Burning Passion

by Crimson Beat

The Beginning Of The End.

Once again there I was on the shores of the same lake that I wanted to forget so badly. I stood and walked towards the water knowing what was about to befall me. "Where are you Tirek!" I shouted out into the darkness. As the last letter left my mouth the air began to chill me to the bone. However, I didn't move an inch because I knew what was before me.

"Ah my old friend how are you this fine evening." The evil being said as he walked out of the darkness towards me.

"Oh you know how exactly well I'm doing you fucker. You couldn't just let me make this decision on my own you had to bring one of your lackeys into this." I said aggressively as I walked towards him.

"Oh I thought that Diamond Alleys involvement would help you make your decision faster. I simply cannot wait any longer." He said in a demeaning tone. "I grow stronger each passing hour, but I'm not strong enough to help you out with your little predicament." He said as he looked down at me with a belittling gleam in his eyes.

"What are you getting at you bastard. What do you want from me?" I said angrily as I lost my patience.

"Straight to the point aren't you my little alicorn. You see I'm raising an army for my reappearance. This world will be ruled by me and you will be my right hand pony making all the decisions for my kingdom. I've been studying you especially around that Spitfire mare and I noticed something dark stirring inside of you when she was with your old friend. Now I need you to absorb the souls of all the ponies in ponyville for me to emerge and begin my vengeance." He blared out at me with an authoritative tone in his voice.

"You know how I feel about her you smug asshole; the reason that I have that darkness you speak of is because of those terrible feelings and ideas that I get about others hurting her. As long as I'm alive and sane I will keep her safe." I yelled back as my horn began to burn.

"Ah there it is! You see now what I'm talking about this darkness inside of you can keep her safe you just have to use it the right way. With my help you can keep her safe." He said slyly. He didn't have to say a thing I knew by his dreadful scowl what he was thinking.

"If I do this you must promise me one thing. Your must swear that you won't harm Spitfire because if you do I swear you will pay." I said in a stern and serious voice.

"I promise." He replied. I weighed the options one more time then I decided to reach out my hoof ever so slowly trying to convince myself this was the right decision. As soon as our limbs met I felt this indescribable dark power flow throughout my entire body. In a second all the power he was presenting me was completely absorbed.

"Good job my slave now on to the next step." He said coldly. "When you awake there will be another one of my followers and you will absorb their power in order to become more powerful." He added. Suddenly I awoke inside of the hospital with tons of machines hooked up to me. After a couple of seconds I tried to get my mind together then I remembered what I had agreed to. I looked over on the stand beside me and called for the nurse through the room phone.

"I need some meds my head hurts." I said in a fake pained voice. About five minutes later the nurse came through the door. She's a unicorn no doubt with a yellow coat and gray mane with amber eyes.

"Hi my name is nurse Sprite Walker and I will be your nurse while you stay here." She said as she entered the door. Then without a warning my hoof started burning again with a raging ferocity.

"So you're his follower are you? I assume he told you about the new order and the events that are about to become a reality correct?" I asked the nurse with a coldness in my voice.

"Yes my general he did and I am ready for you to take my power." She said agreeably. I just smiled as she began to have weak knees as she realized who I was. Then the air was filled with a intoxicating aroma.

"Oh what's that I smell. Seems like someone is getting excited." I said lustfully towards her. She just looked at me and smiled and blushed. "Why don't you bring that sweet and succulent body over and please your general." I said in a calm suggesting voice.

"Yes my other master your wish is my command." Sprite Walker said as she walked over towards my as she removed her clothing and walked towards me. I just smiled and laughed deeply.

"Good girl now come show me what you can do." I said in a forceful voice as she got closer. In a matter of seconds she was all over me letting me take control. I grabbed a hoofful of her mane and pulled her head back. She let out a slight moan of pleasure at this action. I looked at her with an overpowering glare in my eyes. She returned with a glance that was basically begging me to take her then and there as she bit her bottom lip. Then before she could say a thing I planted a kiss on her lips that made her let out a little sound of pure happiness. Then I went a step further and began letting my tongue flow into her mouth and she returned this gesture. However, this didn't last too long because before it could go any farther I moved my mouth onto her neck and bit down a sensual might as I pulled her hair at the same time. "Yes my lord take me here and now." She said in a loud voice. I just laughed at this comment.

"I'm sorry my servant I'm saving myself for someone else." I said in a devious voice as I started to let the darkness inside of me flow outwards absorbing the unicorns magic. Before she could say anything in revolt her eyes began to glow as a dark orb grew around my horn. Then flowing from her horn was a string of yellow aura flowed into my horn. "Yes! Let me absorb that succulent power inside of your body." I yelled as I felt my body grow stronger. After a couple of minutes and my sweet reward I felt my body shudder and begin to change. I looked in the mirror after five minutes of grueling pain only to see my new form. There was the real me with those dark red eyes with slits just like the evil serpent I am, my body now dark purple with toxic green bones protruded out of my body where my stripes previously were followed by my mane and tail completely red and flowing like that of the princesses. "Ah much better now to begin this new life. I am no longer Crimson Beat. I will now be called Grimstone in this new form!" I yelled at my reflection in the mirror. Then I thought that since I changed to my true self if I could turn back. Through about five minutes of meditation I realized I could switch between these two masks. I looked out of the window as the sun rose. "Now to start the new era of darkness that will shape the future for the better." I said as the sun came over the horizon. "Now to get everypony together for a town hall meeting." I said as I looked out at my herd of prey.