Sweetie Crush

by Ceehoff

Chapter III

Sweetie Crush

Written and Drawn by Ceehoff

Sweetie Belle sighed in grief. She should have known that Connor was dating Fluttershy. In fact, how the hay did she forget? The evidence was right there in front of her nose the entire time! It was probably the colt's charms that caused the little filly to forget. To forget something so obvious took a lot of effort. Connor was enough to wipe it out of her little mind.

Ever since she had been reminded that he was already in a relationship back in school earlier today, her day so far had been nothing but crap. Her dreams of being Connor's fillyfriend were spiraling down the drain. Why did he have to be in a relationship... with Fluttershy?? Why?? So what if she came first into his life? Did that really mean that he was going to stay with her forever? Sometimes, first dates did not always go so smoothly. Then again, the relationship between Connor and Fluttershy looked pretty steadfast. Those two were like bees and honey, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate syrup and ice cream, two peas in a pod, two kissing fish in the ocean... Oh, dear Celestia, that was the worst part of it for her. Their relationship was so steadfast, that it drove them to kiss each other. Well, why not? They were a couple. Sweetie Belle and Connor would never be a couple. Look at her! She was only a little filly. Fluttershy was a grown mare. She was older than her! Plus, Fluttershy had charm for being a meek and shy pegasus who would usually lock herself away from the world. She was beautiful, kind, adorable, gentle, caring...

She groaned. How was she going to be Connor's little pony now?

"SWEETIE BELLE!" yelled a voice.

"Huh? What?" the unicorn sputtered.

"We asked ya if ya had any idears about what to do fer our cutie marks, and ya just sat there like a rottin' apple! C'mon, Sweetie Belle! Focus!" Apple Bloom raised her voice, though not in offense.

Sweetie Belle's mind raced furiously to come up with ideas. "Oh! Well... uh, how about taffy making?"

"We just did that," Scootaloo said.

"Oh... well, what about bungee jumping?"

"Nnnope! We jus' did that, too," Apple Bloom spoke.

"Scuba diving?"

"We already did that, too," the orange pegasus said as she stared at her like she was crazy.

"Taffy making?" Sweetie Belle squeaked meekly.

"Ya already said that, and we already did that!" the country filly said as she bunched her eyebrows.

"I did? Really?"

"Ugh! That's it! I can't take this anymore!" Scootaloo groaned. "Sweetie Belle, I've been holding back questions about your dreariness for a long time, and I'm at the end of my rope!"

"She's right, Sweetie Belle. Ah'm thinkin' the same thing. You've been actin' pretty strangely these past couple of hours, and we wanna know why," Apple Bloom intervened before leaning forward to listen. "Please, Sweetie Belle. Tell us. What's wrong?"

They could not know about Sweetie Belle's feelings for him. Lord knows what they were going to do to her if they found out. Her mind raced to create a lie.

"I'm sorry, girls... It's just that... that... I'm not feeling very good lately."

"You mean 'very well'..." Scootaloo corrected.

"Yes, that was what I meant, and you see? I'm so not feeling so well, that I can't really... (ooooog) speak correctly," the unicorn said as she tried to feign wooziness.

"Oh, dear! Ah- Ah mean, we didn't know! We're awful sorry that we yelled at ya like that. Why didn't ya tell us sooner? We would've sent ya home a long time ago," Apple Bloom said as she placed a hoof on the white filly's forehead. "Well, ya don't have a fever. Is it somethin' ya ate?"

"No, I mean YES! Yes, it is something I ate. I guess the love- I mean, clover went a little bad without Rarity realizing it. She must have put bad love-I mean, clover in my lunch."

"Are ya feelin' dizzy sick or vomity sick?"

"Love sick..."

Oh, horseapples... Did they hear it?

Crap! They did!

"What did ya say?" Apple Bloom said with a raise of an eyebrow.

"Umm, uhhvvv-v-vomity sick! Vomity sick! You girls better find me a bucket or something! Quick!" Sweetie Belle nervously said.

"No, no, no! I'm pretty sure you said, 'love sick.'" Scootaloo supported Apple Bloom.

