by GivingSpider

Chapter 1

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Discord's eyes shot open like they normally would when he was bored with sleeping. They surveyed the room and the familiar shapes of bedroom furnishings slowly came into focus. The warmth and comfort of the bed was almost intoxicating but a sudden and unexplainable urge took hold of him. Discord sat upright and slowly got out of the bed and onto the floor. The mismatched creature quickly coiled up and slid himself under the bed. With his ear pressed against the floor he took in every sound coming from below. The sound of his mate humming became his entire world. The sound of her and her activities told him a simple story. Fluttershy was downstairs going through her pantry. The sound of objects being moved and where they seemed to be told him that she was in the act of selecting tea. Judging by how long she was at it told him that she was in an indecisive mood. Discord grinned as he slowly slid out from under the bed while remaining tightly coiled. Indecisive meant distracted. Distracted meant vulnerable. The Dracoenquus reached the door and slowly uncoiled himself. Unexplainable urges compelled his body to act and his mind just didn't feel like arguing. The animal in him had needs and today just felt like a good day to indulge.

He reached his claw for the door and gripped the knob. A light turn of the knob made a very noticeable creaking sound. He withdrew his claw and stared at the door. There was no rationale reason to conclude that Fluttershy would be able to hear the door opening; especially not while busy with tea. Fluttershy lacked the perception to detect his actions from where she was. Discord grinned as he stepped from the door. The door was a simple obstacle that did not provide the stimulation he wanted. He did not want to just walk downstairs, he wanted to hunt.

Discord turned to the window and approached it. He carefully began to open the glass portal to the outside and stopped as he looked to the world in front of him. Right beyond the window was an obstacle that would possible alert the unaware Pegasus below. On a branch near the window was a small nest occupied by very young robins. Disturbing the nest would provoke a lot of chirping and possible get Fluttershy’s attention. Distracting her with birds would be useful if he was not close to them. He stepped a few feet away from the window and traced his paw along the wall. Slowly he inched along and stopped when he felt a tiny draft. He knelt down and leveled his left eye with the small crack and was greeted by a black nothing. Discord emptied his lungs of all air and stuck the tip of a talon into the crack. The tiny space suddenly became a powerful vacuum and in a fraction of a second Discord was rather forcibly removed from the room. As quickly as it happened he was deposited outside the house slightly tangles around some branches. If the Draconequus was not a Draconequus then the escape would have ended in a quite amusing tragedy.

Discord took a moment to look over how twisted and wrapped his body was. Getting untied was simple but time consuming. Instead of wasting precious seconds getting himself untangled he let his body disconnect into sections and fall from the tree. The many bits and pieces landed on the grass and all of them tumbled into a pile for reconstruction. His left eye bounced onto a window sill and noticed the yellow mare filling a kettle with water. She was still focused on her task and was still unaware of the predator outside. The eye rolled off the edge and joined with the rest of the body. Discord stood up and calmly walked to the window. He took a moment to observe the gentle creature inside. The way her mane flowed from her head, the way her tail swayed as she walked, the way she was so deliciously helpless against what was coming; he could practically taste his own urges. Discord felt possessed. It was almost as if he was outside his body and watching it carry out his primal needs. He felt powerless to stop it but considered that to be an irrelevant observation. He did not want to be stopped.

He dragged his paw along the tree that her home was built into. He slowly moved along as he felt for a quick and quiet way inside. Opening a window was a boring idea and the front door might alert Fluttershy. The hunter stopped and slowly felt around a single spot on the tree. He brought up his claw and traced a talon along the bark. Slowly and carefully he traced a circle in the solid tree. Discord finished his scratching and firmly pressed his paw against the center. His body turned pale and transparent as he pushed his paw through the natural wall of her cottage. The Draconequus passed through the obstacle and re-solidified himself once fully inside. One time he got too impatient and became physical while still partly in a wall and he never did it again. Discord dropped to the floor and paused. Why didn’t he exit the bedroom like that? Why did he have himself get sucked out? He shrugged and slithered to the wall. He stretched his neck in an awkward looking angle and shot his tongue straight at the ceiling. Upon connecting he rapidly pulled himself up and his body clung to his new chosen surface.

From his new vantage point he looked again at the chosen prey. She hummed softly and moved through the kitchen. He watched her gather a cup for her tea. He slithered closer as she set it on the table. He positioned herself directly above her. Fluttershy stopped and glanced around. Discord made no sound to alert her but clearly part of her suspected that a predator was nearby. The animal remained still and watched her as she took in her surroundings. She looked everywhere but up; an amusing mistake. She shrugged and made her way to her living room and couch. Discord followed her and only stopped when she did. Flutershy laid on the couch and her eyes met his. The gentle mare froze like a stunned animal. He grinned and met her gaze. Discord wondered what was going through her mind. Was it fear? Was it curiosity? Was it excitement? Was it a mix of all three? Discord didn’t put much through into it. Without a warning or hesitation he let himself fall. She didn’t move but she did let out a nervous gasp as his form plummeted down at her. Her eyes went wide and her heart began to race. Discord felt a similar rush of adrenaline. He quickly positioned his limbs so they could hit the sofa before his body hit her. His paw, claw and feet anchored themselves to the furniture. His body hung just an inch over her. His eyes hung right above her. Her heart pounded in her chest. Discord lowered himself further and could feel the beating organ through his own flesh.

The Pegasus looked up and saw that Discord was gone and that only an animal remained in his eyes. Discord looked down and saw that Fluttershy was gone and only a creature of prey remained. His urges demanded him to continue. He had caught her. All that was left was to give in fully to his urges. Discord moved his pawed arm to her waist to hold her still. For Fluttershy it felt like an eternity. Without any warning or noticeable provocation Discord did exactly what he set out to do.

Discord gave her face a long solitary lick and then quickly slithered away. Fluttershy remained on her back in her stunned state. She stared wide eyed at the ceiling. The passage of time lost all meaning as her heart returned to a composed pace. Somehow Discord continued to make life with him interesting. Another day came and he added a moment that gave her a mix of terror and elation. She wondered if it was his way of getting her back for an incident involving her altered self. She almost jumped when she became aware that Discord was standing over her as if nothing happened. He looked down at her and smiled warmly as if unaware of her expression and spoke with equal selective indifference.

“I think your tea is almost ready dearest.”