The Chrysalling

by Fateful Pony

Unlikely Invitation

The day of Saturday, March twenty sixth, brought with it crisp air and a heated atmosphere. Ponyville was rather quiet this day, since everyone was exhausted from their daily routines and decided they should remain at home (That and the heat was getting close to ninety degrees!)

Derpibra and his friends stayed within the castle of Twilight Sparkle since they’ve nothing better to occupy their time at the moment.

Twilight and he stayed in the same room, Twilight studying her records as usual, while Derpibra sat staring blankly from a nearby window.

“I’m so bored!” He cried.

“You’ve said that for the tenth time already. I’m trying to focus-”

“Then give me something to do! I’m dieing here!”

“I swear, you're just like Rainbow Dash. Wouldn't you care to read some books?”

“I already told you I’m not a bookworm.” He rocked in the stool he sat on while his eyes glued themselves to the ceiling above. “You sure you don't have any magical monsters or something I could take out?”

“Not every part of life is an adventure you know.”

“I know, and it sucks!” He finally decided to look at her. “Hey, speaking of adventures, you think what Däischtert said was true? That Magnus was manipulating me with light or something?”

“It's hard to say. All he gave you was an ancient mark. Not much to work with.”

“Will Dragon Isle survive without a king there to rule?”

“I wouldn't cross my hooves on it too much. They aren't the most organized bunch I’ve seen.”

“Ooh! What’s that?”


He pointed to a rather out-of-place snowflake floating astray in the air. “That’s nonsense! It’s too hot for that!” He dashed through the window.

“Too hot for what-? Hey! Where are you going?”

He crawled back through the window moments later and revealed to her a delicate snowflake. “This is some hot snow! Is the weather alright?”

“That isn’t a flake- erm, a real one. Let me see it.” She opened the mysterious flake, uncovering an invitation to an event. “The Crystalling…?” She gasped. “Cadence and Shining armor is having a Crystalling for their baby!”

“Is that some kind of special baby shower or something?”

“Eh… Sort of.” She proceeded to explain what the Crystalling was.

“Oh, I get it now. Welp, we finally got something to do!”

“An exciting thing nonetheless. Let’s gather everypony in the throne room and-”

“Twilight?” A mare's voice rang from the other side of the door.

“Come in Starlight!”

Starlight Glimmer trotted in, taking care to close the door behind her. “Hey Twilight. Who’s this?”

“Ah yes, you must’ve just gotten here. I forgot to introduce you two. Derpibra, Starlight, Starlight, Derpibra.”

“Hi!” He greeted with emotion.

“Hello. You look… different compared to her other friends.”

“Is it ‘cause of my eyes?”

“That’s one thing at least. Say, Twilight?”


“When did you meet Derpibra?”

“Sometime late last year. The month slips me. He came here on a train from Los Pegasus.”

“Seriously? Hm, Derpibra, how’s it like out there?”

He was playing around with a dust bunny he found in the corner of the room. “Lively, full of celebrities and things. I haven't been there in a while, so I don't know what’s happening there right now.”


Twilight closed a nearby book and fixed her eyes on them. “We should get going to the throne room. I’ll explain why once we get there.”

“Throne room?” A voice rang once again, this time a male’s.

“Yes Spike! Can you grab everypony for us?”

“Yeah! Meet you down there!”

“Thanks! Well, let's go.”

The hallways had an assortment of endless identical doors.

“Twilight? How do you even get through this place at all?” Derpibra asked.

“I guess I just know my way around.”

He turned over to his violet friend. “Starlight, where were you born?”

“In a village.”

“That’s… a simple answer.”

“Not a lot to it really.”

“Ok… so, how did you meet Twilight?”

“I rather wouldn't-”

“She tried to steal everypony’s cutie marks and got defeated then came back for revenge by trying to use time travel to make it so Twilight wasn’t friends with any of her friends she knows now then got into a duel with Twilight and almost won if Twilight didn't convince her to stop what she was doing.” Spike gasped for air. “And, that’s how they met.”

“Spike…!” Starlight looked disapprovingly at him.

“That… is awesome!” Derpibra announced.