"Girls! I'm gonna throw up! Bucket! NowOOMPH!"

Her cheeks puffed out furiously and she threw her head back way behind her back. Then, she threw her head forward and craned her back.


No vomit... Just gas...

Oy, she was in trouble.

Her eyes were wide open, not from surprise, but shock. She knew that she spilled the beans about love. The other two fillies were not stupid. Knowing that she had been caught, she slowly looked up at the two fillies, who were glaring down at her. Their expressions were grim and strict. Sweetie Belle was in boiled water now.

"You said 'love'..." Scootaloo said grimly.

"I...I... didn't!" the unicorn said, hoping the last-minute fib would work. It did not.

"Yes, ya did! Ah heard it, clear as a crystal," Apple Bloom argued.

Sweetie Belle sighed. She gave up.

"Yes, it's true. I said 'love'..."

The country filly began to scold. "Sweetie Belle! Ya know ya can't date while we are still tryin' to get our cutie marks! It is one of the many, yet most crucial things that get in the way of us and our cutie marks. It's in our society rules!"

"Society rules??" squeaked the white unicorn in utter confusion. "Since when did we have society rules?"

Scootaloo's face wrinkled in utter disbelief and disgust. "Ever since we started the society, Dumb Belle! You even wrote some of them! How on earth could you have forgotten that?"

SLUMP! The young pegasus placed a thick sketchbook on top of the table and opened it to the page where Sweetie Belle etched in the rules. One of them stated, "While still trying to achieve cutie marks, showing love interest and/or dating ponies of the opposite sex is strictly prohibited. Written and made official by Sweetie Belle."

The white filly was starting to feel really stupid. Just how much did she forget because of Connor?

"I, uh, I... I..." was all she could say.

"Listen!" Scootaloo's face was directly in front of the unicorn's. "We have been working our flanks off to get our cutie marks for a long time, and I do not feel like waiting any longer just because you are dating some stinky, snotty, nose-picking colt!"

How dare she insulted Connor like that! Sweetie Belle had to defend his honor. "He is not a stinky, snotty, nose-picking colt! He is a true gentlecolt! He says I'm pretty, he is gentle, he is handsome, and he has manners! Back off with your insults, chicken!"

"Look who is insulting now!" Scootaloo objected as her forehead was pushing against Sweetie Belle's.

"Girls!" Apple Bloom intervened at the right moment. "Take it easy! Nopony is insulting anypony! Let's all jus' relax and take a little breather here. So Sweetie Belle is havin' a crush on some colt! It ain't all that much. How to fix this problem is simple: stop crushing on him."

"What??" Sweetie Belle squeaked in defeat. She can't forget about her boo. (She called him that subconsciously.)

"Stop crushing on him?" Scootaloo was surprised as well. "Just like that? Don't mean to burst your bubble, Apple Bloom, but doesn't that sound a little... arbitrary? I mean, you can't just stop right on the dot when it comes to crushes. Things like that take time."

"And jus' how do ya know that, Scootaloo?" Apple Bloom shot a suspecting look.

"It was before we met and became the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I had this major crush on this really cute-looking colt for some time. Weeks, maybe. I was so lost into him that my grades were slipping. As much as I loved him, I did NOT want to be a failure in school. After realizing that, I vowed to myself that I would never crush on him again. It took a really, really long time to get him out of my head. It took me about five to eight days to completely forget about him. The day I found out that he was a booger eater sealed the deal."

"Ewwww!" the other two fillies retched.

"Yeah, I know. It's disgusting. But, what I'm trying to say is that it's not easy to forget about a crush so easily. It takes time."

"But we haven't got any time!" Apple Bloom argued. "Our cutie marks are waitin' fer us, and we need to get 'em! The sooner, the better! Isn't that the sayin' we lived by since we started this society?"

Scootaloo pondered. This was true. Plus, knowing herself, she did not have any patience either.

"Yeah," she nodded.

"Plus, maybe it's different with other ponies," the yellow country filly spoke again. "While it takes you a long time to forget about yours, maybe it takes only a short time fer another to forget about his or hers."

