My Faithful Student

by FadFreaky

Chapter 8

    --Twi’s POV--

Things really cleaned up from there on for Celly and I.  Our partial planning made short work of the huge list. Most of the days were spent simply working on my ticket back home, but this day was different from the others…

I was given a small house in the city after being released from the dungeon. A simple one story home with a bedroom and all the necessities. Celestia and I called it, “home-base” and it's where we do most of the planning. As such, the entire living room is full of notes and books. Today on the list of things that need doing, we need to find the ponies for the: Music, entertainment, food, snacks, and the line of clothing for the royals. I have JUST the ponies in mind.

The front door swings open as the small form of my teacher bounces in with a literal spring to her step, “Got the census! We’re all set for today right?”

I nod, while their names aren’t my common knowledge, a simple picture along with a scrying spell will do. There can’t be THAT many ponies that look like them, right?

“AHHH! Twilight! Your mane looks like a tornado ran through it!” She screams… again, it's fairly common for her to say this to the point where I expect it and just play along

“Huh?” I look back at it, it's sure a mess. Five weeks of not being cut or groomed really did a number on it, and It’s growing long.

“Nah, a quick brush should fix it up, but we don’t have time to spare to get a full spa day in our schedule. We’re barely cutting it by with 8 hours of sleep.” I respond to her not so quiet question.

“I know…. Oh! Mom taught me this for when I get older! Let's see if it works.” She flares up her horn and it sparkles its golden color. She fires two puffs of magic, and as they hit my mane. it gets significantly longer. There was a pause, then nothing happens.

Glancing back at it, “This didn’t help Cell-” Now the second spell activated etherialing my mane and infusing it with my magic. Making it all wavy, like Luna and Celestia’s mane in the present.

She squees “I call it, The ‘wavy spell!’ Keeping my mom from having to do her mane since 18000 years ago!”

I  was quite literally flabbergasted because that was the way I ended up learning this spell.  Out of all ways I could’ve was this one in particular is quite urking. “Thanks, Celly. This will cut down on a lot of wasted time in the morning. Now let's get digging through this.”

We spend the next few hours digging through the census book. Unsurprisingly the book was nice and organized down to the last name of every pony. We copy down the names of each of the perspectives and both cast the scrying spell to see them. After just a couple of hours we finally locate the 5 we are interested in seeing.

“Got them!” My voice rings out as my spell hones in on the six

Celestia asks me, “What’s so special about these ponies anyways Twilight? You know them?”

Giggling I respond “No, but I do know of them. C'mon, let’s go and get them all.”

        Trotting out the door, bringing along my list. We head out to meet my closest friend’s… ancestors.

--Celly POV--

        Twilight looked really happy as we traveled through town, I could only guess why…. It was really obvious okay? These ponies must remind her of her friends back home! They might even be family of them!

        The Apple Family were a family of farmers working at Canterlot Outskirts, at least, until they could finish the paperwork to found a town proper within the next year. For now they're just simple farm ponies near the base of the mountain. The Belle family were center ring nobility, but though they’re only a fourth or fifth house. They’re famous for their influence on Pony culture.  Well, infamous is the right word, their stuff is really ahead of the times. Usually taking two to three years to actually be in style. I’ve never heard of the Dash Family before, but Twilight said that she saw this one working on some stunts in the air that looked really cool. The Pie Family were a family of rock farmers and jesters. Really flips of each other 99% of the time. Typically each Pie Family generation has 2-4 stoic boring children and 1-2 that are really really really crazy. Finally, through the scrying spell, we found a pony that seemed to have quite the symphony of animals of varying size and shape. Never heard of her otherwise.

Phew…. we’re gonna have a long day ahead of us.

        --Back at home Celly POV--

        We decided to begin with the Apple Family, and by all counts, Ambrosia Apple was more than happy to help with the gala. They were going to handle half of the snacks for the more healthier section. She was a bright yellow pony with an auburn mane and a cutie mark of a appletree. Consequently, she was actually the cook of the family rather than a full time farm worker. Twilight really looked in her element talking with her even though the Apple Family coined their own accent.

        She spoke to them so nice and brightly like they were family friends for years. ‘She's just… So coooooollllll.’ I let out a loose squee.

“Hm? You say something Celly?” She asks me

“Nope! Just, uh, you’re pretty cool and all…. Thanks for showing up. My life before you popped up was just so boring. Too constrained and annoying.”

The lavender alicorn smiles and nuzzles my forehead. It feels really nice and full of an almost motherly love? ‘No… It's something a little different.’

A-anyways, after the apple family agreed we ordered our dresses from the belle family. Unlike most nobility they were surprisingly really nice. Glimmering Belle and Twilight became fast friends over some tea. The dressmaker took some measurements and casts a simple spell to make our dresses appear out of thin air! Even Twilight was fairly amazed by the feat. Apparently Glimmering taught Twilight the spell, even though it's bounded by bloodline. Maybe she figured out where Twilight came from just by looking at her?

I hear a giggle and then Twilight asks me, “Whatcha up to Celly?”

“Hm? Oh! I'm keeping a journal of your time here. A little narrative. To remember you by!”

She smiles, “Oh? May I?”

I nod and pass her the book she smiles as she reads through the entries. “Hey, if you want I can fix up the spelling and grammar so you can enjoy a personal touch from me.”

Squeeing, I nod, “but first lemme finish the section I was onnnn!” She smiles and returns the book to me. Sitting back down I get back to writing.

Next we met one of the most awesome ponies in Canterlot, known as Prismatic Dash, Apparently, the entire family has a rainbow colored mane. I'm fairly sure my sister would just latch onto and snuggle one all day. We caught her in the middle of some flight practice, and she was pretty good. I was a bit skeptical at first, since Twilight didn’t want to use my mom’s professional team. She simply said that, “this is a time for the masses to get some notability. Let's just give her a chance alright? Besides the official team could use the rest.”

Then we met Cinnabar Pie. Uh, I really can't explain how that was like. Just, read a book about the first gala or something.

Then we met Sweet Breeze. If my mom’s niceness and Twilight’s niceness were to mix together to make a pony... Sweet Breeze would be the result. She's a calm brown Pegasus. She seems to be able to talk to animals even though her talent is more suited to being a singer pony. She gave me a hug that honestly could addict somebody and kill a changeling with the amount of unconditional love it had. Twilight asked her to help out with making the garden feel a little more natural, by inviting animals to live in it. Supposedly there’s something therapeutic about it.

Then it was just a bunch of boring planning for the weeks following. I did get to spend a fun day with my parents a couple times, since this is exempting me from my studies.

“Note to self, write about that next.” Closing the book I hoof it over to Twilight who smiles and pulls me in with a wing.

“Here, let me show you my proofreading methods.” She warmly states.

“Sure.” I say before getting comfy as she teaches me how to proofread efficiently.