The Best Team Up Since Forever

by Cumulus

Chapter 3: The One With The Lame Song

Gilda yawned and stretched her giant wings and her front legs before sitting up. She kept her eyes closed as the soft breeze blew against her feathers. She smiled and opened here eyes. As she glanced to where Sweetie Belle had been, she panicked. Surprisingly, she also broke into song.

"Oh no! The little pony, she's missing! Where did she go? Perhaps she's reminiscing? Thinking of the good times she's spent at home? No wait, what am I sayin'? I bet she started scalin' up the mountain! She probably isn't safe, while she's trying to find her way! I must find her once again! Boy this foal is a royal pain!" She sung, spreading her wings as far as they would go, and flapping them hard, rising into the blue sky to catch up with Sweetie Belle, who was halfway up the mountain, singing as well while she continued to hike up its rocky paths.

"Gilda the Griffon, she said to wait, but I've made my way. Up this rocky bank! I think its safe, to say today, I'm going home to Rarity!" Sweetie Belle hopped from one rock to another which was spaced just far enough apart that she couldn't reach otherwise. "My friends, they wait! Just on the other side. So up I climb, following the mountain to the sky!"

Gilda began to circle over the mountain, searching high and low for Sweetie Belle. Frantically looking inmebery possible direction, and soon spotted her among many large rocks. She flew low and gained Sweetie Belles attention, flapping her wings against the wind as it tried to make her fly away from the mountain. Sweetie Belle grimaced at the sight of Gilda, and no, the two were not done singing my poorly written song. Gilda sang first, then Sweetie Belle retorted while singing as well.

"Sweetie Belle, why did you go?"

"I wanted to find my way home!"

"This mountain's dangerous to scale alone!"

"No its not, its safe. So bolt!"

"Fine, I'll leave. I know when I'm shut out!" Gilda sange as she flew out of sight. She muttered to herself so Sweetie Belle would not hear. "I'll fly unseen. That fily doesn't know, how dangerous below , it is on that rocky slope!"

Sweetie Belle looked up with a frown, which turned to a small grin of success after seeing Gilda no where. She sighed angrily and su g too herself while continuing to scale the mou gain side.

"Gilda is insane! This place is totally safe! I was really really chafed. Now I'm climbing up the mountain while I'm drained! Geez that griffon is a royal pain!" Sweetie Belle huffed, turning back to the wall of rocks before her. The sun was now fully cast over her and the heat was hardly bearable. As she climbed, she found herself on a path of rocks that rotated around the mountain like a spiral staircase. Directly in front of her, on the edge of the path, was something small. Sweetie Belle could not tell what it was, because the second she began to approach it for a better look, it zipped behind a rock that was sticking out of place, un like the rest of the rocks that made up the very convenient path that totally isn't just there to quicken the story.

"Aw, don't be scared little guy. I won't hurt you." Sweetie Belle softly cooed, trying to coax the thing out from behind the rock, but failed. Which she figured out when she approached the other side of the rock and noticed nothing was there. "It must have been my imagination."

As day became night, a very exhausted Sweetie Belle finally reached the top of the mountain. Sweat dripping down her fur as she caught her breath. Gilda circled over head, just far enough away to not be seen in the starry night sky. Sweetie Belle took a look around the surrounding sky, and saw lights off in the distance to her left. In her excitement, she shouted.

"I see it! Its ponyville! I'm close! I did it! I've found my way home!" She bounced around in glee, before stopping to yawn for what seemed like ages. She rubbed her her eyes delicately with her front hooves. Sleepily she giggled. "Maybe I should rest before anything else. After all, I did forget about sleep since last night, when in started climbing." She laid down, snuggling against her front legs, shutting her eyes gently. After only a few seconds, she was asleep, snoring softly into her hooves.

Gilda gracefully swooped down and landed beside her. She shook her head and looked down towards the lights of ponyville. She hen chuckled quietly, whispering to Sweetie Belle in surprise.

"Nice job kid. You did it by yourself. I thought food sure your have fallen off the side. That's why I said it was dangerous to climb hip here alone. I guess you proved me wrong." Gilda sat down on the mother side of the mountaintop, resting against a large rock, wearing a tiny smirk on her yellow beak. She stretched her front arms/legs and let out a sigh of relief. She looked back at Sweetie Belle, who was slowly levitating off the rocky ground. Gilda hadn't the time to react, other than widening her eyes as a small creatures appeared under the small white filly. With a quick flash of green, Sweetie Belle and the small creature, were gone. The only evidence left behind was a small amount of smoke rising from where Sweetie Belle had been sleeping. Gilda made an irritated face and looked back towards the forest. With the feathers on her right wing, she made numbers, counting down. Three. Silence filled the air as Gilda listened. Two. The trees waved their leaf covered branches. One. A scream sounded from the direction Gilda was currently facing. She sighed stretching her wings onto their full extent.

"That's my cue." She winked, took off into the sky, and then swooped down, into the forest. Again.