"I guess you're right on that one, too," the orange pegasus agreed. "Maybe it will take Sweetie Belle sooner to forget about this colt."

"But, guyyyyyyys!" the white unicorn whined.

"Ah'm sorry, Sweetie Belle. This colt ya speak of does sound charmin' and all, but ya need to let 'im go."


No, 'but's! Time is money! And by 'money', ah mean 'cutie marks'!"

With that, the two little fillies sat each other down directly in front of Sweeite Belle and stared at her sternly.

"Now..." Scootaloo spoke. "I guess it doesn't matter who you are crushing on now, but what does matter is that you swear to forget about this colt once and for all."

"Once... and for all??" Sweetie Belle squeaked in disbelief.

"Well, not once an' for all," Apple Bloom corrected as she waved a hoof in the air. "Until we get our cutie marks. Scootaloo's just exaggeratin'."

"Pfft! Okay, whatever!" the pegasus huffed impatiently. "Still, swear that you will forget this colt until we get our cutie marks!"

The unicorn felt like a small puppy trapped in a small cardboard box. Her two best friends still had their sights directly on her. They hardly blinked as they eyed her, not ceasing until she answered. What a hard decision to make! She could not turn down her best friends, but she could not betray Connor either. She already felt like they had such a connection, though the colt did not even realize it. However, she also wanted her cutie mark just as badly as she wanted him. However, they said that she had to forget him until they acquire their cutie marks. It was not like they were asking her to forget about him forever.

Foreverrrrrrr! Pinkie Pie snarled.

Pinkie Pie! What're you..? Sweetie Belle thought.

Oh, silly me for not telling you! You were about to think 'forever', so I thought I'd drop into your thoughts and emphasize it for you!

Oh... well...

No need to thank me. Always glad to help! Oh! By the way, here's a mind cupcake to fill that mind belly of yours! It's super-duper-allyooper good! Well, gotta bounce into other ponies' minds! Bye-bye!

Seriously... how did Pinkie Pie do that??

Sweetie Belle shook her head, shaking out the pink pony's ridiculousness. Back to business. Where was she? Hard decision... betrayal... Cutie Mark Crusaders... Connor... oh, so handsome, studly Connor... tall, handsome, firm, gentle--NO! No! Focus! Connor... cutie marks... not forever.... just until cutie marks were acquired... Good, she was in track now. Yes, Connor could wait. She would get that cutie mark soon. She would. She... would... Connor would just have to wait in line.

She took a deep breath before answering, "I swear."

They did not respond. They only squinted their eyes tighter as they leaned closer toward her. Sweetie Belle was starting to feel a bit panicked. What else were they going to suspect about her? She was being honest as she could be. Paranoia and panic was rushing throughout her mind until a yellow hoof pointed directly at her.

"Do ya solemnly swear?" Apple Bloom grimly asked.

"Yes." Sweetie Belle tried to act calm. For a cute, little, yellow, earth filly with a big, red bow on her head, she was pretty scary.

"Do you Pink--?" Scootaloo was cut off by the country filly.

"No, no. We don' want Pinkie Pie involved with this. Especially when she hears that it has been broken..."

"Ooooh, yeah..." shivered the pegasus, remembering that last event when a Pinkie Promise had been broken. Damn, was it ever ugly. She saw things coming from Pinkie Pie that she wished she had never seen.

They shifted their sight back to Sweetie Belle, expecting an honest-to-God answer.

The little filly puffed her little white chest out and spoke, "I swear!"

That did it. The other two's grim and chilling faces changed to warm and content smiles in a blink of an eye. Rarity's little sister sighed in relief. Not only was she able to weasel herself out of time of panic and worry, but she had a hunch that she was able to fulfill her promise to forget her crush until got her cutie mark.


The filly was walking through the fairly crowded streets of Ponyville, quietly chanting to herself.

"You can do this, Sweetie Belle! You can do this! You can do this! You can do this! You can forget about Connor until you get your cutie mark! It won't take long! You can do this! You can do this!"

