The Rock Meets Maud

by MyLittleGeneration

The Rock Is Confused

Good old March 15th... Finally, The Rock has come back to WWE backstage, ready to put on another show. It was in the Allstate Arena, up in Chicago, Illinois, and The Rock was looking forward to have some fun. Mainly with his guitar. Though, lyrics were puzzling to come up with.

He sat on a steel chair in his locker room, holding a pencil in his hand. He stared at a piece of paper set on a stand, full of musical notes, staffs, and some words. He leaned back and sung his lyrics.

"Oh, up here in Chicago," he sung. "More like Shi..." He stopped and lightly chuckled. "Ah, times changed, Rocky. Times have changed..." He let out a sigh and scratched out the lyrics. "If only it were like old times..."

He scratched his chin, rubbed the back of his bald head, trying to figure out the final lyrics. All he needed was a sentence to finish it off. He needed to electrify the crowd of Chicago, and he never failed. "Wait, wait..." He smiled wide, and clutched his pencil. He drew it near his paper. The lead met with the paper. "Chi-"

And it broke.


He stared at the tip, seeing it completely gone. He looked around for a pencil sharpener, which of course, there wasn't. He shook his head. "I'll just fetch one from the locker." He got up and walked on over to his locker, which was dull and wooden, having nothing but his backpack in it. He made it over to the door, grabbing the handle.

As he opened the locker, he looked at the wall to his left to see a mirror. He examined himself. "Perhaps The People's Champ should have a shave before going out." he said to himself. He lightly chuckled. "The Rock is here tonight, dead center in Chicago! The Rock's gotta sing a soooong! Come on, baby, Rocky needs a number- two..." He looked at his locker, only to find... something other than his backpack.

He stared at a small creature, who had grey fur, a straight, violet mane, and what was more stranger, the thing was... bright and colorful. Like some sort of animated... pony. He stared at it, his mouth slightly agape and eyebrows slightly raised. He looked back at the mirror, then back at the thing, which had a dead expression, not even blinking.

"Excuse The Rock for one second." he said, before closing the locker door. He stepped back and took off his shades. He put his hand on his head, and closed his eyes. Rock slightly laughed to himself. "No, no, there's no way. Nah, man..." He came back to his locker, grinning. He opened the locker, ready to see his backpack.

Though that wasn't the case. Immediately, the animated pony leaped out of his locker, and stood in the center of the room. It stared at him with expressionless turquoise eyes. The Rock widened his eyes in shock, absolutely dumbfounded. Still, no expression was shown on the dead face of the animated pony.

A mere ten seconds pass, and The Rock was tired of the awkward silence. He looked at his locker, then back at the pony. He cleared his throat. "How long were you sitting there?" he asked. "W-What were you doing in there? What are you? What fourth dimension of hell did you come from? Just, y-you know what, no, The Rock wants to ask you this." So far, the pony stood there, barely flinching, despite Rock's tone and him moving his arms around. "Who in the blue hell are you?"

He stared at the pony, waiting for a response. She slightly opened her mouth. "Mau-"

"IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!" he shouted, widening his eyes. "Like, I-I-I..." He was at a loss for words. A literal animated creature was with him, and he was talking to it. "The Rock's gotta be crazy. Here, just a little eye rub should do The Rock some good." He rubbed his eyes gently, and opened them only to see... the pony still.

"Nope, I'm real." she responded in a dead tone. "My name is Maud Pie." Her expression was still blank, while Rock was in mere shock and confusion. "Who are you?" she asked.

The Rock raised his eyebrow to it's maximum height. "'Who am I?'" he questioned. "'Who am I?', you ask?" He smiled. "Well, thing from parts unknown in which The Rock don't give a damn, let me tell you the name. The Great One. The People's Champ. The one and only: The Rock!" He started sweating bullets already as he flexed his arms, the muscles showing and glistening in the light. He stared at the mare, waiting for some sort of 'Oh' response, as if she should've known. Alas, dead expression.

"I have never heard of you." she reacted.

The Rock facepalmed. "Alright, cupcake, then who DO you know?" he asked. He let out a grin.


The Rock froze in place, grin locked on his face. "Boulder." he said. "You know someone named Boulder. No, no, that's alright, if that's who you're into- Who in the blue hell is Boulder?!"

Maud reached inside her pocket. "What, is it some sort of polly-in-my-pocket, what the hell?"

She pulled out a small rock, which was more of a pebble. "Meet Boulder." she said, petting the rock as if it were a cat.

