The Chrysalling

by Fateful Pony

A Fierce Tranformation

“Hmph,” Chrysalis scoffed. “What makes you think that this mane change means anything? It’s simply a difference in aesthetics.”

“You villains are all the same. Always underestimating your opponents.”

“Did you mean overestimate? Calling you weak is just me being courteous. You are far worse than that, I’d say.”

“Seems you can’t sense my kind of magic. I guess I will have to show you then.” His magic increased in intensity as he grew progressively more angry. “You ruined a baby’s special day… you hurt her Mom and Dad… then the princesses… well no more!” He readied magical yellow sphere in his forehoof. “Super Derpi Beam!”

Chrysalis leaped ahead to dodge the attack, and she closed in. They began throwing combos at one another, before finally managing to hit each other in the face simultaneously.

She was staggered by the shear force of his attack, and Derpibra remained unaffected by hers.

She grunted before exclaiming, “Die!” She propelled a series of green crystallized spears in his direction.

He simply stood there, knocking away any spears that attempted to hit him with an equally as trivial swipe of the hoof.

(What is this? Why is nothing affecting him all-of-a-sudden?) She thought as she continued her assault.

Soon, Derpibra became annoyed by her tricks, and exploded with magic, cancelling her spells almost immediately. “You’re finally at your wits end.”


“You aren’t used to your power either. You’re slowly getting weaker every second.”


He chuckled.

“Laugh at me will you!?” She materialized a blade of magical crystal, and slashed at him with reckless abandon, but he again dodged with minimal effort. “Stay still!”

(Calling a bluff is working. She’s using up all of her power so quickly, I could easily win this one. But then again, I’m losing power too. I need to end this now.) He decided it was time to end this skirmish, uppercutting her into the air, and performing the Meteor Crash technique. After his combo was finished, he did the Sledgehammer, plummeting her to the Crystal Mountains not too far away from the Empire. He then threw his hooves to either side of him, and began charging a massive amount of energy to which bright sun yellow lightning bolts surged.
Once the attack was ready, he closed his hooves together, forming a larger energy that occasionally blinked. “What should I call this attack? Oh, right, Final Flash!”

He brought down one of the mountainous regions, leaving in the beam’s wake a pile of rubble and tree bark that caused somewhat of an avalanche.

A blue magic was absorbed into his body, and he felt insanely more formidable, but the power seemed uncontrollable from it’s sheer amount.
“What is this…?”

“It’s the power of the Crystal Heart!” A voice chirped from his left. “Get the power to the heart, then we can repair it!”

“Huh?” He gazed down and spotted an orange unicorn stallion. “Who’re you?”

“Nevermind that! I’ll explain everything later!” He motioned for him to follow inside of the castle.