She was so adamant about convincing herself to forget about her crush, that she nearly walked into a cart. She was lucky that she barely missed it. Her face would have been plastered o the side of the cart, and she would have made a fool out of herself. She went right back to convincing herself, until she looked up casually to see the Guzzling Gallop bar across the street. That was where Connor works.

Excellent! Her first test of abstinence! She gave it a focused glare and sprung around, facing it. She jeeringly gazed upon it.

"Well, well, well... Look what we have here! The Guzzling Gallop, isn't it?" She placed a hoof behind her ear as she continued to jeer. "What's that? You want me to go inside and visit Connor? Ohhhhh-ho-ho no, no, no, nononono! You're not going to give the slip that easily! I promised the Cutie Mark Crusaders that I will forget about Connor until I get my cutie mark! Which will be soon.... er or later.... or later.... maybe even later.... maybe even m--NO! You get what I mean! I will get my cutie mark soon! I will! Until I get my cutie mark, I won't let one, single, handsome colt get in the way between me and my--EEP! Omigawsh, there he is!"

Sweetie Belle hid behind an apple cart and craned her neck around the edge to see Connor walk out of the Guzzling Gallop and take a deep breath of fresh air. Then, he shifted his limbs until they all cracked. He nearly melted in his spot in comfort and content. He turned and started to walk. The little filly squinted.

"Just where is he going? I thought he going to work all day. Something's up and I want to know what!"

With that, she dumped all the apples out of a basket and covered herself with the basket. She nipped a pepping hole into it, so she could see where she was going. Then, shuffling her little legs, she inched forward, following the colt.

So far, so good. The colt suspected nothing. However, everypony else did. Left and right, Sweetie Belle got stares from ponies as she inched forward underneath her basket. Did they mind? She was trying to see what Connor was d--.

"Ahhhhhh! A rattler! Ev'rypony save yerselves!" screeched an elderly green mare.

Ponyfeathers! For an old mare, she sure could scream. That would be enough to blow her cover. Oh, crap! She hated being right. The colt's head was turning around towards the racket. Before she could even collect herself, she darted out from underneath the basket and into the nearest garbage can she found.


"That's right, ya lil' varmint! Git back in the garbage can like every other, you vacuum cleaner! Er, no, wait, ah mean vinyl record! No, wait... Aw, ponyfeathers... Ah'd ferget mah mane if it were sewed onto tha' back o' mah head."

Thank... Celestia! That was close. Sweetie Belle would wish for nothing more. Well, except for a better and cleaner place to hide. When was the last time somepony cleared this garbage can out??

Her senses were tingling. Connor was on the move again. She could not lose him.


Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank!

The garbage can hopped as it followed Connor all the way to... Fluttershy's house?

Knock, knock, knock! The colt knocked on the door. Sweetie Belle had to get a closer look. Using the grass to silence the clanking of the garbage can, she hopped up to the nearest window to look in.

The colt was standing at the front door, checking his breath and brushing the dust off of his shoulders. He thrust his chest out and turned on his swagger, eager to meet his little pony. Then, his nose wrinkled. Something smelled bad... like... garbage... No matter. He instantly reached into his saddlebag and pulled out a can of Colt Spice and gave himself a spray or two... Actually, something smelled pretty bad.


SSSSSSSSSSSssss! He covered himself in a continuous spray of Colt Spice.

As soon as he heard the door click, he got startled and was fumbling with his can of his body spray. When he finally got a hold of it between his hooves, he instantly tucked it away into his saddlebag. The door creaked open.

"Hey, beautiful! How's my little pony doing?"

No answer, except for a fuzzy thump-thump-thumping. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw nothing but thin air in front of him. He looked down to find a rather grouchy-looking rabbit tap its big foot on the floor.

Silence loomed between the two besides the noise coming from the many different animals chittering around them.

"Heyyyy! Angel! What's up, dude?" smiled the colt as he lifted his hoof up to the rabbit's level.

Angel smiled as he bumped the colt's hoof with his paw in response. (Apparently, they had gotten used to each other over the weeks.)