The Rock's brow was twitching. Never has The Rock felt so broken in all his life. "So, your little friend, 'Boulder', is a pebble?" He got down on one knee. He looked back at his locker. He quietly laughed. "Alright then, what does Boulder think of me? C'mon, what does the little guy say?" He brought his face close to the non-living object. "Little buddy, whatcha gotta say to The Rock, huh? The Great One?"

Maud looked at Boulder, then back at him. "He likes you."

Rock kept his smile. "So that little guy likes me, huh?" He laughed some more. "Alright, alright, The Rock has had enough magic for one day, let's just end this." He opened his locker. "I have no idea how you got here, NOT my problem, but I think you can take your sweet candy ass in this locker, go back from where you came, and maybe The Rock doesn't have to see you again."

He waited, and she hasn't moved. He gestured his hand towards the locker. "C'mon." he said. He looked around, and noticed his little broken pencil. He took it and tried to tease Maud with it. "You see this? Huh? You see this?" He threw it in the locker. "C'mon, go fetch it!"

Still stood there. The Rock felt like just facing the thing head on and do the job of sending it back himself, but he had no idea what it was capable of. The People's Champ was smarter than that. "Okay..." he said, putting his hands up. "Just, what do you want? Seriously." His voice sounded defeated, as if none of his plans would work. "Tell The Rock what you need, he'll do it, and he means it."

She blinked. "Anything?"

"Yeah, yeah, just come on, speed up the process, The Rock has places to go." he said, annoyed and agitated. He waited a little more. "The Rock gives up, just say what you need." He waited even longer. He let out a long sigh.


The Rock shot his eyes up. "'Okay', what?"

"I'll give you something." she said in a dead tone. She looked around the locker room. "How about... that thing?"

"What thing are you talking about?" he asked. Maud pointed at it with her hoof, and Rock looked to where she was pointing. And there it was. A Pinkie Pie 'My Little Pony' figurine. "Oh no, no, no, The Rock is not giving you something like tha-"

"You said you'd do anything to get rid of me." she interrupted.

"W-Well... See you... Why..." He kept looking back at the figurine, then back at the pony. Suddenly, The Rock just realized. "Wait... Wait just a damn fine minute..." He pinched his forehead, closing his eyes. "Do NOT tell The Rock that you are a pony from Friendship Is Magic..."

He opened his eyes, seeing Maud just blink. "Just give me the... whatever you call it."

The Rock sighed in defeat. "You know what... Fine." He walked over and grabbed the figurine, staring at it. "I'm gonna miss having you." he said to it. He looked back at Maud, who extended her hoof. The Rock tossed it to her, in which she caught with her two hooves.

He put his hands on his hips. "Well, there you go. The Rock gave you something. Now will you leave and give The Great One his needed privacy?"

Maud shrugged. "Alright. Deal's a deal." She walked back into the locker, closing it on the way in. Immediately, The Rock opened it, only to see just his backpack.

"Wah?" he said, rubbing his eyes. "B-But... Ah, forget it, The Rock has better things to do." He took a pencil from his backpack, long and sharpened. He came back to his stand. "Now, The Rock is going to write the following lyrics..."

Pinkie waited giddily in her room. She did nothing but jump in place, staring at her dresser. "Come on, Maud..."

Suddenly, the dresser opened and out came Maud. "Yippee!" she screamed, jumping over to hug her sister. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" She looked at the small figurine that looked like her. "I totally forgot I left that there. I found it at some giant blue building full of weird creatures, and I ran out with it. Then I left it at some strange other building!" A small squee came out of her when she smiled.

Maud nodded. "Anything for you, Pinkie."

"Sooooo..." she said. "How was it?"


Pinkie's ears flopped. "Aw, really? I figured you'd have fun in there."

"Well, it's a weird place, Pinkie." she said, trotting over to the pink mare. "My advice is to keep this thing locked for good. We don't need any more wackjobs to worry about." She walked towards the door. "I sometimes worry about you."

"Aw, sis, you don't have to worry about me!" she said. "I know how to be safe! Besides, they're completely harmless!" She let out another wide smile.

This caused Maud to lightly smile back. "Just please don't tell any other ponies about that dresser."

"Okie-dokie-lokie!" she said, saluting. Maud trotted away, and Pinkie sat there, looking at the dresser. "Who knew the strangest things can lead to another dimension." She looked closer at the dresser. "Wonder if there's any other weird portals that can go to the same dimension..."

"The Rock has seen enough..." said Rock, holding his head. "The Rock doesn't need no more of that ever again..."