The Best Team Up Since Forever

by Cumulus

Chapter 1: The Team Sort of Assembles

A small, white unicorn lay asleep on the muddy grounds of a forest somewhere beyond the city of Griffonstone. Her very messy, half pink, half purple mane and tail had twigs and leaves burrowing into them, probably to make a nest for bugs at some point. Her chest moved slowly as she took in deep breaths, and released them through her open mouth. Who knew how many bugs she had swallowed.

A warm wind blew gently through the leaves of the surrounding trees. A small breeze made its way to the small unicorn and blew against her muzzle. She yawned, sleepily opening her green eyes as the breeze began to gently blow small sticks and dead leaves off the ground. Her eyes, which had been half closed, opened wide with fear. Why was she in a forest? It didn't look like the Everfree Forest, for the colors here were far brighter. Panic began to consume her as she tried to remember every event that had taken place the previous night.

She vaguely remembered being upset. At who, or for what reason, she could not remember. Before that, something had attacked her, or was it after? She groaned in anger, frustrated with her blurry memory. Irritated, the tiny mare squeaked out a yell.

"What the hay happened!" Her voice echoed beyond the trees, causing birds to fly away, leaving the branches they had been watching the pony from. She muttered things under her breath as she stood off the ground, and brushed most of the things from her mane and tail. While she collected herself, she began to feel as if she was being watched. Her eyes darted around the clearing she was standing in and saw nothing but trees.

After brushing the feeling off to being just average paranoia, the foal began her long trek north. Well, at least she was pretty sure north was where she was headed. She did not have a compass to tell her where north was. Actually, she had nothing that could help her get home. Even her magic would not help her enough, as no pony had taught her how to teleport.

She hiked through the forest, only to find herself in another clearing. The little mare sighed and continued heading north, soon, she found herself at a third clearing. She examined the clearing, planted a hoof onto her her chin as she thought, and headed north once more, only to find herself again, in a clearing. The same clearing she had woken up in. Slowly it dawned on her. One word popped up in the very back of her mind.

"Circles?" She asked herself. "I've been walking in circles!?" Her voice cracked through the forest like a teenage whip going through puberty. She kicked a rock and looked at the sky. It was getting dark. Both the sun and the moon were visible. Princess Luna had begun to lower the sun and raise the moon. Luna was the princess of the night. As I'm sure you're aware as was Sweetie Belle as she thought hard about what to do. With an eager smile, she nodded to her idea and moved leaves on e ground to make a bed, which she then laid on. After trying to lull herself to sleep, she shut her eyes and slipped off to dreamland.

Sweetie Belle floated through space. Her tiny white hooves dangled from her body and paddled in place. From afar, a majestic, Royal blue made with a horn and large wingspan floated towards her. The mares mane and tail were light blue, and seemed to contain the universe within them. Her eyes were completely white, no iris, no puipil. She opened her mouth and boomed her regal voice.

"You seek guidance, my little pony?" Sweetie Belle nodded and jumped with glee.

"Yes, Princess Luna! I-" Luna raised a hoof and interrupted her with a knowing grin.

"You are lost within a forest. We know. Fear not little one, for your sister has sent word to all neighbouring cities. Do not give up hope yet Sweetie Belle." Princess Luna then floated off into the void as Sweetie Belle watched her fade away, along with her surroundings. Soon everything had gone black.

Sweetie Belle awoke to the sounds of leaves rustling and crackling under hooves. Or were they feet? She quickly stood up and, using the magic she knew, produced a small light from her horn. She looked around quickly, fearing what she might find in the dark of the forest. All she saw was ldead leaves, rocks, and a bunch of trees. Sweetie Belle sighed in relief, turned around, and before her stood a large, white and brown creature. Most of its body resembled an eagle, while the hind legs and tail resembled a lion.

Sweetie Belle screamed, which caused the Griffon to scream as well. The two screamed in fear at each other for minutes before the Griffon collected herself on the leaves Sweetie Belle had made into a bed.

"I'm guessin' that you're the foal that Rarity pony is looking for." The griffon stated, not looking at Sweetie Belle out of embarrassment. Sweetie looked at her as the wind picked up, blowing the griffons feathers along the cold breeze of the night.

"Y-yes." Shivered Sweetie Belle looking at the griffons face with a sheepish grin. "I'm Sweetie Belle." The griffon snorted and turned towards her. There was a look of both annoyance and concern.

"Yeah, whatever. Let's just get you home to your sister Sweetie Belle." The griffon unfolded her giant wings, turned away, and kneeled down in front of Sweetie Belle. "The name's Gilda. Now get on before we both freeze." She muttered just loud enough for Sweetie to hear. Sweetie Belle nodded and slowly climbed onto Gilda's warm, soft back, and held on tight as the griffon flapped her wings hard and began to rise into the night sky.