A little Cheese Pie story

by azularmz06

A party and a good end

Pinkie showed me her secret basement, and I wasn't feeling that sad anymore, actually, being there was extreemly cheerful.
"Pinkie! This is amazing, everything we need is right here!" I said.
"Thanks Cheesy, but right now, we have a party to plan!" Pinke answered.
We planned the best party I have ever thrown, it was amazing. Not even Rainbow Dash's birthaversary got to be that epic. And I'll have to be honest, it was not because of the person it was thrown for, but actually beacuse Pinkie and I enjoyed each others company.
"Pinkie, I know this is a little rushed but... Do you want to be my girlfriend?" I said, and I could swear that by that moment I was as red as a tomato.

"Oh Cheese, I'll be thrilled to be your girlfriend" Rarity interrupted Cheese's narration.
"That's not what I said, and please, let Cheese finish this story" Pinkie asked, and Rarity stood in silence.
"You can continue, Cheese" Rainbow Dash indicated.

"Of course I'll be your girlfriend" Pinkie said, and I finally, after more I would have liked to , I kissed her.
And that is-

"How you met Mommy!" Honey Sandwich said, Pinkie Pie's and Cheese Sandwich's daughter.
She was a six year old girl, with reddish brown curls.
"No silly, that's how they got together, they met when they were just kids!" S'more Sandwich told to his little sister. He was a twelve year old boy, as tall and skinny as his father at his age, but because of his grayish hair, some would think he was Maud Pie's son.
"Will i ever finish this story?" Cheese said, taking his son's head and sitting it in his chest.
"I guess you won't" Pinkie Pie said, passing her hand through her daughter's puffy hair.

And everybody in the room giggled as the Christmas evening fell and they enjoyed themselves. Nothing could be more perfect.
The end