Any Dream Can Come True...Even The Crazy Ones

by ppg1998

Chapter 6

---Eris POV---

Discord then spoke. “I think we should move on to more simpler magic. It seems your magic is too unstable before we can do anymore chaos magic.”

I was blushing a bit in embarrassment. “Yea that sounds like good idea.”

“Ok then let's try something more simple. Let's just teleportation.”

“Oh that's easy.”

“Don't get cocky it is not as easy as it-”

I then snapped my fingers repeatedly teleporting all over the place and then teleported back to discord.

“-Looks. How did you learn so fast.”

“Oh back in my world they have made some many Sci Fi and fantasy stories using that power it's practically the easiest one to use.”

“Hmm I really need to learn more stuff about humans. Nah maybe later.”

“Hey I do you mind if we take a break I want to see more of ponyville.”

“I don't see why not.”

I then squealed like the fangirl I am. I then inform applejack who took over for pinkie that we're going to ponyville. All 3 of us head back. Discord sent her back to the farm while me and discord ended in the park.

“So how long do you think it will take applejack to find us and realized we ditched her.”

“About a hour. So you mind if I ask you few questions about humans when you were one.”

We were both were unaware of someone listening to our conversation.

“Well when I was human I-”

I was interrupted by light green blur tackling me. When I looked up I saw that Lyra heartstrings was right on top of me pinning me down.


‘Oh right I forgot Lyra human obsession. I honestly didn't know it was even canon.’

Then I saw Bon Bon pulling her off of me.

“I am so sorry miss...uh….”

“I'm Eris discord species in training. Don't worry I'm not evil.”

“Ok. I'm bonbon and this is my girlfriend Lyra. Lyra stop bothering the mare and apologize. Or there will be no loving tonight.”

Lyra then stopped and blushed.

“Um sorry for tackling you I just got carried away. I like a little chaos every now and then.”

Bonbon gave me a confused look.

“What ? I said I wasn't evil I never said I wasn't crazy.”

“Oh. Well we better get going. Come on Lyra we need to get to work anyway.”

Lyra then turned to me and whispered. “Later can I please ask you some questions when you have some spare time.”

I giggled. “Sure thing Lyra.”

Lyra then left with grin on her face and Bonbon soon followed.

Discord then looked at me. “I was expecting longer before you got fan girls.”

“Oh shut up. Anyway let's go-”

Once again I was interrupted. This time in purple flash in front of my face. Twilight was flying right in front of me.

“Hello Eris I just came over to let you know celestia would like to meet you. Wait where is applejack?”

I just smiled. “We ditched her.”

Both discord and twilight glared at me.

“What ? I don't like to lie ?”

Twilight just facehoofed. “Uh I'll deal with this later but first celestia needs to see you.”

“Oh sure be back in a flash. Literally.”

I then snapped my fingers and ended up in main throne room. I then saw celestia looking at me for her seat. “Welcome Eris, we need to talk.”

‘Omg celestia is actually talking to me. She is my favorite princess. I like her the most because she deserves to be more popular and should really make more appearances on the show. Also I know everyone is going to hate me for this but Luna is overrated.’

“Sure princess what would you like to talk about ?”

---POV Thomas---

I awoke to someone poking at my face. When opened them I saw a very light purple unicorn filly. She was touching my nose saying ‘boop’.

“Um can you please stop that.”

“Oh sorry mister I was just wondering what your doing in me and my mom’s house.”

“Your mom?”

“Yea derpy whooves is my mom.”

“Oh I did not know that. So what's your name kid.”

“I'm dinky whooves. Also why are you here again?”

“Oh right as a part of community service I have to make sure your mom is protected.”

“Oh so you keep my mom safe from those bullies.”

“Yes that is what I do.”

“Oh thank you for keeping my mom safe. Sometimes she gets so hurt she cries herself to sleep. I'm so glad she can be happy and safe. Thank you Thank you Thank You.”

She then gave me a hug.

‘Ok even I have to admit this is cute’

I then have her a pat on the head.

“Oh mister what's your name ?”

“Oh um my name here is security shot. But you can call me sec”

“Ok later mister sec”

She left giggling a bit and heading back to her room.

“Heh nice kid.”