Any Dream Can Come True...Even The Crazy Ones

by ppg1998

Chapter 8

---1 week later---

---Thomas/Sec POV---

I've only been here a week and I already feel like I've gone insane. Ok it was quite a shock for me to be here in the first place but even after calming down I still feel like this is all dream or something. Take of care of derpy is more of hassle then you would think. At first it was only a couple of kids being mean. But something is off.

I've noticed that people around here are starting to act more violent. One the first day I got here everyone was surprisingly nice. Now it feels like I'm in Detroit. The crime has risen and even the slightest thing can set anyone off. It is very strange.

Speaking of strange. I haven't really heard from Eris lately. The last I heard of her was she was doing some training with that discord fella. I don't trust Eris but as long as she isn't try taking over the world or something I don't mind her running around as long as she is t focused on me.

I then go into the kitchen and trip and land on my face. I then get up and see a bunch of marbles on the floor.

“Oh you found my marbles.”

I can recognize that voice anywhere. I then look up on the roof and see Eris floating in the air on brown recliner upside down above my head with a smug grin on her face.

“How's my favorite security guard doing.”

“Piss off Eris!”

“How rude I think you need to clean that mouth of yours cause it's filled with dirty word.”

She then snapped her fingers and a bar of soap was in my mouth. I then spit it out.

“Bleh! What do you want Eris?!”

“Always Straight to the point. You need to live a little and get a sense of humor.”

“I'm not in the mood Eris. Just tell my why you're here.”

“You're no fun.”

I then snap my fingers and I'm back on the ground and the chair disappears.

“I'm just here to let you know that my training with discord is finished and I'm now free to go around ponyville and play pranks every now and then. Oh and also to warn you that my chaos magic is kinda more unstable. Twilight said something about the universe needing to stabilize and adjust enough to hold 2 gods of chaos. So every once in awhile when I use actually chaos my magic will kinda do something I don't want it to do and it might put some people er I mean ponies in danger or something like that.”

“Why are you telling me this ?”

“To move the explaining and move the plot along.”

“Plot ?”

“Oh nothing to worry about.”

“Hmm hey can I ask you a quick question?”

“Huh that's a first. Sure why not. Shot.”

“Have you noticed anything different going on around the town. Like people I mean ponies are acting more violent and aggressive.”

“Hmm now that I think about it kinda yea. It has been a little weird but I just thought it was just one ponyville off days like in ‘putting your hoof down’.”

“Huh ?”

“It's the title of one the episodes of this show of this world we are currently in. In the episode for some reason every background character in ponyville was like a jackass.”

“Hmm might be my imagination but maybe could look around.”

“I'll consider it”

“Oh Eris before you go, I bet you 50 bits you can't open that cabinet.”

I pointed to the muffin cabinet with over 10 locks on it.

“Hmm I got nothing better to do. Must be pretty important to have that many locks on it.”

I then duck and cover. She didn't notice I left when she snapped her fingers and open the cabinet.

“What the? Why are their only many muffins? Wait a second.”

Then Tons of alarms went off and then derpy burst the door from her room.


“Oh son of a-”

She was then tackled and puncher senselessly by derpy and laughed like hell through the whole thing. I know she will get me back for this but it is so worth it.