“Wait, what?”

“You’re a unicorn, and you challenged a alicorn princess and practically won! That's epic!”

“Uhh… thanks, I guess?”

“We gotta have a magic duel later!”

“But you're a pegasus…”

“I know.” He replied with a smirk.

Starlight, confused, decided not to question him further.

The group of friends stepped into the large throne room, decorated with a sizable circular table surrounded by six thrones, and their other mates having been there early.

“Aw, what? That’s sick!” Derpibra chirped. “You girls get thrones? I guess everyone’s a princess around here.”

“Including me.” Spike said. “Princess Spike. You know, that kinda has a ring to it.”

“So who’s the king, princess?” He snickered.

“Come to think of it, King Spike sounds better…”

Everypony shared a laugh.

“Ok everyone, settle down, settle down.” Twilight announced. “I have received an invitation from the Crystal Empire about the Crystalling.”

“Erm, what’s a Crystalling?” Starlight asked.

Spike summoned a blue urn from under the table and proceeded to explain the process.

“I see.”

“So… can we go to it now?” Derpibra asked.

“We should leave when we’re ready.” Replied Twilight. “Any thoughts anyone?”

They all shook their heads… except for the only stallion in the room.

“Something on your mind?”

“I need new armor. That fight with the black dragon destroyed all of my gear-”

“My Derpibra! Don’t be so rash!” Rarity called.

“Huh? What’re you talking about Rarity?”

“You mustn’t go to such a lovely event dressed as a barbarian! You must look fashionable darling!”

“Rarity, I’m sure I’m okay with- ow! Hey, watch it!”

“Time for a makeover dear. I’ll take you upstairs. I have spare materials and instruments of beauty for you to use!” She pushed him up the stairs outside of the main hall doors.

“Ok! Ok! I’m going!”

Their voices faded as they went deeper into the castle.

Twilight turned nervously to her friends. “Uh… let’s get ready before she comes to get us too.”

“Agreed.” They all said.

Derpibra displayed a blank expression as Rarity scrubbed his mane to make combing it easier. But after a while, he began kicking his hoof much like a dog. “Oh, yes. Right there…”

“You are the most peculiar one aren’t you?”

His mane was full of bubbles. “Why are your hooves so soft?”

“A lady must always have the assets of true class darling.”

“A little bit more to my ear please~”

Rarity chuckled.

Thirty minutes later, Derpibra emerged from the wash room wearing a brown duster coat with a sparkling chocolate brown cape. His only accessory was a matching western hat that he had slightly tilted. “Wow Rarity, you really got the ‘Suspicious Drifter’ look going on here.”

“It is what you wanted yes?”

“Definitely!” As he turned around, he saw Applejack with the most beautiful western dress composed of dark leathers hard and durable enough to double as a form of light armor. Shined metal studs, and western embroidery further augmented its country look.

“‘Ow do I look? Rarity wouldn't stop bothering me about wearing this dress…” “Her mane was let down from its usual ponytail and was combed thoroughly.

Derpibra’s jaw dropped. “Wow, you're…wow.”

“I will leave you two lovebirds together here. I will go check on the others.” Rarity trotted off down the hall.

After waving goodbye, Derpibra turned back to his favorite mare of them all. “You look… different.”

“I know. Feel just a tad weird right now.”

“Why? You look amazing like this! ...I mean, you already look amazing without it, but you know what I mean.”

Applejack chuckled. “It’s just… I ain’t used to wearing these fancy getups, you know?”

“Ah, it’s fine. Rarity got to just about everypony. You aren't the only one.” He smiled. “I mean, she’s no stranger to fashion. At least she didn't make us look crazy.”

“Alright, you got a point sugarcube.”

The noise of hooves clopping the floor was heard as many more dazzling mares grouped together. They were all wearing dresses respective to their tastes and colors.

“Am I the only one that looks kinda out of place?” Derpibra asked.

Rarity nodded. “We could get you another outfit-”

“No no, it’s fine. You have a… collection of outfits. It would take forever… and besides, I like this duster coat.”

“Suit yourself. Well, to the train station then! We have a Crystalling to attend.”