Magic is a friend

by Blackdust

Prologue 1


Another boring day learning things that will never matter to me. Not like I plan on staying here in the U.S. my whole life... Jackson thought as he sat in the back of class, ignoring the teacher like he usually did.
He was a straight A student. He was invited to several advanced classes and even offered a spot in college despite his age. He may have only been 8, but he thought and acted like he was in his mid-twenties. He was close to a cure for cancer, but nobody would believe him. Not until he showed them his experiments. Now it seemed like everyone wanted to have him in their class or as a coworker. Although, he did have some trouble with some basic things, like memory, every now and then, but he was still better at keeping up with everything in his disorganized room than his parents were in their organized house. Everything had a place in his room. The corner behind the door was for his bag and shoes. The other one on the wall with the door was for his dirty clothes. The other two were his workstations. One for his form of alchemy and the other for his technological advances. Currently he was brewing what he hoped would slow the heartbeat so as to keep soldiers from bleeping out from a vital shot long enough to get the proper medical aid they needed without causing a problem to the brain, while also trying to invent a teleportation device. He already had the basic schematic, nothing to flashy or sci-fy like, but just enough of the cliche to make people recognize it at a glance.
"JACKSON!" The teacher yelled at him, snapping him out of his revere.
"Yes Mr.Anderson?" Jackson said, realizing he hadn't heard him at first.
"Can you answer the question on the board or not?" The teacher asked, tapping the board with a ruler.
"Of course I can. But do you want the complex answer or the simple one?" Jackson shot at the person that was supposed to be a teacher.
"The simple one so your classmates can understand you, you little brat," the teacher shot back.
"Fine. The simple answer to the question on the board is that the Nazi's were stupid in thinking they could remove everyone that didn't fit into their definition of perfect," Jackson said, still mad at the teacher for making him give an answer that anybody else could've answered.
Luckily a kid at the front of the class raised their hand and took the attention off of him and the obvious hate he was directing at the teacher. Apparently the kid had to use the restroom. Stupid kids drinking and eating all those 'soft' drinks and junk food. Makes them unhealthy and out of shape. Well. It puts them in A shape, but it's not a healthy one.