Friendship Harder: Collected Microfiction

by KwirkyJ

Octavia Behind the Door [Slice of Life; Drama]

"Vinyl? Vinyl, dearest? Here, in the shower. Don't touch anything, do you hear? Don't you dare. Knock twice please, dearest, if you can hear me. Good.

"Don't touch anything. I moved it all earlier to make space for company. Minuette and Sea Swirl will be here for the evening. If you moved anything, put it back, do you hear me? I had it all out of the way.

"I know, I should have discussed it with you sooner. It snuck up on me, I'm sorry. I know I said no more of these last-minute socials, but... this is the last time, truly, honest, I promise. No more after tonight.

"Cut up the cucumber in the kitchen, won't you? Cucumber and onion, for that salad you make so nice. Red onion, not white. Cut it up, please. Don't mix the vinaigrette, I'm not sure which would go with it. Just get the salad ready.

"And you must brush your hair. Maybe take a shower if there is time. Not with me, I'm just rinsing off now. Oh, and I have to iron my bow! Vinyl? Vinyl, dearest, set the iron, get it heating. I need to iron my bow, it's gotten horribly rumpled in the humidity.

"Can you take down a wine for us? No, don't, I need to see what we have. Let me handle the wine. Just make up the salad, dearest.

"Was there something else we had for tonight? I'm sorry if it slipped my mind, but things are in motion now. I'll make it up to you, I promise. Thursday? Just another Thursday, isn't it? Whatever it was, it completely slipped my mind. Remind me tomorrow, won't you?

"Music! Dearest, look for the turntable! Oh, what should we play? Tropin? Braylioz seems too risky. Beethooven is so common as to seem cliche... Find that turntable, set it out. I'll look through the records when I'm out. And get the iron ready!

"And you mustn't wear your 'shades,' do you hear me? Don't you dare. Sea Swirl is terribly anxious about them. Don't you dare. And you must comb your mane down like a decent pony, do you hear me?

"Do we have any crackers? I'm sure we do -- dearest, can you help get a cheese ball ready? There should be some bread crumbs we can roll over it, that will do nicely. Very presentable. Wine and cheese. I purchased grapes -- check that I put them in the fridge, please. And get out an onion for that salad, won't you?

"I'm not sure how late they'll be staying, we didn't discuss plans in great detail. Not past midnight, I'm sure. I'm sure of it. This is the last time, dearest. The last time. Get the iron ready, please!"