A Scared, Confused Prisoner

by The card holder

Preliminary Report: SCP-7663

Item #: SCP-7663

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7663 is currently being held in Lab ██ located in the ████ wing of Site ██. A standard human containment cell has been prepared, furnished with a bare minimum of items (a twin-sized bed, a 1 meter tall table, and separate bathroom facilities). The walls and door of the cell have been lined with ███ meters of lead, and one (1) armed guard will be stationed outside the door (composed of solid steel) at all times.

Notice: These containment procedures are subject to change as new information regarding SCP-7663 presents itself.

Description: SCP-7663 is a female quadruped life form, bearing a loose resemblance to standard equines, and measuring approximately 1 meter tall, 1.2 meters long (not including tail), and with a horn protruding from its forehead, measuring 15 centimeters long. SCP-7663 is covered in pale blue, uniform fur, with the exception of a marking on the creature's flanks, depicting a stylized wand trailing a sparkly aura (See image 2). The SCP's facial features are remarkably human-esque, though they are still distinctly equine in nature. Its dental structure appears to be herbivorous in nature, but this is currently unconfirmed. SCP-7663 has a silver-blue tail and hair mane, which was reported as "unusually soft". Likewise, the creature's fur has proven to be softer than any other creature observed before.

Blood testing of SCP-7663 has shown that its DNA structure shows remarkable resemblance to both human and equine DNA, but is otherwise unique in its structure. This does not appear to be the result of genetic tampering, but rather a natural evolution. The implications of this are currently unknown.

The creature's horn is not quite sharp enough to puncture skin, unless sufficient force is applied. However, traces of what appears to be Beta and Gamma radiation, albeit slightly different, have been detected emitting from the horn. While researchers were immediately evacuated from the room upon their discovery, no effects have emerged from exposure, ill or otherwise.

SCP-7663 was recovered following the brief containment breach of SCP-████. Agent ███████ located SCP-7663 just outside of the nearby forest, unconscious. Since containment, the SCP has remained in its comatose state, though it is still showing signs of life.

As it is unknown whether or not SCP-7663 will pose a threat upon awakening, MTF ██████-7 "██████████████████" have been placed on standby.

Addendum 7663-1: Researcher K████████ has reported that SCP-7663's appearance exactly matches that of ███████████████, a character from the children's cartoon "M█ L█████ P███: ███████████████". Field agents have been dispatched to question the writers at █████████, including ██████████████. In the mean time, any researchers who are to study SCP-7663 are to be screened for their involvement with the show's fandom, known as "███████", before being granted permission for research.

Note from Site Director A████: I have an idea on how exactly to test both the behavior and anomalous properties of SCP-7663. One of the more recent D-Class here are due for their first monthly amnesiac/termination. I suggest that we up the dosage of amnesiac, such as to remove any memory of the Foundation itself, and then put both the D-Class and SCP-7663 into the same room, to discover each other upon awakening. This will give us an impression on how the creature would react to human life outside of... well, being its captors, I suppose. Anyway, I am formally requesting to begin such an experiment as soon as we are able.

Note from O5-██: Granted, but with the condition that ███████████ █████████████████████████████ ██████████████ ███████████████████████, so that █████████████████████████████ ██████████████ ████████████████.