One of those Days...

by Crimson Valor

Prologue (edited)


One of those Days

Just wanted to say thank to LordGremlin for helping me with grammar and all that. :)

Ever had one of those days where you can’t explain what is happening and why it is? Well I have and it very…weird. To start, my name is Simon and I am 19 years of age and I live in a small house in the United Kingdom. I live with my pet and best friend a guy could ask for; Ruby, my pet Labrador.

I’ve had her since she was a puppy where I got her from a farm selling their latest litter. As soon as I walked in, her beautiful golden coat caught my eye as she was curled in a basket which I presumed was her bed. Whilst her brothers and sister jumped around me as I entered. I went over to her and kneeled down; she heard this and looked at up me with her ruby eyes showing fear. This tugged my heart to see this so I slowly pushed my hand towards her to show I mean no harm. She hesitantly sniffed my hand for a few seconds before she walked towards me and jumped into my lap. I swear my heart stopped beating at this point. I picked her up and took her home to live with me. From then on, we became inseparable; never leaving my side, she protects me from anything as I do for her.

Anyway, enough about Ruby. My day started the usual, I woke up at 10:00am on a Saturday morning “urgh, thank god for weekends” (oh I forgot to mention I am a university student so weekend are the only day I get off) I looked to my left to see ruby sleeping soundly next to me (what? So what if my dog sleeps in my bed, no harm being done it’s a double bed). I slowly got out the bed trying not to disturb her, put my dressing gown on and went to start breakfast. I turn the radio on as I poured my cornflakes into the bowl “Good Morning all, DJ Sky here to start off your Saturday morning with a bit of music, but first the news” After the Jingle finished playing Ruby came running down the stairs and bumping into the sofa, I chuckled at the sight “You got to realize that doing the same thing ever morning means that you should be careful”. All I got was a blank stare, I shook my head as I stood up “Heh, if only you could talk eh girl?” this time I got a quiet bark from her. “I take it you want you first meal of the day then?” as soon as I finished that sentence her tail became alive as it shook side to side. I chuckled and filled her bowl with dry food.

I then went back to my bowl as an interesting report came over the radio “…Now for global news, here's Tammy”
“Thanks Tom, Recent reports from NASA have shown that a meteorite is going to pass by the Earth's atmosphere later tonight, but it won’t be like any other meteorite we’ve gotten, this one seems to have some sort of purple glow about it with small disgorges of what they believe to be electricity coming off of it as it approaches earth, Keep your eye in the skies people this seems to be one to watch back to yo...*Click*, I turned the radio off and took my bowl to the sink to wash up later and thought ‘I was going to the woods to walk Ruby today, maybe I could hurry back to watch the meteorite go past’ I then went to get ready for the day ahead.

After changing, I went downstairs and grabbed my phone, wallet and Ruby’s lead “Ruby, want to go to the woods?” I waited for the noise of claws rushing across the floor but heard nothing “Ruby? Where are you girl?” I walked back upstairs and checked in all the rooms but nothing was there “Ruby where you at?” I walked back downstairs and checked the kitchen, again no dog anywhere “Huh, wonder where she……ARGH!” I turned around to see a golden dog pushing me to the floor making me bang my head on my hard floor “Owwwww. Damn it all, Ruby, what have I told you about doing that!” I look up just in-time to see Ruby attack me with licks to my face “Ok…ok stop jeez you got me already” (trying to breathe and not laugh at the same time is hard). After brushing down my cloths I attached the lead to Ruby and we made our way out of my house to the woody area nearby.

It was a quick 10 min walk to our destination, upon arriving I took the lead of Ruby and let her run off into the trees. I trust her not to get too far off and I walk the marked trail, besides she never lets me out of her sight in fear I would get hurt (Go figure my dog act like my mum). I walked in silence taking in the crisp warm air and the sun squeezes between gaps in the tree line, warming me up as I step in them, suddenly I hear Ruby barking like crazy followed by a massive boom that made me lose my footing. I immediately shot up and ran in the direction of the barking, I ran till my lungs started to struggle doing its job. I finally found Ruby barking whilst looking at the sky, I ran too her and made her be quiet “hey quiet, what got you barking like mad?” as I finished I noticed it getting a bit darker than usual, confused I looked up to see a purple ball of thunder heading towards me at a high speed. I stood up and ran as small rocks started to hit the floor.

