Bubble Wrapped: Shipped Shippings

by Bubble Boom

Shipment 1: Bubble Wrapped Princesses - Twi & Cadance

Twilight and Cadance

Twilight tried her very best not to spew cucumber and spinach sandwich all over the table. “Wait, no, and then we’d do what with our what?!”

Cadence smirked across at Twilight. “We can work our way up to that.” She winked and returned to her own lunch.

Twilight blushed and wiped her mouth with her hoof. She smiled at the beautiful mare sitting with her. She wasn’t entirely sure how they got here. It was their sixth date, not counting official events and the random few nights at Twilight’s spent reading together until they fell asleep curled up next to each other.

“Yeah, we’d have to practice a lot to get up to that-.” Twilight facehoofed at her inadvertently dirty mind.

Cadence reached over and laid her hoof against Twilight’s. “Twi, I’m so glad you feel the same way about me that I do about you.”

Twilight worked her mouth and pursed her lips awkwardly. She was still getting used to the idea of being an item with Cadence. They were foalhood friends. And this was a big step.

“What’s wrong, Twi?”

“Oh nothing. I’ve always got 90 different scenarios playing out in my head. I don’t want to lose our friendship…” She blushed again as Cadance placed her hoof over her mouth. Cadence looked at her with her big purple eyes and Twilight turned to mush. She grinned like an idiot.