I'm Not A Tribalist

by TheGreatEater

History Pt.2: Canterlot

I’ll admit when I formed Canterlot shortly after my sister fell. I wanted to get as far away from the leeches that were ‘the nobility’, as well as plenty of my subjects. So something hard to get to was a must. Then it needed to be strong and able to survive millennia, while at the same time easily defendable. I wasn’t the militant my sister was, so I needed something that others would have a hard time penetrating. Thus my choice for Mt. Canterhorn.

I’ll admit that at first I wanted to do it alone, but I knew that I would need all the help I could get if I were to build a new capital far away for the memories of our old castle. So, why yes, I can see that I might not have mingled with earth ponies all that much prior to Canterlot’s creation, I did when it was formed … didn’t I?

I know that I brought unicorns to do the heavy lifting, mason work, and construction, and pegasi to cart ponies up and down the mountain. As well as bring up materials … no. No earth ponies then, although I did hire that tribe for quarry work to get marble, and precious ores. Even a few petriculturalists for the gems used in enchanting. It was a good decade for unicorns and pegasi though. Until the unicorns built a lift system that went up the mountain. Then it just meant more unicorn jobs.

I believe it was one of my advisors that suggested rock sculpting Canterhorn Pass. Allowing the easier transport of earth pony goods, and travel of the citizenry. Rather than the labor intensive lift … I wonder if I could repair it. It would be an amazing experience for the little ones who visit to see what it was like back in the days.

*sigh* So no. Even when it first formed Canterlot was mostly unicorns. Especially when the leeches found out how to get here. Of course I couldn’t just toss them off the mountain. I had to be the good, loving princess, who was happy to sacrifice my happiness for the happiness of the many.

But after the pass, we did get earth ponies, and with them came agriculture which cheapened the cost of food somewhat. Which meant that we needed weather which I was happy to create, and let our … my little ponies use what they needed.

But with Luna … gone. I felt a great sense of melancholy. I missed raising and watching over her. I missed the fun that I was no longer able to enjoy now that our nation needed me to be serious and dedicated to the nation. So I built my school. Celestia’s School For Gifted Unicorns.

It’s not tribalist to have made it. I was the Element of Magic. I loved magic. I had a horn. So thus any other potential Element of Magic needed to have those things also in a thousand years. That and I never connected with the other races, now that I think about it. I was just a retiring, introvert, with a love of knowledge and magic. A very … what’s the term nowadays … cerebral. Yes, I was a very cerebral pony. Which unicorns as a whole are. There are no magics the other races can do that a unicorn can’t do also. They can do more, and make more than the others with nothing more than their will imposed upon the tapestries of creation.

Earth Ponies … can do alchemy I guess. But anyone can do that if they can follow directions. Their communication with animals, ability to grow things, and their magics that enhance themselves are useful. But slow, and takes ages to do.

Pegasi, can do weather magic, and that’s all. I believe. I’m sure Twilight is exaggerating about Fluttershy’s stare and Pinkie’s Pinkieness.

But nonetheless, when I made my school it was for ponies that I knew I could teach and nurture. Sure there were a few ponies of the other tribes that tried joining, but I had to turn them away. I feel a bit bad, but can you imagine an earth pony coming up to you and saying there Cutie Mark is a magic one? I know that everypony feels a magical bond with their Cutie Marks but that doesn’t make it magic.

I let out a groan. Hearing that thought after thinking of my past till then, I can see how ponies could think I was a tribalist. I mean I didn’t even check to see if the ponies who came who weren’t unicorns could do magic. Even thinking about my sister’s saviors, looking back at my previous thoughts. I judged them by the stereotypes of their race. I meant no offense, they are beautiful mares, but still I can’t believe that a pony such as myself would have let such a problem grow to such levels. Even now my sister suffers because of my blindness. I can fix that later, now I just need to see how bad things have gotten.

Still the school was a good thing. With the school being funded and taught by myself, and future graduates in the earlier years. It ensured a good, well paying job. With a solid future, regardless of a ponies station at birth. It was my first step to stripping power from the nobility and giving it to commoners.

Then of course with good jobs meant the need for more businesses to keep them working, which meant that more unicorns were being registered, which only grew the unicorn population in Canterlot as more unicorns gave birth here, and more moved in, in hopes of getting a better life. If not at the school then at the castle where magic could always be a helpful service.

Although unlike my school. I never turned away the other races who entered Canterlot, and tried to ensure that there were jobs open for any race. But the other races had their own little cites, and I don’t hear anyone complaining that Manehatten is mostly earth ponies, or Appleoosa is almost all earth pony. I never understood why I get sniped at for this being the only major unicorn city. Things happen.

I think my first marem of non-unicorns was shortly after I made the school to be honest. Me turning away non-unicorns created quite a stink. But I couldn’t build a school just for the other races. Pegasi had Cloudsdale, and the Academy. This was when they were still a more militaristic race of course. As for earth ponies, they were busy with subsistence farming and taking over family businesses. So making anything for them would’ve been redundant, and I wouldn’t have been able to help them like I could unicorns. Great, just add more nails to the coffin.

I can’t remember the logic at the time. I think it was something along the lines of, ‘if it makes my ponies happy to show them that I care about all the races. I’ll just get a few mares that I think are attractive. Have a few foals, and show them I can be a loving as well as attentive alpha for my herd. Then when they grow old and die. Mourn their loss so others know I do care, and those losses were hard. Especially when they left for the great beyond. Leaving me alone again. But best of all, have some foals and grand foals to dote on.

Of course unlike the few times I had a unicorn herd, I did parade them. Make flashy and showy gestures. Show off that I wasn’t bothered by their lack of a horn, and I did learn that pegasi wings were rather fun during sex, and earth ponies could do things that most unicorns could never dream of with their bodies. Sometimes I wondered if they were as magical as a unicorn in their own way. And yet another accidentally tribalist thought. Congratulations me. I wonder if I can get a trophy?

You know what, I think I’m going to skip the next few hundred years. I really don’t want to go over the next few fiascos, although the Cloudsdale Weather Charter was a stroke a brilliance. It was the first corner stone to allowing not only non-unicorns into governance, allowed commoners to own their own land and businesses, but by creating “private businesses” I put less burden on the crown while increasing the nation's economy.

It was something that I’ll be forever proud of, to be brutally honest with myself. While the cornerstone I used to stave off “I’m not a tribalist” remarks. Although I should have used words more than sex to show that I cared about the non unicorn tribes. They might’ve fared better, but then I would never have gotten interested in the Smith family, now the Apple family when planning the village that became Ponyville.

To think Word Smith and mine’s descendants would be seed collectors. Still when they arrived and mentioned in passing that they were looking to settle down someday. I knew opportunity struck. I needed a town near where my sister was going to return to, and I needed a place where potential element bearer’s would gather. Who the bearer’s were I could calculate later, but I had a century till it was needed, that and they had the same fire in them that Word did. It was what made her so attractive, other than her literary prowess.

I think, it’s time for me to think about more recent times. After all the past is filled with ghosts, and I’ve pinpointed all that I need to do to start working on myself to be a better princess to our little ponies, although I need to make a few apologies in private later on.