A Better Sister...

by MyLittleGeneration

Am I?

Adagio paced back and forth in the bedroom. "I can't BELIEVE it!" she said. Her sisters, Aria and Sonata, sat at the bed, listening to what she had to say. "Perfect plan, perfect setup, perfect moment, and we SCREW it up, dammit!"

Aria was staring out the window, concealing her face with her hair, while Sonata hugged her knees, tears starting to form on her eyes. "It always happens, this crap! We were SO close to perfection, closest we've ever gotten, but then everything fell apart. Just... dammit!" Adagio cursed. "You know, girls, perhaps this could've gone better. It could've used a little more effort!" She bit her thumb. "I mean, just how could they have defeated us? Flawless, our music was, and such utter crap they put up, with their 'epic and powerful' friendship. That defeating our siren magic? The type that nearly conquered all of Equestria? We get put out by real magic by one helluva sorcerer, with one hefty spell, but we get put up by friendship, a damn little social skill?!"

She snapped her head towards her sisters. "I cannot believe you two! We almost had it! I was singing and doing what was best for our business, but meanwhile, you two pulled us back! And how could you?!" She snapped at Sonata, which tears formed already and trickled down her soft, blue cheeks. "YOU! Why, you taco-loving freak! You act so damn stupid, so damn annoying, and your little mind ran on a damn gerbil! You couldn't focus on the task, couldn't think straight, you always veered off into the distance. Like a child, you get distracted by colorful and 'fascinating' objects, instead of the more important things!" Sonata whimpered, and dug her face into her knees.

Aria growled quietly, but that didn't mean it was inaudible. "Oh, Aria... Sweetheart, don't get me started on you. You just had to act so brash and sarcastic, didn't you? Rolling your eyes, disobeying commands, trying to become the top siren cause of your punk-ass attitude. Well, guess what? It weighed us down, we got ourselves handed, and now we're just all back in square one, and just might never move up to square two ever again. We're all stuck in this household on a street of absolute weaklings! Now... was that all worth it?"

Aria growled a little louder.

"Was it?!"

She didn't respond.

"WAS IT?!"

And still, she never let out a word. Not a growl. Not a noise. Not a single, simple breath.

"Hmph." Adagio said, turning away. "Can't believe you two. We all are now clowns and fools on this place called Earth, and we are now triumphed, and while I gave my own effort, we all... JUST... FU-"

"Stop." said Aria in a deep, serious tone. One that could also be described as if she was put up with such talk.

"Heh." Adagio said, almost not believing what she was hearing. "Excuse me?"

"Stop it. Just stop it!" Aria shot her head towards Adagio, and gave her a cold, angry stare with tears forming in her eyes, dripping out of the corners. "You know, why don't you consider yourself the screwjob?" Her voice cracked. Adagio opened her mouth, but Aria didn't give her a chance in hell to speak. "Why don't you say that your own doing is what brought us here, huh? Huh?! That your view and your thoughts were so great, but in reality, are nothing but shit? That it put us into the place you call a shithole?! How about you look at us and think, for once, that maybe YOU are the one who is pulling us down? Being dead weight? Being the worst of all of us?"

Adagio just stared, glaring at her with a fist clenched.

"Well?" Aria asked, wanting an answer. "Sonata's the retard, I'm the 'big, bad bitch', and you're our lord and savior, so why don't you give out an answer?" She got off the bed, standing on her two feet and looking down on the floor. Sonata perked her head up, face wet with the tears that have been planted on her jeans. Even she wanted Adagio to say something.

Adagio chuckled. "Y-"

"What the fuck is so funny?!" Aria shouted, making Adagio take a step back in shock. "What? Surprised that I'm shooting at you? Well keep this in mind, bitch, you're the one that does this to the both of us! Me and Sonata... your own sisters who share your blood... And you put the blame on us! The fuck is wrong with you? Why don't you fucking see, for once, that maybe you are the one keeping us down to the ground? This was all your fault! But in Adagio's world, it's our fault? We have had enough of your shit, and we're tired of hearing you say the same thing to the both of us! Every. Damn. Time! Just... fuck!" She clenched both fists, then looking up to see Adagio, just looking at her and listening. Aria's eyes flooded with tears, with mascara staining on her cheeks, and her expression was full-on rage and hate.

"WHY DON'T YOU GO FUCK OFF, AND THINK IN YOUR OWN DIM-SIZED BRAIN AND BITCHINESS?!" she shouted. Afterwards, she breathed heavily, waiting for an answer after such a shouting that nearly hurt her own vocal chords.

Adagio slowly shook.


Adagio's head twitched a little.


Her eyes started to tear up, and while Sonata noticed this, Aria didn't.


And Adagio finally croaked. She slowly brought her hands up to her face, covering it up and started sobbing. All while her body shook, as if she not only was cold, but broken down to such a hurt state. Her crying was all that was heard in the room that was once silent within every pause Aria took before asking for an answer even more.

"Y-You're right..." Adagio said through her crying and tears. Aria's eyes suddenly widened. She never expected Adagio... to cry. She never seen her cry in her life, nor did Sonata. This felt... a little chilling. "You're right..." Adagio repeated. "Y-You deserve... Better."

Aria wanted to speak, but she couldn't find any words. It was odd, cause she had what she was going to say next planned, but again, she expected different results. She stood, staring at her sister in absolute silence.

"You deserve a better sister..." cried Adagio. Aria took a small step forward, but Adagio turned around, bolting out of the room. While she was heading downstairs, Aria and Sonata could hear her sobbing. As cruel as Aria can be towards people, she actually felt bad. And it didn't feel too good to her stomach. As for Sonata, she was a little more frightened.