"Is Fluttershy home?"

The white rabbit nodded and pointed toward the kitchen. Connor felt a warm scent slither up his nose. His stomach immediately growled as smelt it. Was she making soup? He was pretty hungry after having to mop up Berry Punch's little accident.


Berry Punch was singing some karaoke with a glass of berry punch in her hoof. She swayed like a ship in the middle of a hurricane as she slurred in song.

"Uh, um, c'mon ev'rypunny, Smuhl, smuhl, smuhhhhl! Fill mah hart up wif froot punch, froot punch! Alls ah reallys needs a smuhl, smuhl, smuhhhhl! And, uhhh... uh... POOP! BLAAAARGH!"

She fell face first into her own vomit, looking like a dead animal.


Berry Punch... What a character.

Connor walked into the kitchen to find the yellow, pink-maned pegasus standing in front of the stovetop with a wooden spoon gripped gently in her mouth. The colt sniffed the warm aroma of tomato soup with hints of parsley and garlic. Oh, GOD, did it smell good! It seemed as if the aroma made its way into his stomach and was melting his insides in a soothing warmth. Fluttershy did not even look behind herself. It seemed as if she did not not notice Connor's arrival.

Well... she asked for it.

Connor tip-hoofed up to the unsuspecting pegasus and opened his arms slowly.



Turned out, Fluttershy jumped him instead of him jumping her.

"How did you...?" the colt stammered. "I mean, I was..."

She nuzzled the colt's neck before giggling, "I could smell you. I guess it's because of all of that Colt Spice you are wearing."

Connor sniffed his front leg pit. Indeed, he was wearing a lot of Colt Spice. It gave him away. D'oh! He felt the pegasus nuzzle deeper into his fur coat.

"And I love it, too. You smell wonderful."

"Anything for my little pony," Connor said before he pecked her on the cheek.

Then, he hopped into a playful pose.

"So! Whatcha makin'?"

"Tomato soup. With hints of parsley and garlic," she said as she smiled.

"I knew it! Nailed it!"

Fluttershy giggled at his youthful attitude.

"So, what are you doing here? Um, well, that is, if you don't mind me asking," she asked.

"Cherry Limeade just gave me a thirty minute break from work. I spent about ten minutes walking here, so I have about ten minutes to spend with you before I spend ten minutes walking back."

"Oh, I see. Oh! Are you hungry?"

"I'd thought you never ask," Connor said before he planted a kiss on her cute nose. "Thanks!"

"No problem at all," she said as she planted a kiss on his slightly larger nose. "The bowls are in the top cabinet."

"Got 'em!"

He laid two small, green, wooden bowls on top of the counter and Fluttershy poured the soup into them with a ladle. Connor was about to place his bowl on top of his head so he could walk over to the table with it, but the long-maned pegasus stopped him short. She carefully placed the bowl on top of her extended wing. Her other extended wing held her own bowl. She gently galloped over to the table, making sure not to fling any loose drops of tomato soup everywhere. She slid the bowls onto the top of the table. Incredible! Not one drop spilled. They both sat themselves and eyed their meal.

The soup was red and thick as blood. The bits of crumbled parsley and garlic slowly swirled. Small bits of tomato warped the red, smooth surface, making it look deliciously lumpy. Connor sniffed deeply at the picturesque meal. The scents of fresh, stewed tomatoes and freshly grinded garlic covered his nostrils like a coat of paint. Just wait until he started to eat it! The eyes had their fill, but it was the stomach's turn. The colt looked up to Fluttershy, who was already sipping her spoon of soup. Then, Connor took his spoon, dipped it in the soup, and lifted it up in front of his face. Oh, GOD... The lovely smell! He could get really high just sniffing it all day. He puckered his lips slowly until they touched the spoon and started sipping.

FFT! SHNERK! He nearly choked on it and some of it felt like it went up his nose. He started coughing.

Fluttershy instantly looked up from her spoon, concerned about her colt's health.

