My Little Pony: The Day Equestria Stood Still

by Thunderwing250


The Temple of Inception lay quiet, excluding the clicks from the Tower of Time. There, the Archivist walked through the temple and into the Architect's room. Unwrapping a blanket, she held the Artifact. She had mysteriously gone into Canterlot and took it out, to prevent its secrets from getting revealed. As she was in the Library, there was a lower whisper, creating a small draft. She lifted her head.

“You know, it does get kind of annoying when you sneak up behind me,” she said.

“I want to make sure the Artifact is securely sealed. No pony must know of the incident. Once they wake up, they will remember nothing of Khaoios," the voice said behind her.

The Archivist turned and saw the Master of Time, Timaeus, as he walked out from the shadows.

“What about the master? Because I’m afraid what just occurred is going to happen again,” The Archivist replied.

“Of course it’s going to happen again, my apprentice,” Another voice said.

Looking next to Timaeus, another alicorn stepped out. She was a white alicorn, with a red-colored mane and tail. Her appearance was of beauty and creativity.

“What do you mean, your Majesty?” the Archivist asked.

The mare lifted her head.

“Because those who interfered with my creativity, will do everything in their power to destroy it,” the Architect said.