AppleBloom's Vendetta

by WinterTwister

Spike Escapes.

Authors note: This is the sequel to Gummy's Secret Life. I recommend reading it before this story!

Spike was sitting in his shackles as the vehicle bounced on the poorly paved road across from a guard sitting on the bench across him and one asleep to the far right of his own bench. Spike had a blank expression on his face as he stared at the guard, when the guard had noticed him Spike smiled and it made the guard shudder at the sight of his sinister smirk.

"Lovely day for a drive.. is it not?" Spike wanted to start a conversation out of his boredom.

"Shut up and look at the ground." The guard tried to stare down Spike but failed as Spike had kept his smile.

Spike leaned towards the guard. "Hey these shackles are a bit too tight, mind loosening them for me?"

The guard finally got angry and showed his displeasure. "Can it, psycho!"

Spike leaned backwards against the cold metal wall and closed his eyes. "Psycho, huh?" Spike's smile widened even more showing his teeth with his eyes still closed. "You know...They say the mind bends and twists to deal with the horrors of life... I think mine bent so much it snapped in two..." Spike opened his eyes to a guard keeping still, but in his eyes he could see the fear residing in his consciousness. 'I see you...Now let us try something shall we?'

"Mind telling me your name sir?"


"Well we can't be friends if I don't know your name, can we?"

"My name is shut the hay up."

"Why hello, shut the hay up!" Spike started laughing hysterically.

The guard was getting annoyed and stood up. "Shut up now or I'll tell the prison you tried to escape!" The guard reached for a nightstick.

The sleeping guard woke for a second but then went back to sleeping about his dream about being a professional dancer.

Spike's smile vanished and continued to stare at the guard. "Calm down, I just wanted a final laugh before getting locked up. Besides, I could care less about your name." A few seconds passed and Spike's smile returned. "But! I wouldn't mind knowing your wife's name!" Spike went back to the laughing fit he was in moments ago.

"That's it!" The guard stood up with the nightstick and started walking towards Spike.

Spike stopped laughing, but kept smiling. 'Idiot..'

The guard swung the nightstick at Spike's skull but it was blocked by the shackle chains connecting his hands together and then the chains twisted around the nightstick and it became in Spike's possession. Spike then twirled it around and swung before the guard could react and he fell to the ground with a heavy thud that awoke the second guard.

"What the!" Was all the guard could say before he was met with the end of a heavy metal pole.

Spike looked at the unconscious guards with pleasure. 'Too easy.. now lets see...' Spike started searching the guard's pockets and found a small key. He unlocked the shackles that held his claws, he clenched and unclenched his claws at the feeling of them being removed. 'Much better..' Then he unlocked the shackles that bound his feet. He stared around the vehicle where he was contained, small, two benches stretching across the walls. 'Boring...Lets see what the front looks like.' He walked over to the front of the car and opened the door to the drivers seat. He stopped to look through the window of the door before proceeding. 'Only a driver... They only gave me two guards? I feel so loved...' Spike opened the door and started his way towards the driver.

"Hey Black light, hows that prisoner?" The driver asked while still looking forward.

Spike smiled and replied. "Oh hes fine, great guy too! So much more handsome that anyone I've ever seen."

"What?" The driver turned his head towards the doorway and his heart sank.

The driver made a mad-grab for the CB radio but was stopped by Spike's claw gripping his forehoof, he turned to look at Spike who just smiled at him and brought a claw to his lips.

"Shh..." Spike lifted the nightstick and swung as hard as he could and the back of the Driver's skull and his eyes ran to the back of his head at the lethal blow. The driver fell and Spike rushed to the wheel to steady the vehicle.

Spike pulled over to finish his business in the back of the vehicle, and then took the lifeless driver and pulled him to the passenger seat and arranged his body to look like he was bored with his hoof propping up his head. Spike returned to the steering wheel and had his claws halfway to the key to start it. Spike's mind was racing thinking about the past 12 hours and what had happened. 'Months of planning down the drain... My identity is known to the agency now..' Spike was angry but then another thought came to his mind that took away the anger for a moment. '....AppleBloom....' Spike's anger returned and he banged his head on the steering wheel. 'AppleBloom!' He started clawing the side of his skull in angst with tears down his face.

The driver beside him stood up and patted Spike on the shoulder. "Don't worry Spike, you don't need her."

Spike stopped his emotions and stared at the driver. "Yeah.. thanks pal."

The driver went back to his seat and resumed his position Spike and put him in. "So whats the plan now? Just drive without objective into oblivion?"

"Sounds like a plan.." Spike started up the car and started driving.

Spike was driving down the still roughly paved road in the vehicle that used to be his transport his captivity, and it had then become his transport to freedom. He stared at the cold lifeless stallion beside him in the passenger seat.

Spike thought for a moment and spoke up facing the lifeless stallion beside him "Sorry there pal, but a change of plans has come up." Spike shifted through the glove compartment and found a map with a pen. He pulled over on the side of the road and started writing on the map and after 20 minuets of constant calculations and predictions he circled a large city only about 10 miles from here. "This place looks perfect doesn't it?" Spike showed the map towards the stallion. "I thought so too! This is going to be fun!" Spike turned to the right at fork and started laughing and raised his claw in the air . "To Manehattan!" Spike started seeing just how fast the vehicle could go.

I wanted to get the first chapter out to explain how Spike escaped. I can't wait to get started on the story next month 3x the cast and 3x the awesomeness!