Magic is a friend

by Blackdust

Prologue 2


"But Mom, you know I can't!" Flora Everglow shouted at her mother, Trinity Everglow.
"I don't care. Try again. I'm sure you almost had it that time. You just have to try harder Flora," Trinity said, trying to encourage her daughter to attempt to lift the pot sitting in front of her again.
Trinity had been trying to get her daughter to do some kind of magic ever since she was little as she didn't do most of the things that other unicorn foals did. Instead of using magic, she did everything by hoof. She never teleported anywhere, never lifted herself out of her crib, never used her magic. The doctors all said that she was probably a 'late bloomer'. But Trinity knew better. She knew that there was something wrong. She just had to find out what.
"Mom, this pot won't lift, and I just can't do magic... Maybe I'm broken..." Flora said, sitting down beaten by the lack of 'magical flow' that she should be feeling when she tried to cast even the most basic of spells.
"NO!" Trinity yelled at her on accident, picking her up and hugging her tightly. "You're not broken. You just need to figure out how to use your magic... Every unicorn treats their magic differently, but they all know some of the basics from birth. It's instinctive."
Obviously not that instinctive if I've never cast a single spell... Flora thought.
"You did cast one spell a long time ago... But it was so minor that we didn't think anything of it... But it caused you to crack you horn. Not permanently but long enough that it may have released all that Foal Energy you should have had," Trinity said, causing Flora to look at her mother in shock.
"Oh sweet Celestia I said that out loud didn't I...?" Flora asked realizing that she had, in fact, spoken her thoughts.
"Yes you did Flora. But there may be a way out of this... It's highly dangerous though, as you'll be alone in a cave with a giant boulder balanced very dangerously on a pillar of smaller stones. If you disturb the pillar... The boulder is often called the 'Choosing Stone' by the earth ponies around here. It may seem stupid, but it has worked miracles before. One that I was witness to," Trinity said, hoping her daughter would be as desperate, if not more so, as her.
Flora simply nodded and said, "Let's go then."
Trinity simply smiled set her daughter back down and lead her out of their small house and to a cave set into a hill.
"I can't go any further. This is your wish. I can't be there as it will influence your decision," Trinity said, and then took note of the fear on her daughters face. "Those are the rules of the Stone, Flora. I wish I could go in there, if only to keep you safe..."