Me and Ruby ran with all out might…well ruby was a bit faster than me so she got a head start. As I got closer to Ruby, a large chunk of or rock smashed into my back causing me to fall flat on my stomach, winding me. As I stood back up another rock hit me square in the back of the head causing me to cry out in pain. I brought my hand to my head and flinched at the pain it caused. I looked at it and saw blood, the next thing I heard was a bark as I saw Ruby run towards me barking and whining begging for me to move Under the large weight of the rock which landed on me I gasped for air “Ruby……get help” my word were unheard as I felt ruby lay down beside me, I looked back up and saw the purple rock heading towards me, I closed my eyes ‘So this is how it ends…Heh, never thought I’d go like this’. Then the rock hit.

Darkness was all I could see 'so, this is what its like to be dead huh. Never knew this' Suddenly I heard barking, I looked around to find nothing so I shrugged it off. Then I heard another followed by some muffled speaking, I couldn't make it out but that's not what concerned me. 'voices, how can I be hearing voices? my answer came quite quickly as I started to see light through my eyelids. Forcing them open was greeted by a bright light shining into my eyes, covering my face with my hand I rubbed my eye until they re-focused. Looking around I saw that I was wearing...well nothing, I looked around to see if I can find any of my clothing but couldn't. I decided to get some more shut eye seeing and only my sight had returned, but just as I closed my eyes I heard wait...hoof steps? I must be on a farm or something then. I then heard some voices, I could just make out what they are saying

"How is he doctor?" said the first mysterious voice, sounded like a woman, very soothing and controlled with a little hint on concern

"We've done all we could for him...but given the lack of information to what he is, its hard to say," Said the other, obviously a doctor. But wait what does he mean 'What I am?' we're Human right...I'm human ain't I?'I looked at my arm, legs and hand 'Yep Human'. As I finished my check I kept listening to the voices

"His he dangerous?" said the female

"Professionally I say no, he took too much of a beating to hurt anypony" said the doctor 'Anypony?' "But not knowing what he is, its a possibility"

"Can I see him?"

"Yes Princess of course"

I instantly looked at the door waiting for whoever...wait PRINCESS? I'm in a Princesses room...okay, Breath simon Breath. As I was hyperventilating the door opens to revels 'a...pony? no wait a pink Pony with a horn and wings with a...what I presume is her mane which is split into 3 colour Purple, Pink and cream' Both our eyes met and silence was heard throughout the room

"Oh...Hello I didn't know you were awake" she said

"..." I couldn't talk, I was still getting used to what I was seeing

"I'm Princess Cadance, do you have a name?"

I finally started to talk "Erm..i..its Simon"

"Hi Simon, How are you feeling?"

"...I honestly dont know" I suddenly got the feeling that I was missing something and my face showed it, Princess Cadance saw this "Is something the matter?"

"I dunno, it feels like I'm missing something" then it hit me "RUBY!"

"W...w..who?" bit startle at my outburst she backed away slightly

"My dog, Ruby was with me when...wait did I die?"

"Erm, I dont think so, You wouldn't be talking to me if you died would you?"

Shaking my head I ignored her reply "Anyway my dog, about your size bit smaller, Golden coat, Labrador?"

"Oh you mean her, yes she was injured so we called somepony to heal it up, does she mean a lot to you?"

I sighed and laid back down "Yeah, I've had her since a pup and we've became inseparable" A small smile formed on my lips "I'm sorry to be rude your Highness but is it ok if i get some sleep, My head still hurts from...whatever happened?"

"Sure, I'll check on you later, bye" She walked out the room and shut the door, I then looked at the ceiling 'Talking ponies with horns and wings...what the hell was in that rock and for that matter, How am i still alive. Urgh, I'll just get some sleep and ask the Princess tommorow

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