"Oh, my goodness! Are-are you okay? Is-is it the soup? Oh, dear, I thought I had followed the recipe step-by-step and detail-by-detail, but I guess it just wasn't good enough. Oh, dear, I just feel so silly som--"



"It's hot... It's just hot. That's why I reacted the way I did."

"Oh..." she said as she blushed sheepishly. "Well... does it taste good? To you, that is?"

"Let me try again," he said before he dipped his spoon into the soup again. This time, he made sure he blew at it first. He sipped at it again. He smacked his lips.

"I love it! It tastes awesome!"

Fluttershy sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness! I thought..."

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Connor was already feasting on his soup. Not only was it Fluttershy's soup, but it was so damn good! It even reminded him of his mother's tomato soup.

Seconds later, he found out that his spoon was not capable of scooping the rest of the soup that resided at the bottom of the bowl, so he lifted the bowl up to his lips and chugged down the rest of heaven. He politely placed the bowl back on the table and licked his lips, making sure he did not miss one single drop of tomato goodness.

He gave a pant of content. "Ahhh! That was delicious! Who would have thought you'd be such a good cook?"

Fluttershy did not respond, expect giggle. It was not out of flattery, but in humor. Judging by how she was looking at him, she was laughing at him. For what?

"What? What is it?" he asked.

The pegasus grabbed a napkin with her lips and gently floated over the table and in front of his face. She began wiping at his nose. When she finished, she revealed a red stain on the napkin.

Oh, of course! He should have known. He had one drop of soup on his nose. His thoughts were interrupted by a kiss on the nose.

"There we go! All clean! Nice enough to be kissed," she winked.

The colt could only chuckle. He automatically pressed his lips onto hers, kissing her. She kissed him back. Seconds later, the two were locked in a tiny make-out session that only lasted for about less a minute. Fluttershy sighed as looked into his eyes. Even though she was on the ground during the time, she felt like she was actually flying.

Peeking inside the window was a very devastated white unicorn. She slumped her face onto the glass and slid down with a low squeak coming from the window. She leapt down from the garbage can and hung her head as she sat on her haunches.

"Yeah... they're in a really tight relationship, all right," Sweetie Belle whimpered.

The images burned into her brain made her heart ache. She tried her best to shake it off.

"No, no, Sweetie Belle! You can still do this! You forget about Connor. You can forget about him until you get your cutie mark!... Until... you get... your..." she trailed off as she was starting the realize the ugly truth.

What was that truth? It was going to take forever for her to get her cutie mark! She could not wait that long. Plus, even if she did get her cutie mark, Connor would still be in a relationship with Fluttershy. It was a no-win situation either way. She felt like crying.

Why does Fluttershy need him? She's already happy with her animal friends. What about me?? I need him more than anything! Without him, I'll be forever hurt by bad and sad days! He's like my shield! My big, iron, brick-wall thick shield! My, big, iron, brick-wall thick, handsome, kind, and caring shield... But, look at me! Even without the garbage, I'm a MESS! I'm nothing compared to Fluttershy. She's kind, pretty, caring, full of grace... and OLDER! I can't compete with that! How is he going to love a crippled, talentless, cutie-markless mess like me? No, NO! You're just acting pathetic, Sweetie Belle! Quit beating yourself up! Of course, you are pretty, kind, caring, and full of grace! Of course, he would fall for a filly like you! I guarantee it! It will happen!

Her trail of thought silenced itself. There was only one problem...

They... were already... a freaking COUPLE!

It was hopeless. She could not win. It was over. Her shield was forever stripped from her.

Her shoulders started to heave as she quietly sobbed. She was embracing sadness until a familiar voice crept thought her mind.

You may have lost the battle, but not the war, Connor's voice echoed.

It all made sense... This was only a battle, but the war still goes on. She had plenty more battles to fight, and she was bound to win some of them. Maybe all of them.

She pounded a determined hoof into the mulch of the flowerbed.

The next battle had already begun. She was determined to push herself to be even more pretty, kind, graceful, and worthy for Connor's affections. She was determined to get her iron shield back.

Watch out, Fluttershy!

The war hath begun.

To be continued...