I Just Walk Away

by madhat886

Chapter 5

In the ruins of a city known as Tokyo a battle for the future of that world is taking place. Magical girls from different groups, some of whom are on the surface are the same but are very different. Some are like Cardcaptor Sakura, while others are like the ones from Black Rock Shooter, some are very young while others are like Cutey Honey and Devil Hunter Yohko. All of them have their own powers some being more powerful, while others having the fighting skills to back them up. But all of them are fighting each other to bring the future they want to the world or to stop the fighting that is destroying the world.

Nanoha drive for cover as the giant mechas the Magic Knights Rayearth did a bomb run, blasting everything underneath them taking out a number of magic users. She stared at what lay before her as three different Sailormoons all were lock in a beam of war against the other. It was put to an end as three of the Love Angels attack each of them from behind. As the six struggle against each other, bullets rained down on them followed by a jeep landing on top of one pair followed by a blond carrying a sword jumping out and cutting the heads of another pair. The last pair of surviving Sailormoon and Love Angel broke off fighting each other as they face Panty and Stocking. (1)

A pink bubble with a boy inside of it came down a alleyway bowling into the foursome, followed by a group of women with a gemstone on their bodies who bubbled them four up before they could move. They left being followed by a group of flying young girls who have wings on their backs taking down flying magic girls so the gemstone women can bubble them up. They came to Japan to put a stop to the fighting before the whole world is in ruins. And are just taking out all the magical girls they come across to do so as they just don't care what the different groups are fighting for. They're just fighting to save their world from those who claim to be making it a better place. (2)

Stepping out of a doorway in front of her was her younger self when it all started for her but she reminded herself that the little girl in front of her isn't herself from the past just a different magic girl. Nanoha was about to attack when a dome of energy appeared in the background destroying everything. Looking closely she saw at the center is the princess from another dimension Star with that magical wand of hers, along with Rainbow Brite facing off against Madoka.


"And you can see why we only send in drones before ever going into another world. And don't ask how all those magical girls can be all on the same world at once we have no idea," Sunset said to Kasumi who had watch the video of the drone that was sent into a end of the world by magical girl world. She and the three pony turn humans are in said three RV that they live in.

Both Twilight and Trixie are busy preparing a drone to be sent to another world while Sunset is showing Kasumi on a table computer some videos of some of the worlds they have seen and why they're so careful. Kasumi learning of different worlds ask if she could come with them as she's tried of running because of what she needed to do to save her brother. The girls agreed as while they're powerful magic users it's a good idea to have someone with fighting skills around and she could teach them.

"You three haven't been to any worlds where there are only a handful of magical girls have you?" Kasumi ask. Seeing how bad things can get if there were so many magical girls all in one world.

"Not yet," Sunset said.

"Ok drone is through the portal," Twilight said as she controls the drone by remote and flew it into the portal.

"Sunset turn on the video setting," Trixie said.

"Right," Sunset said as she switch to the live fee from the drone camera.

On the computer screen the four women saw the world the portal leads to is a mostly water world and one with pirates in it from the sail ship with a jolly Rogers flag on it that is a skull and crossbones with a straw hat on it.

"Hey look it's a One Piece world," Trixie said.

"You mean that anime?" Kasumi ask remembering seeing posters about it.

"Cool we can see if we can't get some devil fruit powers," Trixie said.

"But you'll sink like a stone if you do," Sunset said.

"Let us see what the.... Oh my god," Twilight said as she zoomed in onto the deck of the ship to see what the Pirates are up to. And quickly regretted it.

The Straw Hat Pirates in this world aren't pirates who do nothing, but are the types that rape, pillage, and burn. It looks like they just came from sacking a town and after pillaging all the loot their ship can carry, are now raping the women they took with them. The men of the ship all are raping young women as well as the female crew members joining in on the fun as well. (3)

"That world is a no go," Twilight said as she turn the drone around and flew it back through the portal. And Sunset and Trixie both sent a fireball and a firework through the portal before it close and hitting the sails of the ship catching them on fire. That event would cost the Straw Hat crew time and the navy to catch up to them, ending with them fleeing with the navy rescuing the women who were thrown overboard so the navy ship be busy rescuing them from the sea for them to chase the pirates.

"That world is a write off," Sunset said.

"The pirates there act like real pirates," Kasumi said.

"Yeah we found some worlds like that," Trixie said.

"Where things that are fiction in one world isn't the same in another, as many things that are fiction are written in board strokes," Sunset said.

"Really?" Kasumi ask.

"We saw a Harry Potter world where there is a war between the muggles and the magic world. From what we learn thanks to Dumbledore's love gambit roulette cause things to end in the worse possible way. Potter wand was destroyed and he's left crippled that magic can't fix and all of his friends died because of him. Then the dark wizards began mass killings that got so big that it couldn't be covered up anymore. Instead of seeking help from the muggles the magic government instead tried to erase everyone's memory in London which thanks to dark wizards attacking caused many muggles to become brain dead. And instead of trying to explain things the magic government began calling for all magic users to be ready to fight the muggles spreading fear and panic. So panicking magic users thinking the muggles would kill them strike first and learn that the muggles don't play fair. Entire magical communities been gas or simply bombed and it's a witch hunt for any magic users. The muggle born ones already knowing how powerful the muggle army is once motivated are helping them. As for old skull face he was caught somehow and seeing how he has that thing that makes him immortal. The muggles simply cut out a large section of his brain and replace it with plastic to prevent it from growing back somehow, then cut off his hands and his tongue so he wouldn't ever be a threat," Twilight explains. (4)

"Wow that a dark world," Kasumi said.

"It is but it's not the worse," Sunset said.

"Really?" Kasumi ask.

"There's a world that is a copy and paste of Moral Orel and is just as bad as the show," Twilight said.

"I never heard of it," Kasumi said.

"You're lucky then," Trixie said. (5)

"We like to avoid going to worlds with kid heroes being expected to save the day while the adults do nothing," Sunset said.

"It just brings too many bad memories," Twilight said as both she and Sunset were used like that before they just walk away.

"I'm holding out for a Jetson world," Trixie said. "It be nice getting some of those advance tech they have there."

"Star Wars would be nice," Sunset said.

"Star Trek?" Kasumi ask.

"The federation isn't that easy to fool as the show would like you to believe. Sent in a drone and it was quickly detected and surrounded before we knew what happen," Twilight said.

"What world would you like to go to?" Trixie ask.

"How about Naruto. I would like to see that world,," Kasumi said.

"Alright," Twilight said. "As soon as we find the right portal."

"And after we get some gear for us to survive," Sunset said as she turns to Twilight. "Turn the portal to the Mass Effect world."

"But wait the last time we saw that world that Earth is still fighting the Reapers," Trixie said.

"Yup and there's all that tech is just waiting for someone to take. We open the portal and using our magic just pull objects from that world to ours," Sunset said.

"I would like an omni-tool," Twilight said. "But what about the Reapers?"

"They shouldn't be able to see the portal and it be to small for them to fit through," Sunset said.

"And like with the pirate ship we'll be able to help some people out," Trixie said.

"So you girls are traveling to different worlds just to find one to call home and pick up items from them as you do so?" Kasumi ask.

"Of course," Trixie said.

"We're going to keep on going till we find a world to call home," Sunset said.

"Picking up things on the way and meeting new friends as we do so," Twilight said.

"Really?" Kasumi ask as she remembers all the times when she was younger when she watch shows that she wish to go on a grand adventure. "When do we start?"