Sonata rubbed her arms. "Aria," she spoke quietly. "D-Did Adagio just... cry? Like, for... real?"

Aria slowly nodded. "She did, Sonata... She actually did." She could feel a bit of victory, but there was no need. She actually felt horrible in her heart. "I-I didn't expect that."

"Me, neither." Sonata admitted. "She never does that... at least in front of us. It was... kinda scary."

Aria looked at Sonata. "I-I'm sure she'll be fine." she said, but it was obvious that she wasn't sure. An awkward silence passed.

"S-She'll be alright?" Sonata asked, breaking the silence.

Aria shook her head. "I don't know." She broke a couple of tears and sat on the bed with Sonata. "I... I don't even know." She wiped her eyes, when suddenly, Sonata rubbed her back.

"It's alright, RiRi." Sonata whispered. "It's alright..." She looked at the doorway, and heard Adagio's sobs more. Sonata then thought of something. "Hey, Aria?"

"What?" she said.

"You think..." She gulped, not knowing if Aria would agree to it. "You think we should comfort her?"

Aria widened her eyes. "What?!"

"Ssh!" Sonata shushed Aria, which in reaction, Aria crossed her arms. "Listen, I just thought about it, and I think it may be for the best."

"The best?" Aria whispered angrily. "After what she did to us? You know, not too long ago?"

Sonata nodded. "I know, sister, but... I just feel like we should... Maybe she just feels all tensed up."

"Sonata, don't try to act like we're the wrong ones here." Aria said. "You and I both know she's been pulling us back."

"And maybe she just felt bad just knowing that. You yelled at her Aria, and she might've known all along. So, when you actually yelled at her, she just couldn't take it." She placed a hand on Aria's shoulder. "Maybe we should give her another chance... Think about it, we all did our mistakes. The things she pointed out on us is actually kinda true, and for Adagio, you pointed it out to her." She gave her a puppy look. "Come on, Aria. Let's at least give it a shot."

She let out an annoyed sigh. "If you really want... If it'll kill you if I decline... Fine."

Sonata gave her sister a tight hug. "Thanks, Aria. Now, please try not to be harsh on her, alright?"

"I'll try..." she said.

Slowly, they went downstairs, not making a single noise, and Adagio sat on the couch, crying to herself. "I'm... horrible." she muttered to herself. The two sisters listened closely. "God damn knew I was such a fool! And I only hurt my sisters even more..." She sniffled and wiped her eyes. "Maybe- No... They are exactly right. I have been dragging them back. I did screw them. I... I was the worst one out of the trio. And now..." She whimpered. "We're further from home then we've ever been."

She cried a little louder, and Sonata looked at Aria. She gestured her head towards Adagio. "See, Aria?" she whispered. "She's hurt."

Aria didn't answer. She just stared at her, not letting out a noise from her mouth. She didn't have a face of delight nor a face of sorrow from seeing Adagio crying. Her own sister having tears flood around her face, mascara running in the worst way. She kept a stale, emotionless face.

Sonata just hoped Aria was alright. The blue girl approached more closer, with Aria following behind, and they were more closer to the broken siren. A little... more...


"Wha?!" Adagio said, snapping her head around and standing up in reaction. She clearly saw both sisters through her watery eyes, and her sisters can clearly see more of her broken state. "You... You two?" she said in a cracking tone. "I already told you, you've been through enough! I've hurt you all! I'm the biggest bitch with the smallest damn brain, and we all know it! So, please, LEAVE ME ALONE!" She sobbed more, her knees shaking.

Sonata looked at Aria, and she noticed something. She took a step forward. Adagio stared straight at the ground, not noticing Aria's movement towards her. And finally...

Aria reached for her. And gave her sister a hug.

Adagio widened her eyes in surprise and looked up. "A-A...Aria?" she questioned.

Aria didn't respond in words, but rather through emotion. She cried on her shoulder, and tightened the hug a little more, to Adagio's surprise. Hell, to Sonata's surprise, as well. Adagio just looked around, her breath taken away by Aria. Not too long ago, she yelled at her. She yelled all sorts of horrible things Adagio has done, and she knew she deserved, but this hug? Why was she hugging her?

"A-Aria..." she said, slowly wrapping her arms around her.

"I'm sorry..." Aria cried. "You're not a horrible sister, you hear me? NOT."

"B-But I hurt you all so-"

"Adagio," Aria interrupted. "I know what you said, we both do. But please, don't think you're so bad."

"But you said true things about me. Me yelling at you, making you feel horrible..." The yellow siren sniffled, and Aria rubbed her back.

"I know I did... And I feel bad. Just like you feel bad for yelling at us. And because of that, sister," She then looked at Adagio's eyes. "I noticed we all made our mistakes, and have screwed ourselves over. You might've been the bossiest, but me and Sonata made our errors, too. It was just..."

"I know." Adagio said. "I-I know. And I shouldn't have done that, at all."

"That's why I'm hugging you, sis." She went back to hugging Adagio. "So... we forgive you. Can you forgive us?"

Aria couldn't see Adagio's face, but Sonata could. She saw Adagio start to tear up again, sniffling and about to cry. But the tears wouldn't be of sorrow. She softly let the tears flow, and reached out to Sonata. The siren gladly walked over and turned the one-on-one hug into a group hug. Aria hugged her from the left and Sonata hugged her from the right. Adagio softly cried more as she hugged the two of them.

"I'm so sorry." she cried.

"We are, too." Sonata said. The three kept silent, letting the moment happen. The sirens forgave each other, and it was good for the three of them. For Adagio, for Sonata, for Aria.

"I love you guys..."