I Forgive You

by Father Pie

Confessions Too Late

Rainbow sat at her desk, a glass of whiskey sitting next to its bottle, her mind was in free fall. She did not imagine that her day would be spent at a funeral, much less the funeral of her old flame. The event was small, mostly close family and friends, she had spent the event mostly talking to his parents. There had been no body, so the there were only pictures. Sighing softly Rainbow thought back to her days spent in Canterlot High, she had spent most of it playing sports and hanging out with friends, and her weekends spent with her boyfriend.

Their breakup had been the talk at Canterlot High for weeks, rumors spread that he had cheated on her, and vice versa. The truth is that it was a lot less dramatic then the rumors, he gave his reason and Rainbow accepted it. She had been hurt, but she had buried it by becoming more active and hanging out with the girls more often.

Rainbow glanced at the closed envelope she had received at the funeral. She had asked if any others received them as well, she had been the only recipient. Finally deciding that putting it off any longer was not a good idea and opened the envelope. Inside was a sheet of folded paper. Unfolding it revealed that it was a letter addressed to her.

Dear Rainbow Dash,

How have you been? I know it's been a few years since we've talked, and I wanted to apologise for that... I shouldn't have just ignored you after our breakup, that was childish of me and I regret doing it. The truth is that I wanted to speak with you, and hang out with you. I know you confided in me alot, and I repaid you by turning me back on you. You must have hated my guts.

God, I'm tearing up writing this, I can't even imagine what I put you through. You were never good at expressing yourself, except with me. You trusted me with secrets you had kept for Fluttershy and the others, you came to me with you troubles and I helped you... I also trusted you with my past, our relationship was close, wasn't it?

Remember that time we raced across Everfree park? You let me win, and you never let any body beat you... So why did you let me? I must have been very important to you. Were you scared of losing me? I know I was scared of losing you Rainbow. I think it was there that I fell in love with you, sitting on the hill over looking the park, the setting sun had made you the prettiest thing in my world, your smile made my heart flutter, and your laugh made me happy.

Rainbow... I know you didn't have a great childhood, and that you had your issues... Perhaps that's why at times you could be hard to talk to, there were things you wouldn't tell me, no matter how much I insisted. I always gave you space to relax when you needed it, I was always there to comfort you. But what I did not tell you was that I could not be around forever.

I... I was getting sick, real badly, they told my parents that it was terminal. I couldn't do that to you, I wouldn't allow you to see me waste away. My parents decided that it was time for us to move into the city and closer to the hospitals. It was around this time that I broke it off with you, and I gave you a really bad excuse. For along time it seemed touch and go, for years I lived in a world of constant ups and downs... By the time I recovered I felt that it was way too late to rekindle what we had.

Was that wrong of me?

Rainbow? If there is one thing that I regret in life... It's that I never said "I love you". Rainbow Dash, you were my closest friend, my first love, and some one very dear to me... I love you.

From Slip Stream.

P.S. I would like to meet up some time and chat, I want us to be friends again, and this time I'll win that race myself!

Rainbow was busy wiping tears from her face as she finished the letter. her crying was mixed with choking laughs, Slip really thought he could beat her, though soon she was bawling into her arms. After awhile Rainbow's crying had turned into soft snoring.

"I love you to Slip"