bring my master here. You took my power to bring him here!" I heard a distant familiar voice yell.

"Sprite Walker?" I said as I guessed who had called me out. Then her figure came into view and it was the mare that I had used to begin my process to resurrect Tirek.

"You liar! You used my power to summon our lord. Also who is this mare? Is she the one you've been saving yourself for?!" Sprite Walker screamed at me.

"Sprite Walker watch your tone or else and do not talk about Spitfire like that!" I yelled back at her reasserting my authority.

"Oh shut up Grimstone she only answers to me. Now Sprite Walker take this pony hostage me and my general need to work out some issues." He said as he lowered Spitfire to the eager unicorn below.

"Tirek this ends now!" I yelled as I charged him.

"There's that ferocity I have always envied." He said calmly as he braced for the attack.

I punched him with my hoof straight between his eyes only dazing him. He then countered with a strong backhand causing me to spiral towards a crowd of bystanders. Thankfully a large gust of wind came at the right moment and I was able to rebound off of it without harming anypony else. I flew back around in order to blast him with a magic burst which thankfully landed. I knew it didn't affect him at all but I had to try at least. So I decided then and there if I were to die now then I better go out with a bang. I flapped my wings as hard as I could and made a be-line straight for him. Before I could land a blow that would no doubt dislocate my shoulder he created a magic burst underneath me. I couldn't do anything as I was flung into the air like a rag doll. There was only one clear plan to end this and keep Spitfire safe. I had to use as much magic as I could even if I ended up dying. I then ricocheted off of a giant cloud back towards him and used as much magic power I had to create a sword that I planned to ram in him. As I got closer he began looking up realizing my plan. Then as soon as I was a couple of feet away he tried to protect himself with his shield. I was only a couple feet away from the magic orb between his horns. I could literally count the seconds from his orb. Three seconds, his arms were raised and Sprite Walker was screaming 'no'. Two seconds, the mane six and everypony else watched in awe as I approached my goal. One second, Tirek looked me in the eyes with a emotion I know all too well. It was the look of fear of what lies ahead. Zero, I could feel my magic blade piercing his orb so I pushed with all of my might as he began to scream in response.

"No! Master!" I could hear Sprite Walker scream as I befell her idol.

Then he began to shudder and became still. I then released my grip on the blade leaving it in his orb as I landed on the ground with a solid thud. With the irresistible urge to stop where I was and sleep I pressed forward towards the nurse that helped me start this.

"Stop right there don't come closer or I swear I will kill her." Sprite Walker said in a scared but serious tone as she held my true love in her hooves with a shard of broken glass pressed against her throat.

"Put the glass down now or else I will end your life." I said in a calm voice.

"I-I mean it!" She screamed at me as I approached her.

"Enough!" I yelled as I slammed my hoof on the ground. "Tirek has been defeated he is so badly worn down that he can barely move by himself. If I were you I would go to him because once I'm done here I'm finishing that bastard off." I said to Sprite Walker as she trembled in fear.

Without even reconsidering the offer she desperately ran to Tirek as he laid on the ground in a pool of his own purple blood. She had tears in her eyes as she made a mad dash towards her fallen master leaving Spitfire and myself alone.

"I'm truly sorry I dragged you into this Spitfire I only wanted to protect you." I pleaded as tears began to well up in my eyes.

"Hey what about us?" I heard Rainbow Dash yell off to my left.

"Sorry let me fix it." I said as my mist mane enveloped them causing the saddles to crumble into dust. Still she remained silent. The love of my life now hated my guts.

"Please forgive me Spit-" I tried to say before I was cut off by a devious laughter behind me. I turned around only to see what I had feared most. Tirek was now back on his hooves with Sprite Walkers shrieking and bloodied body in his hands.

"You had one job you stupid little bitch and you failed. But, you did revive me by mixing your blood with mine. It was a stupid move even though I appreciate the gesture." Tirek said as he grew impatient with what was happening.

As he approached me he threw Sprite Walker onto the ground and stepped on her only leaving a pile of blood, intestines and bones behind.

"I only have enough strength to finish off one pony sadly. Actually I have the perfect one in mind!" He yelled as he vanished into thin air.

"Twi protect the others!" I yelled to her as I looked desperately for the giant beast that was going to strike at anytime.

"If only you protected the one you love Crimson Beat." I heard a familiar voice say behind me.

I turned around just in the nick of time to see him standing cowardly behind Spitfire. He was about a mile away when he fired his final blast that had the intention to kill somepony and it was heading straight for Spitfire. She didn't see the giant red and yellow blast heading for her body which didn't move due to her remaining in a shock that something like this happened to her. I didn't have enough time to construct a shield strong enough to protect her from the blast it was approaching like a bullet train. I had only one option. As fast as I could I surrounded myself in my mane and teleported behind her. I was going to use the only thing strong enough to shield her from the blast. My body. Thankfully I moved so quickly she didn't know I had teleported behind her until the beam was a mere ten feet away from me. I looked at her because I knew it was the last time I was going to see her. Again I could count the seconds. Four seconds, I could hear the townsponies who were still conscious all gasp at once. Three seconds, I could see the life draining out of Tirek as he put the rest of his power keeping him alive into the beam killing him finally in the process. Two seconds, the mane six rushed towards me as they desperately tried to save us. Rainbow Dash was crying her eyes out like she used to when she was a toddler and I took her favorite Wonderbolt Nightmare Night costume from her while the others just screamed. One second, Spitfire had finally turned all the way around and saw me before her preparing to take the blast head on. She could only muster a loud scream as tears flooded down her face. Zero seconds, I could feel the blast envelop my wings and back entirely. Suddenly I felt a strong pain in my right hoof only to look over and see it flying towards the mane six as they looked in shock. The blast didn't really hurt at all. It was just numbing as it caressed my skin like my mom used to when I made her proud and she would hug me. Then everything went black.

I woke up ten minutes later as the smoke cleared around the town only to see the mane six and Spitfire looking down above me.

"Why the long faces everypony?" I said jokingly as blood trickled down my mouth.

"Why did you shield me? I could've flew away!" Spitfire said as she looked down with rivers leaving her eyes.

I did the only thing I knew to do. I got my remaining hoof and wiped the tears away. She cried even more and held onto my hoof.

"I just want to know why." She choked out through the tears.

"Do you remember that night at the lake when we were in grade school? You asked me the same exact question and what was my response?" I said to her trying to keep her mind away from the fact that I was dying right there before them all.

"You said you would always protect me." She said as she finally smiled through the pain.

"Ah there's that beautiful smile I know and love. I would protect you until the day I died Spitfire and that is why." I said as I began to tear up looking at those beautiful amber eyes.

"I love all of you with all of my being. Spitfire I will always love you I even wanted to marry you someday. However, under these circumstances it won't happen sadly. I have lived an amazing life as we all laughed, cried, and even got drunk as hell together. I will miss all of you." I said as I began to feel light headed. They all began to cry as these words left my mouth. I remembered all the moments that were the best part of my life and could only smile as my life was slipping away.

"Hey don't be sad I will see all of you in the morning. I promise!" I stammered out with my final breathe as I slipped into eternal darkness only having the sobbing and screaming of my friends accompany me.